Hyper Absorbent Car Towel

$19.90 $89.99

"These Hyper Absorben Car Towels are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! They do not leave streak marks or lint when wiping down your car. I have a Range Rover Evoque and one of these towels sufficiently dries my car to PERFECTION! I am extremely picky about how my car looks and the fact these towels do such an AMAZING job makes me VERY HAPPY!" - Pam H., IL

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  • The Hyper Absorbent Car Cleaning Towel is a microfiber towel that is ideal for every job from wax and sealant removal to polishing jobs
  • The short fiber side is great for buffing away polish and wax residue and for cleaning windows
  • It is positively charged and will attract grease, dirt particles and dust even without the use of chemicals
  • This towel is extra plush, absorbent and exceptionally soft
  • Scratch-free, lint-free, and swirl-free
  • Long-lasting microfiber
  • Effective cleaning under wet and dry conditions
  • Silk banded edges
  • 100 percent machine washable

11 Reviews

Gina R.

Verified purchase

Holy cow. What CAN'T you wipe with these. From windows, to glycerin spills, this towel is fantastically absorbent and leaves everything sparkling. Even cleans up hard to clean liquids like vaporizer e-liquid, notoriously difficult to wipe up. Microfibers in this towel hold on to grease and dirt unlike other towels. Highly recommended for car enthusiasts.


Kristine F.

Verified purchase

I bought these absorbent car towels for my husband who is obsessed with washing his car. He really loves them. They're very soft. 10/10 recommend!


Scott C.

Verified purchase

Best ever used! Very soft & absorbent. Does not leave any tiny marks or damage your car's paint. If you hand wash your collector car, this is the best drying towel I have ever used. I have given them to other collector car owners as mini gifts. After they use them, they ask me where they can buy more.


John B.

Verified purchase

Towels are very soft, and absolutely no chance of scratching the finish. Very surprised how absorbant these towels are. I was able to completely dry two cars with one towel, without leaving any waterspots behind.


Jason H.

Verified purchase

Great towels, use them for waxing, detailing, wheels, windows, leather, you name it they’re very high quality and work for a bunch of different things. I’ve used sprays, compounds, polishes, pastes etc and have had zero issues. To put it simply they just work for anything you need them for, I highly recommend them as they’re my go to detailing towel.


Carol M.

Verified purchase

These towels are heaven sent. Just thick enough to really absorb a good amount of fluid. It made washing my car a breeze. I used 1 towel to dry my entire car, no problems. If need be, I will not hesitate to buy these again.


Stacey K.

Verified purchase

No need to look any further......these towels are of quality, vibrant and absorbent, I am setting my eyes on another order. You will never regret your Hyper Absorbent Car Towel purchase.


Harry B.

Verified purchase

Without a doubt the best product I have ever used to remove wax and sealant from a car I highly recommend this product and would purchase again!


Debra S.

Verified purchase

These things are awesome! They're so plush it's like a really tiny blanket, and my truck likes that! Seriously though, these are really nice MF towels, especially for the money. Highly recommend.


Jeffrey D.

Verified purchase

Simply love this towel and I bought 3 for extra measure and I love it. Fantastic on the paint finish simply a must have if you wash and detail your own vehicle.


Lynda P.

Verified purchase

Extremely well made.. Very Absorbent. These Hyper Absorbent Car Towels cut down on drying time. They leave behind a beautiful shine on my car. Would highly recommend to others!