Disc Portable Bag

$19.90 $89.99

"I am in love! Seriously, where have these been my whole life!!! These bags are extremely durable...what used to take 3-4 plastic grocery bags now fits into a single one of these! Completely worth every penny! They’re so easy to carry. They are also very convenient to have in your handbag, car, work and home. Might buy another because you can’t have enough of them!" - Megan E., TX

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  • The Disc Portable Bag can be collapsed and stored in the compartment disk
  • Nylon material is sturdy and resistant to rips
  • High-quality ABS compartment disk is strong and durable
  • 5L large capacity to meet your daily shopping requirement
  • Used for shopping, sports, outdoor activity, traveling and more
  • Pull the tag to release the bag. Simple holes to roll bag back up into the compartment disk after use.


  • Material: nylon, ABS
  • Weight: 2.9oz
  • Dimensions: bag 13x16x4inch; disc 3x3x1.5inch

9 Reviews

Cheryl S.

Verified purchase

I really like this little gadget/shopping bag. Easy to find in your handbag or pocket, simple unroll and roll bag back by inserting fingers in holes and turn. Very happy with the product.


Ken R.

Verified purchase

Five stars! I ALWAYS forget my bags in the car, but this little guy can be attached to my backpack. It is light, compact, and sturdy. It doesn’t take up space like other bags.


Susan B.

Verified purchase

 I just love these bags! Bought 4! Easy to fold, I always carry one in my handbag for small errands where you only need one bag with you. I store the rest in my car and they are great for groceries! Very sturdy and easy to clean! I totally recommend! I even got compliments!


Pam G.

Verified purchase

I’m in love with this product. It’s amazingly easy to stuff the bag back into its little disc and the size is just right for small or large loads.


Linda D.

Verified purchase

I like the design of this bag very much. I can not only easily fold it and take it to shopping, but also use it to carry a lot of things home, very good!


Chris C.

Verified purchase

My favourite bag! You'll not believe how much space you'll find in there! The fact that it is foldable is the other amazing thing. Easy to fold into a small pocket, convenient to use and carry.


Marry L.

Verified purchase

Great bag! They look no bigger than the average purse in their folded state. Reach into the pouch and pull the bag out and it will unfold into a large shopping bag.They are very strong and can carry a lot of weight even though they are so lightweight themselves.


Kimberly B.

Verified purchase

I use these bags for my day to day shopping. The bags are great as they are very durable and can carry a lot of shopping and fits easily into my bag when not in use. Very happy with the product.


Debbie M.

Verified purchase

These are good shopping bags and hold plent. Small enough to pack away in your handbag. The handles are more comfortable than cheap carrier bags and they fold up brilliantly.