Clog Cannon

$39.90 $119.99

"Your products are consistently exceptional! A few years ago I got your Portable Lifeline Grip and I'm so happy with it but that's another story. This is a feedback for the Clog Cannon. This item is a life saver. It's so easy to use and simple to clean. I love it but I think my husband is far more thankful to have one of these in our house because he doesn't have to exert so much effort fixing clogs. No more clogs in our house!" - Jennifer B., FL

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  • Reusable
  • User-friendly
  • No batteries required
  • Powerful and durable
  • Safe for pipes and economical
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Quickly clears clogs up to 50-feet down
  • Formulated for use in sinks, tubs, shower stalls, and toilets
  • Cleans out virtually any shower, bathtub or sink drain, regardless of that drain's size or shape
  • Compact - smaller than most water bottles, lightweight to carry, takes up very little storage space


  • Weight: 4.94 oz 
  • Dimensions: 7.08 x 3.93 inch
  • Material: PP + TPR + Silica gel

11 Reviews

William O.

Verified purchase

This invention is just brilliant! The blast valve as you guys call it stays intact and in my opinion is a great help and makes it simple to push out clogs in any drainage. I already used this on my bathroom tub and sink and  I'm glad with the result. I don't have to use expensive products to solve any future drainage issues. 


Casey W.

Verified purchase

This is a steal! It looks so simple but it does the job so well. I just followed the instructions that came with it and viola! My kitchen sink drainage started working just fine. 2 thumbs up!


Raymond L.

Verified purchase

Removing the clog on our kitchen sink has never been as easy as when I had this clog cannon. Just as the instruction says it's easy as 1-2-3! This is a must have! 


Danielle F.

Verified purchase

This product worked very well on all totally blocked bathtub drain. It's far cheaper than a plumber and considered all the cleaners I have used over the years. This product is well worth it. The quality is also great so I'm sure I'll have a thing that I can depend on whenever my sink or bathroom drain gets clogged. 


Sofia K.

Verified purchase

I am so glad I found this on your website. I am a loyal customer because you guys have taken good care of me in the past when I ordered the stainless steel soap & pest repeller. A friend told me about this clog cannon so I looked it up on your website and as always your company never fails to amaze me. I just used this on our kitchen sink and it worked great. Thanks again.


Frederick I.

Verified purchase

I ordered this because for some reason our bathtub dainage keeps getting clogged. I've tried every possible products that I think should be able to help me solve this issue but this one so far is the easiest and most effective solution that I found. I'm so happy with it, so does my wife.


Arnold F.

Verified purchase

I just want to help other buyers who are having clogged drainage issues so I'm leaving a review for the clog cannon. 1.The item is well made I'm sure it's going to last a long time. 2.It's very easy to use, just follow the instructions. 3.It's light weight and doesn't take much storage space. 4.Easy to clean. 5.This seller is sure to take care of you even after the purchase. So yes, I got nothing but positive feedback for this company & product. 


Miriam L.

Verified purchase

Thank you soooooo much! This is the second set that I ordered which I got because the first one that I ordered worked so well and I told my friends how well it worked so some of them asked me to get this for them. More power to your company!


Hailey D.

Verified purchase

Very professional. Product arrived today. I just used it a few minutes ago and it worked just fine. Very easy to use. Will certainly purchase from the company again! 


Liza T.

Verified purchase

Worked great in our kitchen! We have repeatedly dealt with a stinky garbage disposal. It was replaced only 2 years ago and we continue to have issues with the smell. This product has completely eliminated the smell and the sink drains much quicker. I highly recommend. Much cheaper than a plumber!


Kela R.

Verified purchase

WOW! This Clog Cannon really does the job! I've had this for a month and It has never failed to solve any of my drainage issues. My neighbor even borrowed it and was amazed. I think she will be ordering one too.