Premium Baking Mold Snake Set

$19.90 $89.99

"Oh my gosh, these are the greatest thing for baking I have bought in years. All you do is snap these together and shape them any way you want. You can do circles, stars, squares, whatever you want. This would make a great gift to anyone that makes cakes! I love it!" -  Anna D., NY

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  • The baking mold snake can fulfill all your creative ideas
  • With 4 mold snakes, you can create your own shapes
  • Or you can make 4 smaller cakes
  • Can stand a temperature of 480°F, which is safe for any baking oven
  • You can remove the mold easily after baking
  • Made from Food Grade Silicone and BPA Free Material
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Dimensions: 7.4 inches (18.8 cm) x 2.1 inches (5.5 cm)

12 Reviews

Sophia L.

Verified purchase

I am so fortunate to come across this great product! The silicone material feels like it would last through hundreds and thousands of bake cycles. It is awesome that the product comes with 4 walls that can all be linked together or individually! You can make perfect circles, hearts, squares, etc! This is a great gift for any mom and a great gift to yourself to start baking!


Rebecca V.

Verified purchase

What a great idea! It is such an amazing, easy to use and clean. Great space saver.The set is pretty sturdy. The pieces are thick enough to hold up to cake batter. I highly recommend to buy two of them right away so you can get creative with the shapes. This is the coolest gadget on my kitchen! I absolutely love it!


Logan P.

Verified purchase

The silicone mold is great for making cakes. The malable silicone easily handles baking temperatures in the oven. The connections between pieces is nice and holds solid. The mold doesn't stick either. I would recommend this! Great!


Victoria R.

Verified purchase

The cake mold arrived on time for my best friend birthday! This cake mold is fundamentally 4 plastic molds you an connect in various approaches to make different shapes. During baking, it stayed in shape. I love having it in my kitchen!


Anna M.

Verified purchase

I wish I would have gotten these a lot sooner. These are very easy to use, clean and store. They make shaping cakes super easy. Since you bake it in the correct shape, instead of cutting it, the frosting goes one easier, without crumbling, and there's no wasted pieces. Great!


Emma T.

Verified purchase

Creating this has got to be one of the most genius ideas anyone has ever had! I love the fact that pieces are literally fit together like a puzzle, and you can either make two smaller cakes at the same time, or one large one. I use this to make two small pasta cakes for me and my boyfriend. I filled these molds with cooked ziti macaroni noodles standing straight up, and I filled them with pasta sauce and then I coded them in lots of mozzarella and then Parmesan on top. Yammy!


Grace O.

Verified purchase

So simple, so smart! Can't believe I haven't seen this kind of product before! Now I can bake any kind of shape I desire. My girls love to bake with my and this product made them even more involved in the kitchen. Love it!


Miranda D.

Verified purchase

Great idea, lovely present for baking lovers. I have lots of baking pans and not a lot of room for them at the kitchen and this is a small and comfortable to use. I recommend to buy 2 from this so you can do bigger cakes. You can do cake with shapes of letters, heart, loaf size and circle of course.


Maya H.

Verified purchase

No space in a rental, and I love to bake. All those great fun pans, forget it. Now I can piece this together and make a square, round, oval whatever. I will get another set, but for now, this will do in my toaster/convection whenever I get the itch for brownies. And bam! Store these in a drawer. Clever.


Mindy M.

Verified purchase

I love this silicon cake shaper. You can be very creative with your baking as it shapes to any shape you like. Easy to connect and disconnect 4 pieces, easy to clean in dishwasher. Great!


Nicole P.

Verified purchase

What an awesome idea! This product makes me want to be creative. I love baking and love to play with the shapes and styles of the pies and cakes I make. With this I can do whatever I want in seconds, supper easy, stands still and keeps the shape right in its place. Easy to clean, great quality and wonderful results! Thank you!!


Astrid K.

Verified purchase

Amazing mold! Bought this for my daughter who loves to bake, she absolutely loved it. Used it once already and it worked as she had hopes. Asked for a second set.