Pocket Chainsaw

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"This thing rips through trees like butter. I took it on a two night backpacking trip through a section of the Colorado Trail. This time of year there are generally some trees that fall over the trail with our late season snow weighing down the newly leafed trees. Stopped at the first one that had a 4-5" trunk and thought I'd give it a shot. Under a minute and a nice clean cut below the tree break and moved the tree off the trail. Cleared several trees over the next few days. Tough tool, easy to use." - Thomas K., CO

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  • Bi-directional blades cut deep into the wood every time you push and pull, reducing your cutting time by 50% so you can spend less time cutting and more time admiring your stockpile
  • The blades on this pocket chainsaw are made from the exact same razor-sharp steel you'd find on a $400 chainsaw
  • The blade wraps around any tree and cuts three sides at once, as opposed to regular chainsaws that only cut one side
  • The Pocket Chainsaw has no motor, which makes it easy for anyone to control. It works especially well for the elderly because they don't have to struggle against a powerful motor the entire time, saving their energy to relax with family around the campfire
  • Self-cleaning teeth keep the blades sharp so you can use it repeatedly without worrying about debris buildup


19 Reviews

James E.

Verified purchase

Just used this on a camping trip. Cuts through wood very quickly. I was really surprised at how easily it will ripped through 3-4 inch diameter branches. The chain is not as wide as a regular chainsaw chain, but it seems fairly tough and durable. I cut quite a few branches with it, and it shows no signs of wear or breaking. A great addition to my camping gear!


Robert D.

Verified purchase

I have several trees which are six inches in diameter and needed to be cut down. A handsaw wouldn't work because the trees are lined up against my neighbor's brick wall, which makes cutting it at an angle very difficult. I decided a pocket chainsaw was the right tool for the job.

After using it for the past three weeks, it did a very effective job at chopping down the trees. The cuts were clean and precise. Even the ones which were old and decaying, this tool was able to cut it down. I also found it easy to clean as all I needed was ammonia and a cleaning brush to clean the chainsaw.


Bryan G.

Verified purchase

This thing is a camping must have. It's lightweight, compact, and can make quick work of a small to medium sized tree or branch. I use it mostly on 8" diameter or smaller sections of dry wood. One piece of advice is to let the chain do the work. Pull on one side then allow that side to go completely slack as you pull from the other. Then go back and forth. When you allow the chain to go slack, simply support it in the air with zero tension. Your looking to pull the chain fast not "hard" if that makes sense. Speed will cut the tree faster. 


Michael T.

Verified purchase

I just used this to cut some two 3.5 inch branches sprouting out in opposite directions. So I needed to cut the side the tree was tilting to, to rebalance the tree and encourage it to grow straight again. The chain works well, even on green live branches. I recommend this item.


Alex O.

Verified purchase

I immediately used this after receiving it. Worked well, got a few branches taken cared of in just a few minutes. The handle design is great. I'll bring this with me when we go on a campaing trip this summer, I'm sure this will make wood/branch cutting simpler and easier.


Richard T.

Verified purchase

Excellent tool to own. I bought this for an extended backpacking trip with my wife since she likes her campfires. I tried it out when I first got it, cutting some 2" - 3" diameter branches from my trees. It sawed through them beautifully and without hesitation. On the backpacking trip, I found some dead trees that were still standing and they were no match for this little chainsaw. I cut through a 6"-7" diameter tree, in about 6 minutes. That was with breaks because my arms were getting tired lol. So far I've made about 30 cuts with it and its still fairly sharp. I would highly recommend buying this tool and keeping it in your pack or in the house or your glove box.


Justine S.

Verified purchase

As soon as I unpacked this I was desperately thinking of an excuse to cut something in two with this Pocket Chainsaw.

After using this, I can tell that this is The Real Deal. So I went to work on a tree in our garden that we are cutting down and selected a solid branch of about 5" in diameter. The by far easiest way to cut is to sling the chain over the branch and pulling the two handles from the same side, even though this creates a good amount of friction. But this thing cuts impressively, and I had the branch down in about a minute. It would have taken longer time with a small axe!


Sam W.

