Anti-slip Bathroom Mat

$49.90 $139.99

"THIS IS THE BATH MAT TO BUY! Feels sooo good - the little nubby circular rows over the suction cups feel like heaven for your feet - besides preventing you from slipping. Lots of holes for water drainage. Suction is amazing! It doesn't have the unpleasant odor that most bath mats have. Length is good too, not too short where a lot of tub floor isn’t covered, not too long where it has to go up the back of the tub." - Sonia S., MN

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  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Fresh and elegant design
  • Has a soft comfortable massage cushion
  • Neatly arranged holes which promote effective circulation of water - protecting the surface from mold, mildew and other bacterial growth 
  • Big anti-slip suction cups at the base which attaches the mat to a smooth surface of any bathtub and bathroom floor, don't slide, nor wrinkles in the middle, therefore, preventing unwanted slips and falls
  • Made from premium soft natural TPR material (fourth generation of rubber, 100% non-toxic, odor free, BPA Free, therefore, it doesn't produce toxic substances due to hot water immersion and contact with shower gel)


  • Material: Antibacterial PVC
  • Size: 27 x 15 inch
  • Color: Blue 

8 Reviews

Jennifer P.

Verified purchase

Very pleased. Nice color, awesome suction - really sticks well, and the little nubs massage your feet nicely. Now I feel safer when I take a bath and I get to have a nice massage! I just love this mat!

I ordered a few so I can give some to my mom and sisters. This really makes a perfect gift!


Kevin H. 

Verified purchase

Definitely made of high grade material. It looks sturdy and  the suction grip is very strop. This mat should be in every bathroom, especially for households with elders and kids. The massager is really amazing, I so love it! This makes a great gift. I'm getting some and give them to my frirnds and family on Christmas.  


Alisa L.

Verified purchase

I love this bath mat! It's very sturdy. It actually keeps the kids from slipping. It's easy to clean, and it always looks like new after (I use a kitchen scrubbing brush and sometimes the washing machine to clean it). It sticks well, pulls off well, and dries well. It's better than anyother bath mat I've tried, and believe me, with three kids, you try a few. It's made witha durable plastic and has been with us a few months, it still looks new.


Sandra T.

Verified purchase

AWESOME! This bath mat is just amazing. The suction is surprisingly powerful, I don't have to worry about slipping and sliding. The massage point design and the distribution of holes is just brilliant! What I love most is that it's very easy to clean, I can just toss it inside the washing machine and it comes out good as new! This is a must have!


Tom C.

Verified purchase

Perfect! Perfect suction, hole distrinution and massager. This  sure protects me from slipping in the shower. I highly recommend this bathmat! No more fears of slipping for me.Very safe, thick & high quality product.


Albert M.

Verified purchase

This is a great shower mat. It is VERY sturdy, stays in place, and is not slippery at all. I was worried that by placing it over the drain, I would have drainage issues, but not the case. The holes are big enough to let water through as if there isn't a mat in the way. The massager is also a great  help. I'll never take a bath without this one. 


Betty L.

Verified purchase

Nice, classy-looking mat! I use this shower mat to keep my 17-month-old toddler from slipping in our shower. It works quite well overall. No mildew/mold. After every use we easily pull it up and stick on the shower wall to dry - takes just a few seconds; it hasn't fallen off that wall even once after mounting. Competitive pricing. Definitely recommend!


Patricia O.

Verified purchase

Very neat item! The multiple suction cups keep the unit from slipping.The top of the non-slip surface is noticeable when you stand on it. I personally enjoy foot massage every time I have shower. The price of the item was right and it does what it describes it will do. A 5-star rating for this product and yes, I recommend it!