Bedside Storage Bag

$19.90 $89.99

"I love it, it stays in place hanging on the side of my bed between the nightstand and my frame, I want another one for the other side! Love that the main compartment is wide, you can fit books/laptops/mag, super convenient and looks really nice." - Olivia R., NC

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  • This Bedside Storage Bag can store all of your belongings like tablets, phones, books, magazines, cables, and chargers
  • Keep things beside you, easy to reach and organized - no more clutter around your bed, sofa or desk
  • Polyester felt and precision sewing makes the Bedside Storage Bag sturdy and durable
  • This Bedside Storage Bag has 1 large pocket and 4 small pockets
  • Easily installed and fixed, you can simply place the inserting tab under the mattress/mats/books or heavy objects
  • Can also be used as a desk hanging bag or sofa pocket
  • Bedside Storage Bag is suitable for home, dorm rooms, bunk beds, hospital beds, small apartments, hostels, and traveling


  • Dimensions: 12 inch (31.5 cm) x 8.3 inch (21 cm)

11 Reviews

Allison K.

Verified purchase

This is perfect for keeping meds in easy reach when needed in the middle of the night—as well as the remote. It's a perfect size. Everything is easily accessible at all times and in the dark. Very handy!


Anthony N.

Verified purchase

This is super handy, looks good and comes in handy for storing glasses and remotes. This is what you need for your bedside!


Hannah G.

Verified purchase

This item is perfect for holding my remote control, meds, and book. It's exactly what I needed to remove the clutter off my nightstand. I will buy two more of these bedside organizers: one for my daughter’s bed in college and the other for my husband. Great!


Christian T.

Verified purchase

I like this bag because I can fit several books in it because it’s wide enough at the top and bottom. Also, the part that goes under the mattress is long enough that the bag doesn’t slip out from under the mattress and box springs and fall on the floor, even when there are several books in it. Perfect for charging my phone too. I would recommend this product.


Sarah O.

Verified purchase

I just love this! I use my tablet at night and first thing in the morning. Since there was no more on my nightstand I used to put in the charger then lay it on the floor next to my bed. I was always afraid that on of those middle of the night bathroom runs would cause me to step on it. This is perfect, I just slide it between the mattresses and plug in the charger. It’s conveniently at my side but out of the way. I keep my charger in there too so no scrambling around looking for that in the dark!


Henry D.

Verified purchase

This product is recommended by my girlfriend, since every time when she come to my place, she complain about the mess in table, the thing is that I have too much small things, like the earphones , notebooks etc. She said that this small thing can help me and make my desk more tidy. Though I think habit might be the most important thing, however this small bag actually work, I put my keys in it when I come to home, this thing helps a lot, I never spent a lot time finding my keys. If you want to make your desk tidy, this production can help you.


Mia B.

Verified purchase

Very pleased with this purchase. Bought 2, one for each side of the bed. Very sturdy, holds at least a few books. And the great looking. Would recommend!


Mary L.

Verified purchase

Awesome bag, hang it on the bed, no longer have to worry about the mess of the bed, you can put books, iPad, mobile phone, etc., it is really convenient and practical! I like it!


Michelle B.

Verified purchase

This is a great product if, like me, you have many items you need to keep around your bed but no table to keep them. Surprisingly bigger than I thought it would be and glad to have the extra compartments for glasses, etc. Even study enough to keep a bottle of water. Great!


Colin M.

Verified purchase

This works well for on the arm of my recliner. I used magic tape to make it stay in place. It holds my remotes and other things I like having handy. It is soft and has held up good. Saves me space and keeps everything organized!


Sandy H.

Verified purchase

I had thought it'd be bigger but realize I don't need it to be. It's simple but brilliant. The wool/felt like fabric is quiet and soft. Holds a lot of things, like a tablet, phone, remote, etc. I love it! Great bag!