Handy Claw Pick-Up Tool

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"My toddler flushed a toothy brush down the toilet. He did this last month and cost us $65 for a plumber. After he did it again I ordered this and my husband was able to pluck the tooth brush out no problem." - Carol W., TX

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  • Extra-long pick-up range for retrieving dropped or hidden small parts & other items
  • Must-have tool for mechanics, great for grabbing under furniture, in crevices & down drains
  • Wound-steel cable flexes to bend around corners and obstacles
  • 34" length 50% longer than regular pick-up claws - like having 3 foot-long finger!


  • Length : 85 cm /  33.46 inch

15 Reviews

Carol W.

Verified purchase

My toddler flushed a toothy brush down the toilet. He did this last month and cost us $65 for a plumber. After he did it again I ordered this and my husband was able to pluck the tooth brush out no problem.


Jane F.

Verified purchase

Losing a screw/bolt in a tiny spot..here's the tool for that.
Rogue Cheetos under the couch that Mr. Roomba can't eat...here's the tool for that.
Playing with Shreddy Cougar the newly adopted foster kitten (*attach to toy of choice)..here's the tool for that.


Tony L.

Verified purchase

I use more toilet paper than most people; I've got to stop doing that. So if the toilet isn't the best at flushing, I'll get it stopped up with toilet paper. This really works to get down there and move the plug


Diane W.

Verified purchase

Kid dropped a toothbrush down the bathroom sink. Tried what I had on hand to get it out... Unsuccessfully. So I just left it until the sink started draining slowly, because I was too lazy to remove the trap and clean it all out. Got this tool. Took a few tries to grab the toothbrush but it came right out, along with all the hair and gunk it had collected. 


Joe U.

Verified purchase

My daughter flushed a stuffed animal down the toilet and clogged our toilet. We tried to get it unclogged with a plunger and it didn’t work. After a few try’s with this, it unclogged. It saved us lots of money to not have to call a plumber to come and fix it. I would recommend trying it a few times before you give up because that’s what we had to do but it did work. 


Jenny K.

Verified purchase

Works as I needed and as I remembered. I put it to immediate use to ferret out waist band ties that had gotten lost inside the band.


Marry J.

Verified purchase

Purchased with one task/goal in mind -- clearing a drain where toothpaste caps and other crud had fallen into over the years. It executed the task admirably, so well so, I used it to clear every drain in the house.


Luke S.

Verified purchase

This is a handy tool for hair clogs. I tried liquid clog removers such as Drano or Liquid Plumber in the past, and never had great results. So I decided to give this product a try. I pushed it down the drain, swirled it around, grasped a clump of hair and pulled it out. The sink is now draining properly.


Kate C.

Verified purchase

I got this as a Valentines Day gift for my husband- jokingly because I always drop small bits of food in between the car seats! It works perfect for picking up small peanuts which is normally from the trail mix I'm eating... my husband has also found other uses for this product- he used it to put spark plugs in our Sea Doo and said it worked really well!


Richard N.

Verified purchase

Worked great! Easy to snake down the drain and bring up the blockage. Now my drain works great.


Jim W.

Verified purchase

Awesome little thing! I use this to feed my critters in my saltwater tank! (I’m too small and can’t reach lol)


Debrah F.

Verified purchase

This tool is really helpful. I wasn't sure how much use I would get out of it, but I was sure surprised. I initially bought it to pick up pills that I have dropped, but I am finding a lot more uses for it. I can pick up far more larger things than I thought I could. You can reach behind and around things to grab whatever has fallen. The most difficult thing about it is, where to keep it, but not a deal braker.


Lucy B.

Verified purchase

I bought this to grab leaves that would fall to the bottom of my garden fish pond so I wouldn’t have to reach in with my arm. Works perfectly!


Donnie R.

Verified purchase

This is an amazingly handy tool! After repeatedly dropping a small clip down into an unreachable part of my car, and easily retrieving it with my neighbor's grabber tool like this, I ordered this for myself that same day. I don't know how I got this far into adulthood without one. It does remarkably well at picking up small stuff. This came coiled up, which was good because it actually fit into my mailbox, and also means I can coil it back up and put it in a drawer after using it. Side note: if you have a kid who likes gadgets, like my 11 year old, this can be a really fun and inexpensive gift...I've had to repossess this from him several times in the few days I've had it.


John M.

Verified purchase

My wife dropped her ear ring down the sink drain. I used Handy Claw to retrieve it. Saved the usual high plumbers bill. It got the ear ring on the 3rd try.