Professional Dishwashing Gloves

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"I love these glove! I am using them for washing dishes and I am able to get my dishes clean without having to use a sponge in addition to the gloves. The gloves have little silicone tips built into the palms of the gloves and they do a great job of of cleaning. They are comfortable to wear, also, and protect my hands from hot water and detergents. Because they are silicone they are completely washable themselves so I love that, too! I am going to get another pair to use for cleaning my bathroom. So happy I found thin gloves." - Anna M., TX

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  • Replace all cleaning supplies with just one pair of gloves
  • You can easily clean all the dishes, kitchenware, bathroom, your pet or anything else
  • The reusable gloves protect your hands and forearms from dirt
  • They are fast-foaming, saving half of the detergent than usual, without any danger of scratches
  • Silicone is gentle on the skin and will not cause allergic reactions
  • Heat resistant up to 160 degrees Celsius (320 Fahrenheit)
  • You can sanitize the gloves with boiling water, or even in the microwave for a minute or two


  • Dimensions: 6.1 inches (15.5 cm) x 14 inches (35.5 cm)

15 Reviews

Sharon O.

Verified purchase

I’ve always been curious about gloves like these. I decided to try these particular ones. I’m so glad I did! Never going to use sponges again! Love how environmentally friendly these are because they are reusable. The silicone does not collect as much bacteria as sponges do, which is great! Another thing I realized is the fact that you can use hot water without burning yourself while using these. My water gets hot very fast so these are great to avoid the hot water affecting me. Makes chores easy!


Natalia H.

Verified purchase

These work so well! I don't have to use my dish brush any more. Great for pots and pans, plastic food containers, knives and silverware.They have little nubbies on the inside, and they are comfortable. Because they are silicone they won't bust through the finger tips like regular dish gloves. I will get another pair for other clean-ups! Just what I was hoping for!


Amelia R.

Verified purchase

I am so happy to receive these gloves. They fit perfectly. Not too tight, not too big. You don’t need a separate scrub brush. It’s built right into the palm. Just add soap and scrub. I will be ordering more for friends!!


Nathan M.

Verified purchase

They are really great! They have help washing dishes so much! I don’t have a dishwasher at home and my wife is a chef so you can imagine the kind of chaos that brings with all our meals. However, these gloves that you guys created add a level of scrubbing that ordinary sponges don’t provide. I highly recommend them for all the those husbands and dads out there that are giving the task of washing post-dinner. You’ll be scrubbing with a smile and will be done such a short time, your wife will wonder how you did it! An excellent purchase!


Zoey L.

Verified purchase

These are my new favorite cleaning tool. They worked great for dishes, but they are even more useful for cleaning the house. I am going to get a second pair to use for dishes and keep this pair for cleaning the bathroom. So great for scrubbing the tub/toilet/sink etc. You can easily clean in small crevices with these and you don’t have to worry about dirty rags and brushes because they are easy to sterilize and everything rinses right off of them. I am so happy with these!


Aaron V.

Verified purchase

I like how it fits everyone in the family. Works like a charm. I figured out the best way to clean the dishes while making sure the grime stays off your gloves is to use your entire hand(s). This way, the grime that might've fallen on other parts of the glove would be accidentally washed off too. I highly recommend anyone to purchase one to keep their hands dry!


Rachel K.

Verified purchase

So I am shocked I enjoy using these dish washing gloves as much as I do. I was pleasantly surprised, not only do these gloves fit well but they work splendidly, just as well as a scrubby, and it is very efficient. It fits on my smaller hands nicely, and I never feel the hotter water I use when I do certain dishes. they also dry very well and the ability to hang them on a hook is a nice plus. I would definitely recommend these gloves!


Stella B.

Verified purchase

These gloves are great for washing dishes! They have a great grip to them and they protect your hands while washing the dishes. They are easy to function with while they are on and do a fantastic job cleaning! Highly recommend!


Roberta M.

Verified purchase

I recently bought these gloves and I’m in love with them. They are very comfortable and pretty thick. The bristles are soft and easy to clean. They “hold onto” a lot of soap so I don’t have to pump too much of it onto these gloves. My daughter also loves them and uses them all of the time now. I 100% recommend these!


Ellie C.

Verified purchase

I am very impressed by these gloves. The fit is nice; not too big where they fall off my arm but not too snug where they cut off my circulation. I like that they fit over my smart watch so I don't have to take it off while doing the dishes. Also love the ability to hang them after use so they can dry properly. Using them to wash the dishes was efficient. I'll be buying another pair!


Peggy H.

Verified purchase

I am a student and I have always do dishes at one go. Doing too many dishes at once always ruin my hands and the sponges that I use get smelly and those scrubs are no good. I was keen on buying something like this and I bought 3 pairs of them. Absolutely loving it. The fit is amazing and I like how my hands are protected from water. The best part is that washing them in hot water after you are done cleaning is enough sterilization. The bristles are strong and it helps me reach places which were painful to reach using a scrub. Great!


Michelle K.

Verified purchase

I was looking to spice up my dishwashing and found these! Very well made, pleasant smell, you can use scalding hot water and won’t feel a thing, and a new fun way to wash dishes. I recommend if you are bored with regular dishwashing gloves!


Valerie N.

Verified purchase

These gloves are pretty cool. I put off buying more traditional sponges that always would get stinky and I am glad I got these instead. They fit my hands perfectly and they really do sud up like in the pictures. I have used them several times now from plates to pans and it does great on it all. 


Claire T.

Verified purchase

The gloves makes cleaning and washing dishes much easier and more efficient. It foams up quite well and scrub dishes just as well as any sponges. These gloves would save me a lot from buying sponges. The silicone glove is nice and thick, and the brissles are nicely compact and scrubs well. I would definitely stick to using these gloves due to its versatility and ease of use.


Daisy O.

Verified purchase

I bought these gloves to save my dry cracking hands and they are wonderful! I just had a baby and I’m constantly washing bottles and pumping accessories and washing my hands and they are taking a beating. I love these gloves because I can still wash my bottles in hot water and can’t feel the heat through the gloves. I also love that they have bristles on the palms so I can wash anything with them. A great pair of cleaning gloves!