Buy One And Get One Free: Car Wash Mop

$49.90 $189.99

"The best tool. Makes washing the car doable for me. Nice long handle so I can actually reach the top of the car and across the windshield. Lightweight so kids can use it too. Soft-it cleans and doesn’t scratch the car. Nice that the mopping cover can be washed. Awesome product." - Jeremy W., MI

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ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO units for the price of $49.90.


  • This Car Wash Mop is soft and plush, it is designed to lift off dirt and grime off various surfaces
  • The mop has a telescopic handle and its head can be rotated for quick and easy cleaning
  • Easily disassemble the mop and use it as a mitt to clean the interior of the car
  • Not only can this lightweight aluminum handle design extends but also offers an easy 180-degree cleaning angle
  • Microfiber noodles are ideal for washing and cleaning, they remove all road dirt, dust, and oil
  • Car Wash Mop is extra plush, absorbent, exceptionally soft, lint-free and scratch-free
  • Suitable for cleaning cars, glass, floors, bathrooms, furniture, kitchen, and so on


  • Length: 20 inch - 41.3 inch (510 mm - 1050 mm)

We will send you 2x Car Wash Mops for the price of one!

11 Reviews

Steven H.

Verified purchase

I am absolutely thrilled with this wash mop. The handle is made out of rigid aluminum alloy. The sections fit together tightly and lock securely in place. The mop stays on the frame securely and without any issues. The mop itself is very soft, thick and holds a lot of soapy water as it gently glides over the surface. This makes reaching the top of the car, the entire windshield and the hood easy. Great!


Rachel P.

Verified purchase

My son makes money by washing our cars. He said this made his job much easier. He loves the adjustable extension pole so he doesn’t need to stand on a stool. Thanks!


Brian A.

Verified purchase

I wish I knew this existed before...I can finally wash the roof of my car without needing to open the door and step on the inside!! I like that it’s adjustable with two lengths, and I can detach the tubes to use as a mitt to wipe the interior of my car. This mop is super absorbent and it leaves my car lint and streak free. It’s also soft, easy to clean, and dries pretty fast!


Colin B.

Verified purchase

This is the best ever! This mop works very well on my car. I can easily use it to reach the hood,windshield and top. Also I love this because it doesn’t flop over and stays in position and is easy to work with. Overall this is an awesome mop!


Molly G.

Verified purchase

I use this to wash my mid size car weekly. It makes washing very pleasant and fast. Just a handful of swipes across the roof without getting myself against the car to reach. Swiping the sides is easy too. Holds suds. Rinses clean. Great car washing tool!


Angelina J.

Verified purchase

I bought this mop mitt with the long handle to wash my SUV so I wouldn't have to work from a ladder. The pole is the right length and the mitts do a good job. I machine wash them after each use and so far they are holding up well.


Eric V.

Verified purchase

This has been the best long handle car wash tool I have ever owned. It made washing my car so easy and not back breaking like using a bucket and hand cloth. I was able to reach across the top of my car without a step stool. It cleans incredibly well. I highly recommend it.


Maria N.

Verified purchase

This car wash mob works great! It has two features: you can use the mitt to clean the areas you can reach or use the handle to clean the areas you can’t reach. Most importantly, for me, I don’t have to use the stools to clean the car roof. It works very great and cleans the car very well!


Oscar L.

Verified purchase

Perfect for those hard to reach areas on the top of cars and perfect tool for cleaning home. Don't have to use a ladder any longer. Microfiber is super soft and don't have to worry about scratching the car any longer. Love it!


Gracie N.

Verified purchase

I absolutely love this product. I always go to the car wash place to wash my cars, but this mop saves me a lot of time and money. The good thing about it is it’s very easy to clean and great quality. It’s very long, easy to assemble, and it’s thick, doesn’t leave any scratches behind. Keep my car nice and clean every time I wash it!


Cristian O.

Verified purchase

This seems well made, soft & enables me to reach across the car top without a ladder or use as a hand held mop for up close cleaning. It is exactly what I had hoped it would be. Great!