Premium Insect Catcher

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"A very kind soul thought of this product OR someone who was terrified of spiders LOL! Either way, it works great and does not kill the bug when you grab it! Way better idea that what I was currently doing with a cup and piece of paper. The spider actually gets stuck and cannot move until you release. Great invention!!!" - Kim S., CA

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  • Personal bug, spider and insect trap
  • Safely catch and remove: Spiders, Roaches, Scorpions, Flies, Crickets, Stink Bugs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Bees, Moths and more
  • Patented design keeps you and the insect safe – no direct contact with the bug and no mess
  • 100% eco-friendly and chemical-free
  • Easy to use for children, parents, and grandparents alike


  • Dimensions: 24 x 5 x 2 inch
  • Weight: 6.1 oz

12 Reviews

Carol B.

Verified purchase


GOT 'EM !! 2 days after I received my Insect Catcher I pressed it into action to catch a praying mantis. Now, I know most people LOVE praying mantis' - but not us! They kill hummingbirds and we have a Hummingbird-Friendly yard! You cannot engage in hand-to-hand combat with a praying mantis because they are MADE OF STEEL. Since they lay in wait on the hummingbird feeder and in the vine on our courtyard wall where our pet hummingbird hangs, I NEEDED something for them (well, and truth be known, something for spiders too!). So this morning a mantis JUMPED ON MY FACE - and after I screamed - I calmly got my Insect Catcher and roped him, and released him down the hill. He's happy, I'm happy (at least until he comes back.) BEST GIFT IDEA EVER!!!


Richard K.

Verified purchase

I had to write this review. Insect Catcher arrived today and after opening it and checking it over I got to use it immediately! A stink bug was in between my window and screen, so I opened the window and put my 'catcher' to use. After a little 'chasing' of the bug to prevent it from getting into a hiding spot, I nabbed it! I CAN'T BELIVE HOW WELL THIS ITEM WORKS!!! I almost bought one of the electric versions for lots more money, but when I saw this item at this price, I figured I'd try it out. NOT SORRY! I'm considering buying another one as a backup! FANTASTIC IDEA THAT REALLY WORKS!

Update 09/10/18: Had to add this to my review. Got two spiders off the wall with the greatest of ease! FIVE STAR PRODUCT FOR SURE!!!


Harry W.

Verified purchase

I have great difficulty killing any living creature (with the exception of mosquitoes and bald face hornets.) My removal technique has always involved coaxing the critter into a plastic container so I can release them outside. Now that I have "Insect Catcher" removal of the crawlies has never been easier! Thank you for providing a simple, quick, and fun way of removing insects and arachnids from my home. I love it and highly recommend Insect Catcher to anyone!


Nick D.

Verified purchase

Love it! Just now tested it on a spider I found in my bathroom. Caught and safely released outside! Also used it on a June bug a few days ago and it worked great then!


Kim S.

Verified purchase

A very kind soul thought of this product OR someone who was terrified of spiders LOL! Either way, it works great and does not kill the bug when you grab it! Way better idea that what I was currently doing with a cup and piece of paper. The spider actually gets stuck and cannot move until you release. Great invention!!!


Madeline E.

Verified purchase

This think ROCKS! I am very skittish about bugs and this is a quick and easy way to remove them from my home without killing them! YAY! I've used it for spiders (small and big) and even small wasps - super super easy!


Kathy D.

Verified purchase

I love this product! I've "rescued" so many bugs and released them outside. It is soooo easy. My only complaint is that "cover" when not in use does not stay on, but that's it. It's amazing! No more squeals when I see a bug!!


Celeste W.

Verified purchase

This thing surpassed my greatest expectations! It is easy to use, holds spiders very securely, and makes releasing them a breeze! It has enough reach to catch a spider on the ceiling (and I'm 5'4", so I don't have much reach to begin with). No worrying about having to get up close to catch a spider with a cup or risking marks on stuff if I smash a spider. And for that matter, no more feeling horrible about killing an innocent bug because I no longer feel like I have to resort to that. One day I hope to have one for every floor of my house! This should be a staple for every home.


Heather P.

Verified purchase

Insect Catcher is a super-helpful product to have around. I also bought one for my mom and mother-in-law and they like it too. It’s an easy way to pick up bugs without getting scary-close to them and you can transport them outside where they belong without hurting them. I also love that it comes in green, my favorite color! Perfect!


Lauren N.

Verified purchase

If you're hesitating to get this imagine being in a hurry, and just about to shower. Then a fairly big spider is right there at your feet in the tub (to me anything over a size of a dime is big because I'm afraid of spiders) if I wouldn't have had this I would have had at least 10 minutes of messing around. (Getting dressed quick since I'm not messing with a spider naked, trying to scoop it up with a dust pan-which takes awhile-screaming and trying to get my composure back when they jump or scurry, getting my boyfriend to come in and do it. This all takes time and when you’re already in a hurry that can be a tremendous pain. I will not kill a spider either by the way. So this morning I'm taking the time to review because I have time to-because of this little beauty I safely and extremely quickly put the spider outside unharmed-put the handle out the side of deck since it's handle is long enough to do so-squeezed the trigger/opened the bristles and the spider dropped to the ground. Then I was showering instantly no hassle! It works the way it says and I love it! Would recommend to anyone and especially to people who don't want to kill spiders and are afraid of them!

UPDATE: May 2018 - I wanted to add another piece of info-This works perfectly if you get a bee or hornet/wasp in your house or screened in porch! A couple times so far this year I was able to catch bees in mid flight easily and effortlessly. I was really afraid I’d hurt their wings but they must be so gentle the bristles that I open it up and they fly away no problems or issues. Super handy! So far so good-this thing still works great, and every time I’ve had to use it, it has worked perfectly. It really has given me peace of mind, and more confidence even just THE IDEA of having to remove a spider knowing I have a tool to do it without getting close without relying on someone else has been great.


Robert V.

Verified purchase

Purchased this for my wife for Mother's Day. Normally her, or my kids for that matter, would just pick up the spiders and move them outside. Which is kinda worrisome for me living in black widow territory. I have no problems with spiders either, but I worry my 6 year old is a little TOO friendly. Anyway, this has been a great tool for us already. It works well, doesn't harm the spiders, and it keeps little hands away from venomous fangs.
I am sure it will be used about every day in our house.


Becky M.

Verified purchase

This is one of the greatest inventions of all time. When my husband came home and asked me what it was and I told him, he laughed at me. He said that I got ripped off. But then he watched me use it to catch and release a fly. Then a spider. Then he used it to catch a spider. Then I used it on a stink bug. How did I ever live without this thing?!