Universal Car Steering Wheel Spinner

$29.90 $109.99

"My wife suffers from MS and I have multiple health issues that make steering difficult for both of us at times. The gripping surface is textured and rubberised making for a very secure and comfortable feel. The bearings are very smooth and operate with very little resistance. The look is very straightforward yet appealing without the hot rod look that is so common in most steering knobs. I really am very happy with this particular steering knob and wish it had been the first I ever bought. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is in need of such a device, and if we ever need another steering knob I will definitely purchase this again." - Martin N., TX

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  • Gives you the power and ability to pull of some really tight car moves
  • Constructed out of premium quality ABS to ensure maximum strength and durability for prolonged product life 
  • Makes a great gift for beginners or people struggling with arthritis, muscle problem, carpal tunnel syndrome, low muscle tone, and the likes. The Spinner is useful for any car owner as well
  • This steering wheel spinner eases single hand steering by increasing the torque of the steering wheel. This allows smoother turns, especially U-turns, faster parking, safer lane merging and in general handling tight spots


  • Dimensions: 3.35 x 2.95 x 2.56 inch

9 Reviews

Alex R.

Verified purchase

This product is made very sturdy for the price you pay and is much better than I originally expected. The clamp portion does not feel flimsy in the slightest, it feels strong enough to handle the every day use this is designed for. The rubber "spacers" or inserts are two different thicknesses. This will allow you to choose one or the other to mount appropriately to your application.

The mounting hardware, or screw/washer in this case is a nice size, as big as any of the more important bolts on my motorcycle's handlebar, now the grade of metal is unknown. The washer is a lock washer designed to fit into the back of the clamp to keep a secure fit; time will tell if this holds up. The knob itself feels great, it has a very soft but firm touch to it, and the grip is outstanding. The rotation acts freely and I was surprised at how well it felt, again due to the price of the item. I feel comfortable using this product on the street as well as off-road 4x4 which was the main reason for the purchase.


Danielle A.

Verified purchase

Got this today and so far I love it. It's not hard to figure out how to install. If you are ordering this I'm sure you know how to use and install it. Looks really good and feels really good. Spins in your hand with zero noise and has very little drag whatsoever. Feels really well made. I drive 6-8 hours a day in my car and this made the work day much easier for me today. I recommend this! 


Peter I.

Verified purchase

I do a lot of driving that requires me to use just one hand, I have to hold an object in the other hand. (No it does not take my attention from the road) This knob makes it so much easier to turn corners and move in and out of sites with relative ease. I used one of these many years ago while driving a friends car, he only had the use of one arm, and it stuck with me. When I ran into the situation of having to turn many times a day and only haveing the use of one hand this came to mind.

Easy to install, just a few minutes, and off I went. It has worked like a charm, and I now know that I love having this even when I am not using it for the purpose I purchased it. It just makes driving that much easier. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a better driving experience.


John D.

Verified purchase

My physical therapist recommended I try using a knob to assist me with driving with my arthritic hands. I find this to be the best solution.

The shape of the knob fits well against the palm of my hand, and does not strain my fingers during gripping. The materials of the knob makes for a very sure and firm grip with my hands. Installation was very simple and straightforward – a good thing. The assortment of washers made the attachment clamp compatible with the steering wheel in my car as well as my truck, and attached so securely that there is still absolutely no wobble or slip even after months of daily use. This has brought the joy of driving back for me and helped me overcome the limited use of my hands and my one arm.

I have recommended this particular model to friends and family, my physical therapist, and I would give this 10 stars if I could! 


Randy C.

Verified purchase

I've had it for aw hile now, and pretty much use it daily on the job. Quick to attach, and quick release & stow away.  After I got it and saw how well it was made, I was relieved. I've used it, tightened it down significantly and it holds up.

If you drive a vehicle for a living, but maybe not the same vehicle everyday & need something that is removable, I recommend this one very highly.


Anderson L.

Verified purchase

I can't get enough of this knob works really good I just kept repeating to my brother in the car how good this knob works while I was driving. I was able to control the truck a whole lot better than without it. Works awesome. I thank you very much for this product, I recommend it to everyone. It is easy to install and take off when I need to transfer to a different car. I had no problem with it scrapping me or tearing into my jeans, it was in no way bothersome.


Norman Y.

Verified purchase

I wanted a spinner wheel to help me drive after shoulder surgery. It arrived on time and was easy to install. A pad is provided for smaller steering wheels and it made the spinner fit snugly and securely. Installation was easy and fast. A socket wrench works well since you are doing it upside down. It takes practice to get good at using it but it very definitely performs its function well.


Larry B.

Verified purchase

This was super easy to install and serves my purpose just as I had hoped.  My work takes me down narrow many dead end roads with very little turn around room. This wheel spinner makes the turning maneuvers much easier with much less effort. This is really a great help.


Amanda R.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my father. He has problems with his left shoulder, making driving difficult at times. Not knowing I had ordered this for him, he went to a local auto store and bought one himself.

When this Universal Car Steering Wheel Spinner arrived he switched them out immediately. He is much happier with this one, says it is just a better product. He drives a Chevy HHR, which has a thicker steering wheel. He had already bought a longer bolt for the other one, so he may have used that. He is very, very happy, therefore so am I. Thank you, great product!