Car Trash Can

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"I came across this and was like YES I should get that because I hate the small amounts of trash that accumulate in my car. I didn't realize how nifty this simple gadget would be until after purchasing it! It works GREAT in my cup holder and no one notices it's there! I will always have one in my car now for those receipts and straw wrappers guests seem to always leave around." - Robert T., NC

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  • The trash bins take up a minimal amount of space yet gives you full garbage capacity, without taking up all your legroom
  • You can store it in between the seats, in the trunk, in a cup holder, center console, the door or wherever you prefer
  • Car Trash Can was designed to be the perfect size to fit every type of car
  • Resists crushing, abrasion and it is also split-proof
  • Also can be used as a storage bin for toys, pens or whatever else you want to put inside


  • Dimensions: 3.94 inch (100 mm) x 8.27 inch (210 mm)

11 Reviews

Lucy R.

Verified purchase

I needed a small trash can for my car. I found that if I had a larger trash can, I would take forever to empty it. This is absolutely perfect. The push top is spring loaded, so it closes back up. I put in a small bag to keep the inside clean and the lid still fit nice and tight. Absolutely perfect for keeping your car clean.


Connor M.

Verified purchase

This little trash can is great. I have a career where I usually everyday work with someone who rides in the passenger and instead of leaving wrappers or any kind of trash on the floor or drink holders they can put it in these mini trash cans and when they are full you can pop the top off and get rid of the trash in the proper place. Excellent! Just what I needed!


Kevin G.

Verified purchase

This little trash can is terrific to give you a place to dispose of those little pieces of paper you always end up with... Receipts, parking tickets, gum wrappers, whatever you happen to find in your pockets, and when it's full just pop the top and empty it in the trash when you fill up with gas. Love this thing.


Stella O.

Verified purchase

This is perfect for slipping those little tidpits of trash into, like straw wrappers, tissues, etc. What a great idea-I love it. Fits perfectly in all of our vehicles cup holders. Great!


Emily M.

Verified purchase

These little trash cans are awesome to put in your vehicle. I have bought one for each of ours and also bought several for gifts. Everyone loves them. If they fall over, they are secure and nothing tumbles out. Love them!


Eric P.

Verified purchase

I have had this product for almost a month now and it has been incredibly useful. It actually holds a lot of trash. I mostly use it for receipts or napkins, so I do not use it as a food trash can, but rather as a recycling trash can. Therefore, cleaning is very easy. I recommend this product to everyone.


Taylor L.

Verified purchase

LOVE, it was like it was made to go in my car. I worried it wouldn’t fit but I am happy to report it fits absolutely perfectly. I was able to fill it with like 4 baby wipes, 2 tissues, straw wrappers, plastic packaging of a small toy & like a receipt. So i feel like that’s a good amount. I just empty it at my mail box every like 2 days or so & it’s easy! 


Allison H.

Verified purchase

Small enough to fit in a cup holder or in the side of the car. It is nice to have, not too big but big enough for small trash items that get all over your car when you have kids. I bought a second one as well. Recommended!


Ethan R.

Verified purchase

This is super handy for someone who eats in their car a lot. I have a long commute to work and I usually dont bring lunches. So my car gets pretty cluttered with receipts that I forget to throw away. I now just have to remember to empty it. Liked it enough to buy a second one for my brother.


Michael O.

Verified purchase

I love this little garbage can. I place mine in the cup holder in the door so I still have plenty of space in the console. This is great for little trash pieces like gum and straw wrappers and receipts. I just dump it whenever I fill up my tank. Great!


Emma K.

Verified purchase

It’s ridiculous how much I love this! The push part is on a spring so it stays closed when you aren’t pushing it, and of course it perfectly fits in the cup holder of our vehicles. I'm happy!