Litter Locker Cat Mat

$79.90 $199.99

"This is an excellent cat mat! You'll notice that it's made of high quality material just by looking at it and the more that it amazed me when I inspected every part of it. The design is just genius. I'm sure that this company really loves cats because they know the struggle cat lovers go through everyday and presented this amazing solution. This has made my daily life easy. It's so good at keeping most of the litter contained. I also love that it's water resistant." - Abegail G., MS

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  • BPA-free, odor-resistant material
  • Easy open and fold for quick cleaning
  • Non-slip back to ensure that the mat stays where you put it
  • Arched cut end that allows the mat to slide under the majority of litterboxes on the market
  • Constantly collects scattered cat litter and the mat's soft bumps design prevents litter tracking
  • Honeycomb upper surface filter structure that allows the litter to fall through the holes into the double layer mat
  • Highly durable bottom layer backing that won't tear or crack when shaken or washed
  • Waterproof bottom layer 


  • Dimensions: 21.65 x 27.56 inch
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Elastic EVA

14 Reviews

Camila A.

Verified purchase

This is the best mat I have ever bought for annoying kitty litter issues. I have tried many mats so the kitty litter isn't tracked all over the house nothing worked!! I tried this and it is awesome no more kitty litter all over the hallway. I use to have to vacuum everyday now I take the mat and dump it back in the litter box. Honestly this is the best mat I have found and for some reason my cat loves to lay on it too!!


Karen S.

Verified purchase

By far, the best cat litter mat I've ever owned. It actually helps lessen the traveling litter as I like to call it. And it's super easy to simply pick up and dump the excess litter that it catches back into the litter box. I would definitely recommend this mat to other cat mommies out there.


Evelyn W.

Verified purchase

I’ll cut to the chase. BEST. LITTER MAT. EVER! This truly is a miracle mat.  I’ll never use another. I used to sweep multiple times a day, all over the house. I rarely sweep litter at all anymore. If you have cats make your life easy by getting this SUPER AMAZING MAT.


James M.

Verified purchase

This is literally amazing. It is a lot bigger than I anticipated which is  perfectl! It's so good at trapping the litter that would normally go everywhere. Its non slip material ensures that it stays where I put it! Best one so far! 


Violet H.

Verified purchase

This litter cat mat is great. With 2 cats using their boxes I always had litter all over the floor and now this catches most of it. Easy to use and clean. 


Nick E.

Verified purchase

Works like a charm! We have been using this product for a couple weeks so far and I am happy that it works as promised. It's so good at colleting litter and catching liquid. My floor is now protected. It's also easy to clean.


Helen P.

Verified purchase

We have a CH kitty (mild) who loves to dig in the litter. We tried several mats from the cat supply stores, but the messes weren't helped. My sister found this neat mat on line and we ended up trying one. It sure worked miracles. No more messy floors and I can wash it up in the bath tub or simply vacuum it. Bought another one because I'm planning to adopt another cat.  


Madeline S.

Verified purchase

Amazing product! Catches almost all litter my cats kick out of the bin. Keeps the floors urine free too! The cleaning process is so simple. It's made of high quality material so I'm sure I'm gonna be using this for a long time. Definitely a money saver.


Phill G.

Verified purchase

This works perfectly to help contain the fine crystal clumping litter from going everywhere. I used to have huge sandy mess every day even after vacuuming, as one of my cats-Violet would spread litter everywhere and it's really a mess when Violet uses the stairs. I no longer have this problem because this mat works!


Linda D.

Verified purchase

The honeycomb design is really amazing! One-step cleaning -- cat litter is trapped inside of the mat and held there until you just pour it back into the litter box on cleaning day. The 2-layer structure of the mat creates a large pocket, with one opening to pour out the litter. It also traps liquids(urine), therefore, preventing urine stains. Very satisfied!


Marlene L.

Verified purchase

This is the only cat litter mat I'll ever recommend. It's made of high quality material that even my cat's claws or cleaning soaps can't damage it. And unlike other cat litter mats, this one has unique 3D bumps that trap and clean litter from the cat's paws, preventing litter scatters outside of the mat. The 3D bumps also make for a soft step for kitties, so that they do not mind walking on it. I JUST LOVE THIS!


Amanda K.

Verified purchase

Wise investment! I got this for my sister who is a Crazy-cat-lady. After two days of using it, she called me and said that she is in love with this mat because it has made her life easy. She said she also wants to make some of her cat lover friends happy the way that I did so she asked  where she could order a few. I gave your website, I'm sure she will be ordering soon. 


Stella O.

Verified purchase

Absolutely awesome! I have hardwood floors upstairs and this mat is good at doing it's job, protecting my floor from urine  stains. Before I bought it I already know that it's great but I honestly am still surprised at how great it works! I recommend this to all cat lovers. 


Betty M.

Verified purchase

My lovely cat Misty obviously loves this mat. We've had this for a few months and I can say that 1. The material of this product is great-I'm sure it will last a loooooooooooong time. 2. It does it's job-keeping the cat litter trapped 3. So easy to clean - I can wash or vacuum it. I'm a satisfied customer!