Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder

$29.90 $109.99

"I had no idea something like this exist. I just stumbled across it looking for a different lighting adapter. I just moved into a new place where the ceiling fan in the living room doesn't have a light kit. The one bulb floor lamp I have been using just didn't cut it with my Hue LED lights. But using this adapter I can use 3 bulbs instead of just one. It is just wonderful! I absolutely love it!." - Chris R., MN

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  • Turn any dull and gloomy place into a place shining with light and brightness
  • Allows you to split an E27 socket into a three-point splitter socket so you can use three bulbs at the same time and increase your light to any dim-lit areas
  • It’s an easy and inexpensive way to add more light to your workshop, garage, or any other space that needs better illumination
  • It has an E27 base and fits standard household light bulbs including LED or energy-saving bulbs
  • It’s really easy to use, no installations needed
  • Simply screw three light bulbs in the sockets and screw the main top socket to any socket outlet and it’s ready to use.


  • Size: 3.74 x 6.22 inch
  • Voltage: 110/ 220 V
  • Socket Size: E27
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White

9 Reviews

Sheina A.

Verified purchase

This just brightened my basement! I spend a lot of time in my basement as this is where I do my wood carvings. The light is just fine during the day but having this Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder is just amazing. My basement is now brighter and it's okay for me to continue working even when the sun down. 


Jessie G.

Verified purchase

One of my favorite recent purchases. Works as advertised. I have it in my dark 2 car garage and living room. Lights up my world as I hoped. Easy to install and it's sturdy so I'm sure this will be of good use for years. 


Jacob H.

Verified purchase

Such a great idea and product. After owning one of these for about a week, I ordered another. I replaced the bulb in my walk-in closet with this. This works perfect for me. My closet tends to run pretty hot during the summer and the last thing I wanted was a bulb that adds to the heat. With those new bulbs I added the link to, I have crystal clear white light that shines brighter, lasts longer, doesn't get hot, and I can direct the light as needed.


Larry F.

Verified purchase

Really nice option for a large light fixture in my office, converted from a 150 equivalent bulb (43 watt compact fluorescent) bulb to 3 x 100 watt equivalent bulb (Only 9 watts each). End result more light with a 40% reduction in electrical use. What more can I ask for? Definitely a wise buy.


Andrew U.

Verified purchase

Wonderful way to add some light to a dark area (i.e., one bulb into three). Using LED bulbs you're definitely staying under the max wattage and keeping down the heat. This also reduced my electricity bill. I'm planning on getting another one for my kitchen.


Amber C.

Verified purchase

Needed to add more light to my attic. This was perfect as I was able to go to 3 bulbs in 1 socket. I put in 3 new LED bulbs in the socket splitter/converter and WOW, what a increase in light/lumens. A fairly inexpensive conversion with a big reward!


Benjie A.

Verified purchase

We switched from traditional bulbs to LEDs but have an older house with few ceiling fixtures. We had an unfinished space with single ceiling sockets and I wanted to add light. These have been perfect. Our room is much brighter and these were an affordable and instant update.


Nancy P.

Verified purchase

Better looking than my 1 uncovered bare bulb while providing excellent light. Better than I expected! I installed at the top of my basement stairs. I didn't want to stand on a ladder (fear of falling, tiny 4x4 foot landing) while installing a new wired lighting fixture; or dropping glass globe. This product installed as quick and simple as installing a light bulb! No electrical or mechanical knowledge required. To make it easier, I installed the bulbs before installing into the ceiling outlet. Additionally, I used 50 watt floodlight style bulbs which added some style. So much better than my prior 1 light bulb cheapo ugly fixture.


Cheryl D.

Verified purchase

This great 3-in-1 light socket splitter is awesome.. Thank you ! I love the design and installed it in the garage ceiling where they put just 1 bulb socket, and now I have 3 60w LED bulbs up there giving me much,, much, more light than before. I can see how this socket splitter can really come in handy, and will be purchasing more.