Anti-Flea Shower Bomb (Pack of 5)

$39.90 $119.99

"I can’t say enough good things about this stuff. My dog was dealing with a major flea problem, and after one wash I haven’t been able to find another one on him. He thanked me for it, so I’m thanking you!" - Susan H., SC

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  • Cleans and deodorizes your pet's coat
  • Soothes and relieves itching from flea bites
  • Contains an insect growth regulator which kills flea eggs, larvae and pupae hiding on your pet, and in your home
  • Safe to use for dogs and puppies 12 weeks or older when used as directed
  • Contains natural essential oils and plant-based ingredients

9 Reviews

Julie B.

Verified purchase

My husky has allergies and issues with fleas and ticks. I’ve noticed a huge improvement after using this on him. He scratches less, smells good, and has a softer coat. I’ve had guests even compliment how good he smells! Would recommend this product and continue to buy.


Martha K.

Verified purchase

Really like this shower bombs. Haven't seen anymore fleas and it leaves my Halo feeling so soft and silky! 


Helen G.

Verified purchase

I usually don’t leave reviews for products but I was so satisfied with this shower bombs that I just had to. I recently discovered my kitten had fleas. I initially thought it was a couple of them so I bought this shower bombs to get rid of them. When I put her in the bathtub and started washing her, I saw so many fleas immediately falling off of her. This is the good stuff! It left her fur feeling so soft and shiny. Pretty sure she passed the fleas onto my dogs and they’re next in line for their flea bath.


Charles R.

Verified purchase

My pup had a bad flea problem over the summer and I bought this for him and it works WONDERS! It smells great and works very well towards the fleas. I recommend this if your pet is having a flea problem!


Kimberly B.

Verified purchase

Great product. Our cat was covered in fleas. Nothing seemed to help. Today we bathed her with this shower bomb and we were totally amazed at the number of fleas that were instantly killed. She doesn't like baths but she appeared to know this was going to help and let us bathe her for 20 mins. She is currently curled up outside soundly sleeping. I am ordering this again today.


Annie M.

Verified purchase

Makes my dogs fur super soft (golden border collie). She takes a flea and tick preventative bath every 3 months.. but even after long hikes, she gets a bath with this shower bomb and I haven’t had any flea/tick issues.


Virginia M.

Verified purchase

During the warmer months, we notice my toy chihuahua gets really itchy from flea infestations and build up of flea eggs on his butt. So far I love this shower bombs, it’s been doing everything it says it does. Not only did he stop scratching but he’s sooo soft and he smells really good.


Pamela D.

Verified purchase

I love this shower bombs -- I feel so much better just giving my cat a flea bath instead of giving her a pill that kills the fleas on her or a treatment to sterilize them. I use this instead of those two options, but I originally purchased it when I got behind on her previous treatment and she was covered in fleas and flea dirt. Her first bath really knocked them out and got rid of all of the flea dirt. She is a very particular cat and had never had a bath before. She doesn't love them, but I really think she likes being super clean and smelling nice. It also makes her fur extremely soft.


Denise P.

Verified purchase

I battle fleas on my dog half the summer. Then I bought these shower bombs and it worked! I was so happy and so was my poor baby. It smells great also.