Blue Light Glasses

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"After a month of heavy use, I've concluded  that these glasses are well worth it for any person who spends countless hours behind a computer. Love the style and simple luxury of being able to wear them in any setting makes the trade off well worth it. They do a great job of blocking blue light and are very comfortable. I often forget I am even wearing them. Overall for the price I would highly recommend!." - Casey H., CA

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  • Alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights with UV400 protection and glare reduction.
  • Filters screen EMF radiation
  • Reduces glare and prevents dry eyes
  • Lenses are optimized to provides eye protection without distorting colors
  • Custom lens tints and filters block harsh blue light and glare so your eyes can finally relax
  • Has extra focusing power providing you sharper, clearer vision, therefore reducing digital eye restrain

14 Reviews

Alex R.

Verified purchase

I work 12-hour shifts in a Power plant control room surrounded by 25 large computer monitors. Before using these glasses by the end of the shift my eyes would be extremely fatigued and reddened. It would even be hard to drive home sometimes because my eyes were so tired and sensitive to the headlights of oncoming cars. With these glasses that eye strain I encountered before is almost non existent. These glasses have made my work so much more enjoyable and also made me more productive. If you are experiencing eye pain, redness, headaches, eye fatigue, do yourself a favor and buy blue light blocking glasses. I wont go back to working without them.


Peter A.

Verified purchase

I stare at a computer screen from less than a foot away all day and when I'm not looking at that I'm looking at my phone or a tv screen, and I get headaches regularly from the strain on my eyes. I heard of the concept and figured it was worth a try if it helps with headaches and my eye health.  I've started wearing them for more than just screen time as they seem to help my eyes with light sensitivity as well. They fit great, help minimize headaches and eye dryness and my fiance says I look cute in them. If you spend a significant amount of time in front of any screen (who doesn't) then I definitely recommend these!


Danielle I.

Verified purchase

These actually work! After my first day wearing them I could tell my eyes felt so much better. I work on a computer for about 7hrs a day and these are so helpful! I tested them side by side with regular glasses and these do the job! I just ordered 2 more for my children ( they spend a lot of time in their computers).


Claudia D.

Verified purchase

Two thums up! This is a blessing to me. I've been having regular headaches and I worry that taking too much meds will also result to bigger problem. I spend more than 10 hrs on my computer every single day and I when I started using this I seldom get the headache and my eyes feel as tired as I felt without these glasses. 


Peggy S.

Verified purchase

I don’t leave reviews very often, but I have to say that this item is so GOOD, it deserves to be spoken for. My eyes feel relieved from staring at a computer 8-10 hours a day, since I work at a computer for both my day job and my side hustle.

They also look actually cute on my face, which I honestly thought no glasses could ever flatter my round face, lol! They are comfortable - the edges do squeeze above my ears and my nose is a little pinched but it isn’t at all uncomfortable - as a matter of fact, it lets me know that these glasses will stay in place even if I shook my head.


Charles O.

Verified purchase

These glasses work very well. I notice a big difference my eyes feel a lot more comfortable wearing them! They really do block blue light just hold them up to a computer screen you can see the whole lens is blue where the light is being reflected! These do not change the screen color, maybe very slightly if anything but it is not annoying at all! These work very good!


June W.

Verified purchase

They are also really stylish! I've received multiple compliments at work, which has eased my anxiety about the stigma of wearing glasses.I'm fortunate enough to still have great eyesight, so these are solely used to ease the strain on my eyes during an 8-hour work day. They have met my expectations for eliminating blue light and holding up over time. They have been well worth the money and could probably be priced higher.


James G.

Verified purchase

Great glasses for keeping eyes relaxed while watching TV or using my phone or computer. I am no longer kept awake by the light from the TV or phone or need time between turning things off and going to sleep! Thank you!! And they look great!


Chris L.

Verified purchase

I would recommend these to ANYONE. Absolutely essential. My roommate and girlfriend fight over my pair. It makes such a difference it's incredible. I cannot watch tv at night without them, my eyes start to hurt. Blue light from electronics are bad people, save your eyes!!


Mike F.

Verified purchase

Can't complain, good quality material, and reduces my headaches and eye strains, after playing ps4 for over 3hrs I start getting headache and eyes start to burn, but with these playing at 4hr still haven't gotten headaches or burning red eyes. I had to order one for my girlfriend and one for my sister, they are both happy with this and loves to wear them. 


Donald R.

Verified purchase

Outstanding value. I work surrounded by monitors on my C-shaped desk and on the walls up to the ceiling. I cannot comfortably do my job without them. My eyes get scratchy and dry if I don't use them. These make my eyes feel comfortable and easy to do my job. Will always use.


Charlie A.

Verified purchase

These glasses work wonderfully. and they are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish.

Before I started using these glasses my eyes felt tired and I found myself squinting by the end of the day from the harsh flourescent lighting in my work place and now my eyes no longer feel strained after being at work all day.

Also love these glasses for driving at night to reduce the glare from xenon headlights and high intensity brakelights.


Ashley C.

Verified purchase

Several of my coworkers recommended this and it makes a huge difference for those that have to stare at a screen all day. In low lighting it can be a little blurry, depending on your computer settings. Once I adjusted everything though these helped tremendously.


Wendy A.

Verified purchase

Love it, my eyes dont feel as tired everyday. I had lasik surgery and this has helped keep my eyes safe when i watch tv on the phone or on my computer at work. It also looks cool!