Premium Baseboard Cleaner

$39.90 $119.99

"Best purchase I ever made. The baseboard cleaner gets behind the toilet and those hard to get to places to clean. I also have bad knees and it is a wonderful. I spray the pad with my floor cleaner for first cleaning and my baseboards were spotless. Now I just dust them off with it. The Baseboard cleaner does exactly what it is suppose to do. The pads also wash up in the Washer with my cleaning towels! I am really impressed." - Abigail O., SC

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  • Use the Baseboard Cleaner for simple, everyday routine cleaning of baseboards and trims
  • When you want to restore them to their new-paint look and sheen, simply use it wet and glide along
  • The Baseboard Cleaner features a telescopic handle that rotates at the head
  • The Baseboard Cleaner has a microfiber pad that conforms and molds to your baseboard or trim's unique contours
  • A compact, slim design that makes it a breeze to store in any closet or cabinet


  • Brush Dimensions: 4.33 inch (11 cm) x 3.14 inch (8 cm)
  • Telescopic handle maximum lenght: 62 inch (160 cm)

13 Reviews

Gabriella T.

Verified purchase

Where has this been all my life? It came in today and works great!!! My baseboards are clean, it's good for door frames also and even cleaned the ac vent too! Easy to use, easy to put together. Would buy again! 


Dylan M.

Verified purchase

This product is GREAT! It is so easy to use, and gets the job done! No more getting down on my hands and knees to wipe down my baseboards! Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make their cleaning experience so much better!


Jordan R.

Verified purchase

I thought this looked so good and easy. When Spring cleaning after a very long winter, this was amazing!! Worked like a gem. Was so happy not to be crawling around the floor, thank you for that!! Great Job!


Sophie M.

Verified purchase

If you have a big house and want an easy way to keep your baseboards dust free this is your product. I use a little spray on dusting solution on the pad and dust away. It does the job quickly and the pads are washable. Great time saver!


Kayla B.

Verified purchase

I am 64 and cleaning baseboards is a nightmare for me. Either I have to get down on the floor to clean them or bend over to clean them. This works great! Also good for getting the baseboards behind things like my china cabinet. I highly recommend!


Austin C.

Verified purchase

Bought 3 sets for my aunt and her kids. She was so excited to get them so quickly and was extremely pleased with the product. She has back problems and they will make cleaning so much easier. Great!


Linda G.

Verified purchase

This product is amazing, I just cleaned my 2,500 sf house in no time. Where has this been? Easy to assemble, a breeze to use. Had zero problems . Would highly recommend!


Katherine E.

Verified purchase

I'm used to either sweeping my baseboards with a mini-broom, or getting on my hands and knees with a wet sponge. This was far more effective than both, and infinitely easier! It conforms to odd shapes and the soft material gets into odd corners with a sort of grip that means dirt comes OFF the baseboards. Amazing tool!


Scarlett R.

Verified purchase

I love this thing it works great! Easy to clean baseboards without bending, hurting your back or knees!! You can reuse the cleaning pad just rinse under warm water and let air dry. Best invention ever! Cut cleaning time by 75%!


Carrie K.

Verified purchase

I love this! Great for baseboards and door and crown molding.The pad is flexible and works wet or dry and it can be reused. Just spray a little cleaner and all dirt and webs are gone! The best!


Nicole M.

Verified purchase

I just love the baseboard cleaner. I used to crawl around on my hands and knees in our 2300 sq ft house with a small bucket and rags. I would wear holes in my pants not to mention the wear and tear on my knees. My only regret is that I did not know about this before now.


Vanessa M.

Verified purchase

My mom LOVES this! It keeps her from having to get down on her hands and knees every time to clean the baseboards! Great invention!


Maxwell T.

Verified purchase

Great little tool, takes the bending and back ache out of my job. It's really absorbent and gets to the hard to reach places both high and low. I definitely recommend this tool!