Catnip Silicone Fish

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"This is awesome! Not only does it look cute but our cat went absolutely nuts over it and loves it to bits (he fell asleep next to the one we gave him after his catnip high). He was biting and clawing and it seems pretty durable. Highly recommend these! More as a treat for you too so you can watch your cat go crazy abut this fish." - Aiden R., WI

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  • Cats can play with this toy and at the same time, it will clean their teeth
  • It will effectively clean cat's teeth, reduce the possibility of the abrasion of their teeth and keep their dental health
  • Silicone nubs and nodes leave them with clean teeth and healthy gums as they chew on
  • Cats will play with it constantly under the stimulation of catnip
  • Catnip has a strong, aromatic fragrance that cheers up your cats and they can hardly tear themselves away from it
  • Easy to clean - just wash under tap water then dry with cloth or tissue


  • Dimensions: 6.7 inch (170 mm) x 1 inch (25 mm)

12 Reviews

Katherine M.

Verified purchase

My kittens LOVE playing with these and watching each other play with them as well. It's hard to keep 3 kittens entertained, so I am grateful for toys like these, esp since they won't roll under furniture like balls do. Good quality, refillable catnip bags, easy to fill. Great!


Amelia T.

Verified purchase

I have bought many of these for my kitties and gifts for others. Once the package came, I opened it with two of my four cats all over the inside packet with the fish in it. After getting the fishes out, I had all four cats watching. They were rolling on them and hugging them. I laughed my head off. The fish toys are such a good size for adult cats, plus they are slightly fuzzy. These are awesome since you CAN REFILL all of them! That’s super! Great kicker toys!


Camila P.

Verified purchase

My cat went mental when I gave him one of these ! He loved it so much he was drooling all over it and then was very calm and cuddly before taking a nap, great to use if your cat can be a little restless like mine. Refreshed them in catnip to keep interest going. We love this toy!


Claire D.

Verified purchase

They're cute and my cat is having a ton of fun playing with these.Excellent for my cat, she doesn't really like having her teeth cleaned but they are very easy to use and she is a happy cat who now enjoys having her teeth clean. Cute toy!


Henry O.

Verified purchase

I bought it as a gift for our cat as she had stopped playing with the toys she had (thinking she was bored). As soon as I got the fish out of the packaging she was going crazy!! She was throwing it in the air, dragging it around, chasing with it in her mouth!! She was having a great time!! It has been lovely to watch her play again!! They are amazing quality and the style of beautiful!! The fish look great and my cat is very happy. I love that it has catnip in!


Kimberly H.

Verified purchase

I like the shape and texture of these - plus the ease of replacing the catnip packets. They captured my cats' attention right away, and they love playing with them. I would recommend this product.


Linda F.

Verified purchase

My cats was going nuts as soon as I opened the packaging, as he could smell the cat nip. He’s only had it a few days but he loves it, he’s not a gentle cat and it has withstood his play so far. Great toy!


Tammy A.

Verified purchase

Cat magnet! Good fun, I buy different toys and put them away as my cat isn't really intrested. The catnip smell seems strong and I tie a string sometimes to add extra play themes. Really impressed with this toy. Cat loved it.


Molly K.

Verified purchase

My Cat absolutely loves her new toys and they look great! I come home from work to find them scattered all over my house! My Cat has thrown, scratched, bitten and chewed each and every one of the toys but they are still going strong! Glad that I bought a few for her!


Naomi C.

Verified purchase

My cat loves this toy. Often hear her chasing around at night throwing it up in the air and running around. So glad I bought it. Wow she is like a kitten again. She is 8. Still young.


Diego B.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my cat and my in laws cats. Wrapped them up under the xmas tree and my cat almost destroyed the tree trying to get to them. Was funny! 5 stars though as my cat still loves his.


Ruby K.

Verified purchase

My cat is in love with her new toy. She rolls around the floor and hides it under underneath a throw rug. The fish underbelly slot holds up to her rigorous play, the catnip stays in. Great!