Universal Car Bluetooth Receiver

$19.90 $89.99

"I can finally listen to my iTunes playlists in my 2010 vehicle! What took me so long to get this? I thought I wouldn't be able to listen to my playlists in the car until I purchased a new vehicle. Reasonable price, quality product, awesome customer service. I'm a very happy customer." - Rachel S., AR

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  • Fits into every car with a 3.5mm Audio-Port and lets you focus on the road while listening to your favorite music
  • Simply plug the receiver into the audio-port in your vehicle and connect it wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can now stream everything from music to podcasts over your car's speakers 
  • The receiver has a built-in microphone and noise reduction that allows hands-free calling. You only need to press the phone button on your receiver to start or end the call
  • Transform your headphones, home audio speakers or other listening devices into wireless systems and stream high-quality music from your smartphone
  • Compatible with most smartphones


  • Battery time: About 4-5 hours
  • Connection type: Bluetooth Version: 4.0 or higher
  • Transmission range: Up to 10m / 33ft
  • Charging port: Mini USB female port
  • Charging time: About 30 min                           


17 Reviews

Rachel S.

Verified purchase

I can finally listen to my iTunes playlists in my 2010 vehicle! What took me so long to get this? I thought I wouldn't be able to listen to my playlists in the car until I purchased a new vehicle. Reasonable price, quality product, awesome customer service. I'm a very happy customer.


Caroline P.

Verified purchase

I liked that this worked and paired right away with very little fiddling and that it could charge while in use. The audio quality is excellent and I really like the sleak design. No more cable wire clutters in my car. Also very well priced. I'm happy with my purchase.


Richard G.

Verified purchase

Needed this for a road trip and didn’t want to have to get tangled in an aux cord when moving from driver’s seat to back seat when rotating drivers. It also made the car feel less cluttered. I’m not very techy but even I was able to easily use this. Great for those traveling in older vehicles without Bluetooth technology.


Denver L.

Verified purchase

This universal car bluetooth receiver is small and so easy to use. You just plug it in, turn it on, and use your phone to pair it! It literally took me 5 seconds to set up! The sound is great as long as I keep the volume on my phone down and just turn the radio volume up louder. It easily pairs with my cellphone, tablet, laptop and even my home entertainment set. I would definitely recommend this product!


Eugene P.

Verified purchase

I haven't had any issues with it randomly disconnecting or dying out. I use it for my car, so I keep it plugged in whenever I go to charge my phone, but even if I don't, it can last for hours! This is the best  universal bluetooth receiver.


Esther A.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my mom because her car is not equipped with bluetooth. It works very well. She said it picks up her signal when she is away from the car so the signal is very strong. The sound comes through the speakers just fine. I kept one for my daily jogs which is amazing, pairs perfectly with my cp and I can just clip it on my shirt.


Charles S.

Verified purchase

I got this for a friend with an old car and it works great! Easy to connect and great sound quality. I'd certainly buy it again and I'm thoroughly impressed with its shipping -- it comes as advertised and quickly, and it's better than or at least similar to other products of the type. I have no complaints.


Keith W.

Verified purchase

This universal car bluetooth receiver is really good, and I can say bye bye to the audio cable. My car is kind of old and doesn’t have Bluetooth speakers. I had to use the audio cable earlier. Now I can send the audio to car speakers without the cable through bluetooth. The sound comes through the speakers just fine. It's also very compact sized, which is a plus.

Another major function for this receiver is: It can be used on old 2.1 or 5.1 speakers which did not have bluetooth functionality but only aux input. Those speakers can now be converted to bluetooth speakers with this versatile tool.


Billy J.

Verified purchase

I love this thing!! I am always listening to music in my car and have always used an aux cord to connect my phone to my stereo. The aux cord always worked good but sometimes cords just get in the way and anything hands free is a nice! The receiver itself is very small which is great because it doesn't get in the way of any of my other buttons/etc.

Pairing the device was extremely easy. At first I thought the music sounded muffled but I realized you have to make sure you have the volume all the way up on your phone, your stereo, and on device. After I turned the volume up on the device. an all around great and inexpensive Bluetooth device! Not only is it priced very fairly it works like great. I'm very happy with this purchase.


Hazel F.

Verified purchase

I bought this to toy in my car that still has original radio with no bluetooth. I use this is my aux input and it works perfectly! The fact that I can use it on my home speakers, tv and laptop is a plus! I recommend this! 


James M.

Verified purchase

Great product and easy to use, connect etc. Great to have and avoid wired connections. This is a very useful little thing everyone should have. Perfect gift for any occassion. 


Irvin P.

Verified purchase

As advertised. Plugged in car and sync’d with phone and just like that, I have music. Highly recommend.


Stephanie Y.

Verified purchase

I really loved this product. I don't have built in Bluetooth in my car so it definitely solves the cable clutter or tangling issues. Its very responsive and connectivity is almost instant. The build quality is solid, feels less fragile and aux adapter sits snug. It seems like it never has to be charged and if it does its very quick and last long. I loved this thing so much one of my favorite devices i own. 


Dave P.

Verified purchase

Great little product. Use it in my car to listen to music and audiobooks. Takes 2 seconds to set up and the battery lasts a long time, enough for my daily use.


George B.

Verified purchase

No more cable mess in my car, bag, or home. This transmitter works exactly as advertised. Easy to connect to my phone and clear good sounding audio. I would definitely recommend this.


Maybeline E.

Verified purchase

Super easy to use, and it is working great. This one can be use while charging which makes it perfect worry free. I have not experience any lag, I am using this for my super expensive useless sony tv that has Bluetooth but does not connect with headphones or surround system when at home and in my car.

Pamela A.

Verified purchase

Great little product. Use it in my car to listen to music and audiobooks. Takes 2 seconds to set up and the battery lasts about a week of long distance driving. At least for me.