Bed Sheet Clips

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"It was a constant battle for my Fiancé and I with our fitted sheet. We both toss and turn in our sleep so without fail every morning the fitted sheet would be untucked and on top of the bed. These straps went on in minutes and ever since, NOT ONCE has the fitted sheet come untucked. Worth every penny. Great buy! " - Laura V., CA

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  • Our Bed Sheet Clips will help you to keep your sheets on
  • Easy to use just clip them onto each corner of the bed sheets under the mattress and they will stay secure and leave your sleep uninterrupted
  • You can tighten or loosen these depending on the size of your bed and sheets (twin, queen, king, etc)
  • They secure fitted sheets, flat sheets, mattress pads, bed sheets, mattress pads, tablecloths, ironing board covers, slipcovers and more
  • Built-in protecting system, to protect the fabric from getting damaged


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon straps & Metal clips
  • Length: Adjusts from 40cm / 16" to 90cm / 35" 

11 Reviews

Mark R.

Verified purchase

Magical!!! The date I received these clips is the day I started counting my time here in Earth. Living without these is not living at all. I wake up on a fully sheeted bed and honestly, if none of my future dreams come true, I'll be ok.


Deborah B.

Verified purchase

We love our mattress but every day is a nightmare of slipping sheets. Not anymore! These things are a sanity saver!!! Fit and works great on our queen. Easy to use and holds tight without damaging the sheets.


Sue L.

Verified purchase

I am a Princess and a Pea when it comes to my comfort in bed. I just can't stand wrinkly sheets. Wrinkled sheets hurt my skin when they are bunched up. I saw these sheet straps and decided to give them a try. What a difference! My sheets are pulled right with no more wrinkles. So glad I decided to give them a try. Thank you.


Bill T.

Verified purchase

Once I had these installed, it was heaven, I tell ya - not only did it feel like a freshly made bed when I first got in, it felt like a freshly made bed ALL NIGHT LONG!


Evelyn L.

Verified purchase

These bed sheet clips work perfectly and keep my fitted sheet snugly in place where it should be! I would definitely buy them again and recommend them to others.


Cathy J.

Verified purchase

I brought this sheep clip for my kids bed. It help me to keep the bed sheet in the right position. My kids like to play in the bed, jumping around, and the sheet always pop up from the corners of the mattress. We need to redo the bed every time. We tried this sheet clipper, it works very good to keep the sheet on even kids jumping around.


June D.

Verified purchase

These sheet clips work great!! My husband was tired of waking to find the sheets rolled up around him. Every day we’d have to essentially resheet the bed because the side and top would come undone. I tried the fasteners with 2 clips and they were useless, but these 3 clip ones work so well! The sheets stay right across the bed and it is so nice to get in them every night without the hassle of pulling them tight all over again. The best part is each strap is adjustable so i was able to get a really snug hold, and although there is a lot of tension holding the sheet on the bed, the fasteners are designed to grip the sheet without damaging it. I’m so happy to have found these. Highly recommended!


Terry G.

Verified purchase

I toss and turn a lot and almost always wake up with the sheets pulled off. I put these on and haven't had the sheets come off at all! They were easy to put on and are totally adjustable too. Great buy!


Madelyn B.

Verified purchase

My father-in-law was having a terrible time with his fitted sheets staying on his bed. He never had the strength to put them back on each night. Someone gave me the idea to get these and they have come in handy! They keep the sheets on so well and come off easily when you unclasp them. Pretty straight forward to put on as well. His mattress is not too heavy so it’s easy to lift up to put them on. If you like your sheets to stay on then these are the straps for you.


Rachel M.

Verified purchase

Makes a huge difference!!! No longer do we have to battle keeping the sheets on the bed. This is perfect.


Kelly M.

Verified purchase

My husband and I struggle with the sheets all the time. He twists, I turn, and the sheets come off BUT!!! This product changed all of that. This product is totally worth it! Love love love