Center Marking Tool

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"I never thought I'd find this so useful. In just the past few weeks I've used this to quickly draw a center line on a few boards. Excellent tool! Perfect line every time." - Harry K., GA

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  • A simple device that makes it quick and easy to do two common wood tasks: Drawing centerlines on the edges of boards and drawing offsets parallel to the edge of a board
  • Our Center Marking Tool hugs your wood to make an accurately centered line
  • You can also use notches to mark offset lines from 1/16'' to 1/2'' from the edge in 1/16'' increments
  • Integral magnet allows easy storage on ferrous metal surfaces and it can hold standard wooden pencils
  • Just insert your pencil into the center hole, rotate the tool, then scribe
  • Center hole holds a pencil in a perfectly centered position as you scribe your line
  • Center Marking Tool can be used for woodworking, gypsum work, construction, and measuring works, etc


  • Dimensions: 3.9 inch (100 mm) x 1.9 inch (50 mm) x 2.3 inch (58 mm)

10 Reviews

Samuel D.

Verified purchase

Finally, I have a tool that makes it easy to find the center of my boards. Great for marking where hinges will be placed, where I need to place the router, and many other tasks. A perfect solution to an annoying problem. Great!


Taylor M.

Verified purchase

A nifty little item to have in the woodshop. I think the simple design would be easy to replicate in walnut or oak, something nice to give to your wood working friends. Very useful!


Randy B.

Verified purchase

A very good product that I know will get used over and over again. It will definitely save my time. Thank you! I'm very pleased.


Kevin O.

Verified purchase

A very clever design. My new favorite center finder. Small and well constructed. Tight fit on pencil. A handy little gadget. Very usefull for any woodworkers! 


Robert B.

Verified purchase

What can I say? This is a simple tool and it's very handy. I highly recommend this product is it makes finding the center incredibly easy! Nice!


Violet N.

Verified purchase

Love the magnet, center find and extra features. I think it says center line is under 2 inches but I’ve used this on guitar necks that are 2 -2 1/2 and seems to still be centered. This is a overall handy tool. Great for woodworking!


Eric A.

Verified purchase

This is a simple measuring device/jig. Everyone should one of these or similar. For years I would hack something together from scrap when I needed something like this. The length is just about perfect. Sure you have a couple of inches that you can't mark with it but you can easily cover that with a 6" rule or similar straight edge. The addition of the 1/16" increment marking guide is a plus as is the magnet to hold the tool to a metal surface as well as the builtin pencil storage.


Lorie C.

Verified purchase

Great little tool. This is one of those tools that makes you wonder how you got along without it after you have it. It's a must have for woodworkers.


Megan N.

Verified purchase

I bought this product for what it is made for. Mainly for wood working. This will become one of my favorite tools. I can't wait to use it on some projects. Excellent product!


Patrick A.

Verified purchase

I'm a woodworker. I use this tool all the time, especially when I need to get tiny measurements. It's great for trim and many other things. I had no idea it would be so useful. Very happy!