Beaded USB Charging Bracelet

$19.90 $89.99

"This USB charger bracelet is simple yet stylish and works well. I ordered  two, the type C for my old phone-Samsung Galaxy M20 and the one for Iphones. It’s easy to use and fits perfectly into any USB slot. I like to impress people by clipping off my bracelet and plugging it into my charger and then my phone. Love how techy it makes me feel but most importantly the convenience since this is easier to carry and use." - Timothy H., NJ

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  • This USB Charger Bracelet is the most convenient charger
  • Never worry about your phone dying ever again
  • You can keep it on your wrist, in your car, at work, or in your travel bag
  • Can charge and data sync simultaneously to your Micro USB devices via USB 2.0 
  • Fashionable and unisex design goes with anything
  • High speed charging micro USB cable


  • Length: 8.6 inch / 22 cm

20 Reviews

Harvey J.

Verified purchase

Works like a champ, quality material, brilliant design. I no longer need to carry cables that tend to clutter in my bag, I just wear this cool bracelet/gadget and take it off when I need to charge my phone. I beleive that everyone that owns a mobile phone will appreciate this product.


Chris M.

Verified purchase

My iPhone battery is never gonna be empty ever again. I sometimes forget to carry my iPhone charger so even if I have my power bank I can't charge my phone because I don't have the charging cable. It's really annoying when that happens because I use my phone the whole day and I get a lot of important calls and emails. This bracelet charger is my life saver. 


Catherine L.

Verified purchase

I no longer have to carry my cable with me all the time. I instead get to wear this cute bracelet and take it off when my phone battery is running low. I can connect this to my power bank and laptop which is great. I recommend this to everyone who uses iPhones, Android Phones and those that use Type-C chargers. 


Carl A.

Verified purchase

I bought two. Gave one to my daughter as a gift. She loves it. Wears it when she’s going to be gone all day which is normally 6 days a week. We both love the bead design and color. She is now able to contact me all the time and let me know how she's doing and where she is, gives me and my wife a peace of mind.


Russell W.

Verified purchase

Great bracelet and good quality. Good piece to add on to my look for a daily basis but most importantly keep my phone charged.  


Steven P.

Verified purchase

 I always lose my charger cord/cable when I travel so I kept on buying new charger cables until I found this USB charger bracelet. This bracelet design charger has greatly helped me in the past two 4 months. I would highly recommend this product for its thoughtful design for people like me. I know this will not get lost because it's always either clipped with my keys or on my bracelet.


Jim R.

Verified purchase

It is a great and stylish design to charge my phone, black and proper length for me to connect my phone and power bank or to my laptop, even on a power outlet. The best part does not only charge my phone but also transfer my data with my Macbook.


Faith W.

Verified purchase

I usually have every sort of cables that I could possibly need when I'm at work, but I don't usually carry one when I'm elsewhere so I've experienced running out of battery several times. This charger bracelet ensures that my phone is always charged anytime and anywhere because it's always available when I need it. I am incredibly happy with it and would recommend it to anyone who might ask.


Alex P.

Verified purchase

This is a great solution for anyone that wants an emergency charger in addition to having a great piece of jewelry. I will usually get about 1 to 2 compliments each time I wear/use this bracelet which would be every single day ever since I got it. 


Molly F.

Verified purchase

Totally satisfied! I don't have to carry my charging cables any more. I simply wear this which I love because I like black and beads and use it whenever my phone needs to be charged. Charging speed is also good.


Grace C.

Verified purchase

This bracelet rocks. I wear it daily and it fits my wrist perfectly. I love that it looks simple and it's very useful. I've had it for a few months and never had a problem. This makes a great gift too. 


Kurt S.

Verified purchase

Very useful product. Clasp well but easy to remove when needed to charge my phone. Well made and heavy duty materials so I'm sure this will last a long time. I recommend this product to others.


Amelia V.

Verified purchase

This is my new fave. Easy to wear, fits well, love the design and color, easy to match with any attire. It does its main function very well which is to serve as my phone charger anytime, anywhere. 


Justin F.

Verified purchase

This product is very handy, looks very nice. Unisex design so me and my hubby use these everyday. Overall, we are happy with this product and the convenience it gives us! 


George P.

Verified purchase

I use my phones for business so a lot of things get messy when I am unable to communicate with my team or my team is unable to reach me. I used to bring charging cables but have had some days when I forget  them at home or forget them at work. There was also a time when I lost all of my charging cables since I lost the pouch that I used to store them. This bracelet is a must have. 


Julie M.

Verified purchase

I bought this for the purpose of having an extra charging cable, but after using it for a day I realized I would rather wear this whenever I go out. Easier to carry around and works well. I love it!


Heather A.

Verified purchase

It looks nice, I have had several compliments. Everyone is surprised when I show them that it is more than a bracelet. It is durable, I wear it everyday and works well. I would absolutely recommend this product.


Stephanie Q.

Verified purchase

I always appreciate a multi-purpose item. Love the bead design and color, I can match it with most of the clothes I wear every day. I am amazed at how fast it charges my phone. I no longer use the original charging cable since this works very well. 


Dexter P.

Verified purchase

Good quality and works good. I can hook it up to my laptop and power bank  for a charge while I’m working. It also looks good when worn. I gave one to my brother who was so happy because he finds this bracelet super cool!


Joseph T.

Verified purchase

This charging bracelet is unique in both style and accessory. Leaving my charger behind and looking for it is a daily struggle and nightmare I face everyday. This bracelet has made my life easier because I can just wear it, remove it when I need to charge my phone, and put it back on my wrist after charging the phone. I highly recommend this product to anyone, especially guys who like minimilist style.