Verified purchase

I ordered this pocket chainsaw for my emergency kit, but I think I will have to order another one for the kit because I like it too much and already find myself using it. I tested it on some branches for firewood. I was amazed at how quickly I could got all the firewoods needed. I am also glad that I could give it to my teen to cut branches/tree debris (There was no way I was giving my teen the gas powered chainsaw) I am very happy with it.


Olivia H.

Verified purchase

This is a great little saw, and unlike those cheap wire/cable saws, this actually cuts wood. It can be used to cut up bigger logs. Of course, the log has to be off the ground a bit already or you have to prop it up first. The teeth are quite aggressive, so you're not going to get a perfectly smooth cut, but it certainly works quickly. 


Henry C.

Verified purchase

Got this to cut down some branches in my father's backyard. I 've read a lot of positive reviews and yet was surprised at how easily it cuts through woods. The handle design makes it easy to grip and move the chainsaw. I can also say that it's tough because I've already used it several times for the past months and it still works great! A wise investment!


Bianca N.

Verified purchase

I let my dad borrow it for a 50 mile backpacking trip. He said it worked great for all their firewood cutting. No one else with him had anything like it, so it was a real lifesaver. I let him keep it instead since he likes it very much and I ordered 4 so I can also give 1 to my brother, and the other 2 to my sisters. We all love to go on hiking and camping trips so this is very handy.


Gary V.

Verified purchase

Great saw! Its basically a chainsaw chain without the link separator for the chainsaw bar, so this is thinner than you will expect which is a good thing. Construction is good, it is very light and very effective. I use real chain lubricant made for  chainsaws after cleaning it. Add a small brush to the pouch to get the wood particles out of the links and put the saw in a sandwich baggie to keep the grease off the pouch.


Mark I.

Verified purchase

Awesome wood cutter. I got to cut a few branches that are 2"-6" in diameter easily and quickly. This is a very simple product that does an amazing job. My wife also tried to use this and she was so happy at how it easily cuts through woods. Every household should have this.


Carlos F.

Verified purchase

These things are great for trimming high branches without getting the ladder and motorized chainsaw out. I just wrap this around the branch that I want to cut and hold both ends then put it side to side. Sure beats paying 500 bucks every time you need branches trimmed that are out of reach.


Bradley H.

Verified purchase

We used this little pocket chainsaw on a few logs, trees, and limbs. We were not let down. We quickly(my friend and I would grab a handle and pull back and forth)made short work of anything we started cutting. The biggest tree we took was around 6" depth, took us maybe a minute to cut through(this was a live tree). The biggest log we took was around 8", we each stood on a side of the log, and pulled respectively, the log was split quickly no joke.

This product is a keeper, we will be ordering more. I can't stress how well this product is made and constructed for the price, its really a steal.


Charles A.

Verified purchase

When I opened the package the first thing I thought to myself was "it's a lot smaller than the chain on my chainsaw". This morning I attacked a viney maple that was growing by my gate. It was approximately 2.5" in diameter. Having never used a saw like this I was able to remove the tree in about 90 seconds! I worked at a moderate pace, never rushing, as I wanted to simulate a survival situation where conserving every calorie can make the difference between life and death. This saw not only met, but actually exceeded what I expected from the product description. Before putting the saw away I went ahead and gave it a good coating of TriFlow to help preserve it during long periods of non-use.
I will be ordering several more of these in the future; one for my pack and a few to some of my close friends.



Nick Y.

Verified purchase

Perfect for a survival or back pack kit if you suspect you may need to take a small tree but don't want to pack an axe. I used it to cut down at least 8, 4 to 6 inch buck thorn trees. It takes some shoulder strength but it does work smoothly. It is perfect for taking down larger trees if you take your time.
I would either kneel or sit on the ground depending on the height of your cut so your saw runs level with your arms. Experience will show you the easiest way. Cut half way though the tree, then switch sides and complete your cut. 


Paul K.

Verified purchase

This is an amazing little saw and perfect for smaller jobs where you don't need a power chainsaw. I used it on a tree that was growing too close our house which I was able to cut quickly and easily since the chains can be wrapped around the tree.



Jane F.

Verified purchase

This thing works great if you have very occasional need to prune some bigger tree branches and of course camping. My neighbor's tree drapes over the fence and I use this to cut branches that are in my airspace, about once a year.