Auto-Grip Car Phone Holder

$19.90 $89.99

"I Love this holder! I'm super picky about my car. I was really happy that this holder blends in perfectly to my interior. Another bonus is that my phone gets reaaally warm when I have the GPS on in the car for an extended amount of time. With this holder I can open the A/C vent behind the holder and the phone gets cold air blown on it and it never gets hot again. I've had it for over 1 month and it holder the phone as tight as the day I bought it." - John D., MT

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  • Our phone mount provides maximum security with its 5-point support design
  • The 4 silicone claws provide strong stability and the shock absorber holds at the back
  • Provides excellent view position for drivers
  • Easily mount and remove your phone with one simple hand motion
  • Perfectly fit for all smartphones from 4.5 to 6.5 inches


  • Dimensions: 3.9 inches (100 mm)

12 Reviews

George R.

Verified purchase

Without a doubt the best car mount I’ve bought for my phone. I drive a lot, so I depend a lot on my phone mount to display my phone in a sturdy and reliable manner. I have been using this mount for 2 months and it’s still as good as new. The most amazing thing about this product is the fact that it is extremely sturdy yet easy to move and tilt around if needed.


Morgan O.

Verified purchase

Easy to put together and simple to use. Fits solid on the air conditioner grill, and moves around easily. The best part is that you don't have to fight to get your phone solidly held in the holder. Just slide the phone down and the unit grabs it. Works great!


Emmett B.

Verified purchase

This phone holder is awesome. I like that it grips onto whatever phone you have and doesn't move or loosen while you are driving. The holder has a good amount of adjust ability so you can face it at a comfortable angle. I'm happy I got it!


Emery S.

Verified purchase

This phone holder fits in your air vent and holds my iPhone perfectly. No matter what bumps I hit on the road it grips my phone tight and it does not slide off. I would for sure buy this holder for my husband.


Julia N.

Verified purchase

The design of this car phone Mount is perfect. Although it looks simple, it can hold the phone strongly and not easy to fall off when driving. Good product!


Kevin L.

Verified purchase

This car phone holder is small and does not block the air vent at all. Mini but reliable, this gravity phone mount can hold my phone firmly, whether it's a turn or a sudden brake. It is the most beatiful and stable air vent phone holder I have used. Recommend!


Alan K.

Verified purchase

This phone mount is great! I like the way it grasps on your phone. Highly recommend this item. Looking forward to buying one for my nephew.


Preston V.

Verified purchase

My wife was complaining about her old phone holder is bulky and hard to use, so I found this one. Quality is good, easy to install and holds the phone very nice. And looks good even without the phone on it . but most of all: my wife is happy with it!


Daisy L.

Verified purchase

Perfect design to hold my phone very steadily from both sides and the bottom. Easy to install in my car vent. Very compact. It's the second one I bought, I love this product!


Andres J.

Verified purchase

I loved this mount! After my brother saw my holder in my car, he liked it, I decided to give it to him. Then bought another one because it was so useful, affordable and not to mention safe. I like how it's able to tilt. Best mount!


Maggie D.

Verified purchase

This is exactly what I needed. I use the gps on my phone whenever I am going anywhere, even familiar places. There's a lot of traffic where I live, and it really helps me by alerting me to the best route under current conditions. With the new hands free laws, I needed to find a way to continue using my phone's gps without having to hold the phone. This is a good solution!


Melissa T.

Verified purchase

This is the best model .. simple and effective and it has excellent air vent grip which holds mobile in perfect position even when you make car sharp turns, and it has perfect gap between my I phone xs max and air vent which allowed AC free flow and phone not sticky after each use, which I liked it very much. I strongly recommend!