Self Grooming and Massaging Cat Arch

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"This is my cats FAVORITE OBJECTS! He'll rub up against it for 10-15 mins., eventually laying down underneath it with his head propped up on the brush. With catnip (I grow my own and it's very potient), I put a little on the base and in between the brush at the top and he goes nuts and even scratches the base. Eventually, goes to sleep underneath it. I'd recommend it for EVERY CAT...NO MATTER THE AGE!" - Becky L., OH

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  • Helps stop shedding & scratching to keep your home hair free
  • Durable bristles
  • Compact and effortless removal process, just unlock the switches and move it to a new location
  • Designed to remove loose, shedding hair while stimulating your cat with a message
  • The arch helps limit hairballs and controls shedding


  • Dimensions11.3 x 14.2 x 13.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

15 Reviews

Ally P.

Verified purchase

Our cat loves this. When I first got it and put it together, he walked in the room and jumped because it scared him, I guess. Then he slowly approached it, whacked it with a paw, and then decided it was his new best friend. He rubbed all over it and went through it several times before laying beneath it.


Ann T.

Verified purchase

My cat loved this so much that she brought all her favorite little toys over to it. Whenever she brings her "babies" somewhere, that's her new favorite thing. She has slept in between this thing too. I don't know how I didn't think to invent this thing myself. She rubs her face and body on it. Great tool.


Lucy D.

Verified purchase

Our cat is SUPER picky. We have tried all of the other popular and well rated products, and she hates pretty much everything. We are on our second one of these now (only because giant clumsy human feet tripped over it and broke the bottom out) and she loves this thing.


Jessie H.

Verified purchase

I popped the arch into the base, put it into their favorite box, sprinkled a generous amount of the catnip onto it, and it was THE BEST thing the cats had ever seen!! They are always playing with this thing! It stops my cat from howling all over the place when she's bored, and from scratching the carpet! She's totally in love! The other cat loves it too, but he has his psycho moments....most of the time he won't play if you're watching. haha


Peggy B.

Verified purchase

I have a cat who loves having his head and cheeks rubbed, but is a bit feral and doesn't love having to get affection from humans. This was the perfect solution! He happily rubs against it and can have his urge to be petted sated without getting freaked out by interacting with a human. His overall behavior seems to have generally improved as a result, and he seems to be tolerating human petting more now that he's interacting with the arch regularly. And this isn't a "oh, he's just getting to know you better" situation -- have had this cat as part of the family for more than two years now and it's been a marked improvement in the month since I got the arch. Very pleased with the product!


Becky L.

Verified purchase

This is my cats FAVORITE OBJECTS! He'll rub up against it for 10-15 mins., eventually laying down underneath it with his head propped up on the brush. With catnip (I grow my own and it's very potient), I put a little on the base and in between the brush at the top and he goes nuts and even scratches the base. Eventually, goes to sleep underneath it. I'd recommend it for EVERY CAT...NO MATTER THE AGE!


Jamie G.

Verified purchase

Finally, I found a cat product that my cats actually like and use! We have 3 cats and have tried all the crazy cat toys out there that usually go right into the trash. They love this!!! We leave it out for them on the den floor and have seen both of them use it throughout the day. I recommend especially for those cats that love being brushed. It is perfect!


Linda W.

Verified purchase

I cannot believe how much my cats like this toy!!! I was very skeptical when I got this. I thought "Why are my cats going to want to have anything to do with this??" So, like a crazy cat lady I got it for them anyway. Straight out of the box, barely assembled and placed on the floor and one of my most particular cats is already over by it scratching at the base and rubbing on the brush!!! I could not believe it. She liked it so much that for about a half an hour she wasn't going to share it with any other cats!!! Eventually they all had a chance to check it out and everyone has claimed it as their own. They take turns rubbing in it though some are less likely to share than others, I was completely shocked and pleased!! I am one happy cat lady!!!


Loise C.

Verified purchase

So I've only had this for approximately 4 days and my cat is in love. To be fair, he will play with pretty much anything if he's in the mood but literally 2 minutes after opening the package and he literally would not do anything but play with this thing. It seems to have some sort of black magic influence over cats because my other 2 also love it and they will all sit around it and take turns batting it together (a miracle in itself as they all hate each other's guts). Anyway, Mustachio in particular is obsessed with hitting the ball and scratching the middle thing and it's been relatively successful at keeping him out of trouble thus far.


Roberta I.

Verified purchase

My cat is 13 years old,big and lazy. She does rub her face against the bristles and maybe a little bit of her body on the outside, but she doesn't walk through it to get the full body brush. She just mostly uses it lay through the middle of it and then beg me to throw her fishing cat toy at her, so she can catch it and use the bristles as added help of keeping the play toy with her, However, because she seems to like rubbing her face on it and laying & sleeping on it. I am happy because she is happy. It is sturdy and I have one at home and at my parents house, so that she can have them wherever she goes.


Danielle P.

Verified purchase

I have 3 cats who never like the same toy except this one. All 3 are in love with this arch. They sleep under it, they rub all over it, they scratch on it. The price doesn't get any better either. It sat unused for the first couple of days like they didn't quite know what to do with it. As soon as they started rubbing on it they were in heaven. I'm so glad to got this. My 14 year old senior cat loves to massage himself, especially his face, with it. My middle boy is always all over it and the baby chases others out of it so he can lay in it lol!!! Best toy I purchased this year so far.


Lara N.

Verified purchase

It's pretty perfect! The brush is soft enough that my senior cat actually enjoys rubbing up against it (unlike another self-groomer I bought him). He usually doesn't spend a ton of time against it, but likes to go in for a head/ear/chin rub a couple times a day. He especially likes when I sprinkle some catnip on the bristles. It is a little lightweight and I've accidentally knocked it over clumsily walking by, but so far my cat hasn't tipped it over when using it so that's good (granted he isn't aggressive rubbing on it).


Gemma B.

Verified purchase

(Yes, she is a large cat.) Squeaky loves this little arch. It is very sturdy and yes, she can fit through it. She weighs about 15lbs. in this photo. I bought this for her birthday and would buy again. The "bristles" are not rough so as to hurt them, but very firm to their liking. The arch will not fall off the stand unless you pull hard enough. It won't come off unless that is the intent. It really is a very simple, but nice toy.


Elizabeth V.

Verified purchase

My cats LOVE this thing!!! One of my cats won't even let the other one touch it! Especially if I spray the cat nip inside, that's it, only one cat gets it. Thank you! Highly recommend!! Even my ferret plays with it! It surprising doesn't fall over no matter how hard my two cats play with it. My cats also love scratching the carpet on the bottom of this stand or simply just walking though it and getting a nice brush. The brissels are not to stiff and my fur babies don't get hurt. Thanks again!


Erica M.

Verified purchase

I purchased this when it went on sale. Been wanting something my two cats could brush their hair on. This was perfect. Easy to set up. I have an adult cat and a kitten and both fit through it. I might buy another to keep on the next level of my house.