Bracelet Fastening Device

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"Finally!!! A super easy way to put on slippery bracelets. I no longer need to spend so much time trying to put my bracelet nor ask help from someone else. It sturdy so I know it's going to last a long time. I also love the design, it looks like its a precious jewelry. I love this!" Heather P., CA

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  • Works like an extra hand, as its unique clip secures one end of the bracelet allowing your free hand to wrap it around your wrist and instantly secure the clasp
  • Forever eliminates the frustrations, fumbling, and difficulties associated with fastening bracelets
  • Helps fasten and unfasten almost any bracelet clasp instantly
  • Has a state of the art polymer clip which eliminates pulling, scratching and stress on your jewelry
  • Helpful for people with arthritis or unstable hands
  • Perfect gift for any occasion


20 Reviews

Celine R.

Verified purchase

I have Two! 1 for home use and 2nd for travel or gym bag. Beautiful design, well made and quality material. Best gift for anyone who wear clasped bracelets. Nothing but raves about how perfectly easy this gadget works!


Daisy A.

Verified purchase

Love it, so helpful and gentle to your fine jewelry. The gripper is rubberized on one side and soft plastic on the other side for a good grip. Does not damage your jewelry like other metal brands. Easy to use and store.


Jennifer P.

Verified purchase

I'm right handed but I also like to wear bracelets on my right hand which is sometimes hard to do when I have to clasp them with my left hand. I used this on a few bracelets and it works well. Fits perfectly inside a drawer in my jewelry box for storage. I just received the new ones that I ordered and they are all in perfect condition. They will be a giveaway gift for our ladies night. 


Alice G.

Verified purchase

I was surprised at how well this works. I have a couple of bracelets that are strung on wire and they are stiffer than a chain bracelet, thus making it hard to catch the jump ring with the clasp. This solved that problem beautifully. Now I don't have to wait to wear them until someone is around who can work the clasp for me.


Gabriella J.

Verified purchase

The greatest invention for those of us who are less nimble, whose eyes aren't quite as good as they used to be, and who don't always have a significant other to help us latch our jewelry. I bought several and keep them stashed in handy places and gave one as a stocking stuffer. They're not rocket science, but they work great! I am wearing bracelets I haven't worn in several years because I couldn't latch them without this nifty tool!


Karen D.

Verified purchase

I gave this to my sister for her birthday and she loves it. She wears bracelets all the time and this this bracelet fastening device is a great help. I have one too and I use it every time I wear a bracelet. One thing I like about this one is that the part that holds the bracelet, it doesn't scratch the jewelry. I highly recommend this item.


Debra T.

Verified purchase

For a simple little piece of device (that is actually kind of cute), this has been so helpful!!! I needed it for my Trollbead bracelet (which would mean it would probably help out, Pandora, Camilla, and other bracelet folk, too). The beads are so heavy on my Trollbead bracelet that the bracelet tended to pull off my wrist while I was trying to latch it. Plus, the beads make the bracelet a bit tighter as well, which makes latching tough. I just could NOT get this bracelet on without help (and sometimes, no one's around!). In fact, I even resorted to a trick my friend told me to try by putting a piece of floss through the ringlet loop and holding the floss between my teeth while I latched it. It worked, but the floss would sometimes slip (not to mention I was worried about my teeth...and also not to mention that is just looked weird) lol.

Needless to say, the bracelet fastening device makes a simple thing like latching one's own bracelet so much easier! No problems now. This is quite a helpful little gadget.


Sandra F.

Verified purchase

I've seen these for years and wanted to have one. So I finally ordered it. I wear a lot of bracelets and many that have clasps and its very difficult trying to get them on oneself when you really only have one hand "free!" I love it. Made my life easier. 


Cynthia L.

Verified purchase

This is a great product to help with lobster claw clasps on bracelets. This bracelet fastener makes putting on a bracelet a snap for me. The clip goes on the loop while you work the lobster claw. It's fast and easy.


Mary B.

Verified purchase

Invaluable tool for fastening jewelry especially if you have a bit of arthritic fingers. Would recommend for anyone who wears bracelets.


Donna E.

Verified purchase

Such a simple idea but it's allowing me to wear jewellery that I couldn't wear before unless my husband did the clasps up for me. Also sent one to my mother-in-law who immediately sent me a message saying that its very useful and she loves it.


Sheena A.

Verified purchase

No need to buy those expensive jewelry helpers. This one does the trick beautifully. It saves me a lot of time and a lot less aggravation putting on my bracelets in any time of the day!


Kimberly D.

Verified purchase

I purchased this because I have no one to help me put my bracelets on. This thing is a life saver. I have multiple bracelets that I was not able to wear due to not being able to them on however with this tool it makes putting a bracelet a breeze.


Susan K.

Verified purchase

My elastic bracelets are the only ones that I have been able to apply for quite a while. At age 78, the arthritis in my hands has kept me from using any bracelet with a clasp. This little gadget, however, does that job very nicely and I am so pleased to have this.


Maisie W.

Verified purchase

Perfect for difficult bracelets when you don't need help to put on! Worked perfectly on a difficult bracelet even my husband had problems getting on my wrist! This a great buy! Got the buy 1 get 1 offer so I keep one in my purse and one at home.


Randy S.

Verified purchase

I bought a few of these for my wife, my mother and mother in law. My wife uses hers every time she put on a bracelet, especially her Pandora bracelet. It works great and stops her from having to wait on me to help her. Great purchase!


Melissa C.

Verified purchase

This bracelet device is awesome! I bought one for myself, 50+ yr old, and my mother who is 85. They work great for both of us. We both had trouble fumbling with our bracelets to put them on and off!!! Now it takes all of about 5 seconds, if that long, now. We both love them and use them all the time. Now I can wear my charm bracelet anytime I want. This tool is a great size and fits in your purse, too. Would highly recommend.


Amy D.

Verified purchase

Purchased as a gift for my mom that has a hard time putting on her jewelry. She has no complaints, in fact she once told me that this is very useful and easy to use. We also love the design.  She uses it regularly. I'll be ordering a few for me and my sisters soon!


Elizabeth A.

Verified purchase

This product is wonderful. I had a stroke two years ago and I have no feeling in my left hand so I always struggled to hold a bracelet and get the clasp in the link. I was ready to give up wearing my bracelets until the owner of a jewelry store suggested this. I now am able to put on my own bracelets. Thank you 


Michelle L.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my elderly mother in law who has difficulty getting her bracelets on. This is truly a great little tool. It makes it so easy for her now. I may just have to get one for myself!!!