Portable Bidet Spray Bottle

$29.90 $109.99

"I rarely give five stars, but in this case I just had to. This is truly one of the practical and useful products I own. It is very simple to use. After a little bit of practice, it becomes quite natural. I use mine at work and when I travel. I simply go to the sink and fill it up with warm water and then go into the stall. No muss, no fuss. It is faster, easier, and much cleaner than using paper." - Hannah C., FL

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  • Easy to fill 
  • Tap and store
  • Airlock for consistent spray
  • Ergonomic soft squeeze bottle
  • Angled, long nozzle for easy use
  • Light, easy to carry, and easily fits into a purse, backpack, car, etc.


  • Color: Blue 
  • Size: 10.24 x 2.56 inch
  • Capacity: 13.52 oz


  • 1x bottle
  • 1x long nozzle

8 Reviews

Abegail N.

Verified purchase

This is a little gem. I am one who does a lot of research before purchase, I investigated several different makers and designs. Most are simply too small in capacity. Imagine having to refill in the middle of cleaning, how awkward that would be. No installation of any kind required. Easy to fill with water of any temperature desired. Portable, light and convenient. I have been using this for over a while now and I'm loving it. I have never felt cleaner and more invigorated. I like it so much I ordered another one for a close friend of mine. Wonder how I ever managed without it for so long. Best invention since sliced bread!


Harold O.

Verified purchase

This is a terrific aid. I have arthritic hands and the bottle is easy enough to squeeze. It holds a very good amount of water "to do the job!" Highly recommended.


Robert B.

Verified purchase

Folks who are having to do their duty more than one time a day will especially appreciate having a water cleanse. All of that can take a lot of paper and be very irritating. This item holds enough water and has a long enough spout to do a good job, It is soft to squeeze. This one is ideal for home use and travel purposes. Those complaining of it leaking are not reading the instructions. They advise you to hold a finger over the small air hole on the bottom as you invert and position the bottle then release it.


Michael F.

Verified purchase

This thing has been a game changer for me as it cleans pretty well. You should be able to get to all areas from both angles. I have been using this at home. It saves me a lot of money on wipes. As far as water going all over as some reviews stated, just make sure you hold it upright with your finger on the hole on the bottom of the bottle until you turn it upside down to use and you should be fine.


Stacey S.

Verified purchase

This has been my first experience with one of these. I like it because I can take it with me and it fits under my  faucet perfectly. I also like that it has a good reach and does not seem to leak around the lid. I'll never be without one of these wherever I go.


Penelope J.

Verified purchase

This portable bidet is a lifesaver for me as it has helped me tremendously in taking care of myself everyday since I can't bend or reach back when using the restroom. The water flow is very gentle but if a stronger flow is needed one just needs to squeeze the bottle. I'd recommend this to anyone who has or will have a back surgery, especially women.


Addison Y.

Verified purchase

I purchased this prior to having hemorrhoid surgery to assist in the post surgery cleaning process. Liked it so much, I'll  continue using it once I finishing healing. On another note, read some of the other reviews in regards to the bottle and nozzle leaking from the nozzle and the vent hole on the bottom of the bottle. It takes a few times to get the knack of using, when you are supposed to cover the vent hole and when not to but once you do it won't leak.


Claire B.

Verified purchase

This bidet is nice, strong and big. I also like the fact that it doesn't leak on the bottom. My other one would leak and cause puddles. I'm glad I decided to try this. Smart buy!