Cockroach Eliminator Gel

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"I've never felt compelled to write a review like this, but here goes... After moving into my dream house I discovered a huge roach problem. Every morning when I turn on the lights in the kitchen I see them scurrying everywhere. Even the exterminator coming several times brought no salvation. After reading the reviews here, I bought some of these Cockroach Eliminator Gel and went to work putting it out as recommended. The next morning when I went into the kitchen I was greeted by DOZENS of dead or dying roaches. I have not seen a live one in days. If you have a roach problem, this is the solution!" - Pamela A., TX 

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  • Gets to work immediately - lasts until the whole nest is eliminated
  • Eliminates ALL cockroaches in the nest first time around, and they will never return
  • Professional Grade Bait Formula
  • Uses Bitter Taste Technology to ensure full safety for family and pets
  • Easy application and storage


  • Dimensions: 7.09 x 1.18 inch
  • Weight: 10 g / 0.35 oz
  • Do not treat areas that are easily accessible to children and pets. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Read the complete label and follow all applicable instructions before using.

15 Reviews

Harry F.

Verified purchase

This poison works extremely well. We have chickens in our yard and unfortunately they attract cockroaches all over our property, some of which come into our home. I put some of this on small sheets of foil and on boards by the front and back doors, and in each bathroom and within a day the huge roaches were stumbling around, half dead. It is very effective and a little bit goes a very long way. Highly recommended!


Roger T.

Verified purchase

This product is very easy to use, just follow the instructions. First of all, I have to say the city that I live in Long Beach CA, is saturated with roaches, houses are easier to control but in Apartments it's practically impossible to control roaches because some people are just filthy.

After day 1, I was like wow!! so yeah this stuff really works even my neighbor's above and below me and side to side are finding dead roaches in their apartments and they don't understand or know why. Now after 30 days I basically have no roaches and to be honest every now and then I will see one, BUT IT'S DEAD OR DYING and I haven't put this product down again in over 3 weeks. (They have them I don't, and I'm in the middle of the bldg , go figure )

Take my advice purchase it you will not regret it! I will be purchasing this product again


Ken A.

Verified purchase

We have had a roach problem big time for years. And I do mean years, whatever we tried didn't make any difference. My husband came across this product and tried it. Within 1 month all roaches were gone or whenever we see one or two their dead. We are totally pleased with this product.


Dave L.

Verified purchase

This stuff is an absolute miracle. Within minutes they were out of their lair gorging those creepy Predator faces. The following night rolled around they were shambling like cockroaches that got asked by their wife cockroaches for a divorce - listless, drunk and ranting that she's going to get it all in cockroach court (which is a no fault district I think). Anyway I highly recommend this product. We had a German Cockroach neighborhood and an American Cockroach neighborhood - which was super concerning since that's how wars get started. Eliminator Gel took care of all that mounting tension with untimely deaths.


Sandy A.

Verified purchase

This stuff really works on those impossible to get rid of German roaches. I still see 1 once in a while but that is my hint to put out new bait. I liked it so much that I bought a set for my nephew and his roaches are gone, too!!


Teddy O.

Verified purchase

This was recommended and used by a professional exterminator friend of mine. The biggest advantage of this product is that it also kills the baby bugs and targets the nest! It also contains the tips for applying the gel, a small amount does a great job!


Lorraine S.

Verified purchase

As advertised. This product is amazing. I hope the formula never changes. I've used it in 2 different households with 2 different types of roaches. The in-laws had a really bad infestation of german roaches, unfortunately they brought a box of stuff back from vacation from NY, apparently roaches came along for the ride and settled into the home the rest was history. The infestation was very heavy in the kitchen. I gave a tube to them and NOT ONE SINGLE roach now in the toasty, very warm house. For safe measure I still applied another tube once the power returned just in case. This product works wonders and I recommend to anyone with a roach problem. 


Cynthia G.

Verified purchase

If you're looking because you've seen a few roaches, trust me you have more. If you want them dead, put this in your electronic shopping cart and check out right now. This was one of the most disgustingly satisfying things I've ever witnessed. They were belly up everywhere! This stuff is worth every penny! Seriously, do it!


Ellie C.

Verified purchase

This stuff changed my life. I hastily moved into a crappy apartment in a college town because it was in my budget, and after talking to the landlord about their exterminator policy - I quickly realized the mistake I had made. My apartment has a contract with a local exterminator where you're not supposed to use any chemicals besides theirs because they might "have an adverse reaction", but at any given time - I would be seeing anywhere from 1-5 roaches per day (ranging from babies to fully-grown) even AFTER they put out their bait. After doing some reading, I found out that often exterminators only use half strength chemicals to ensure they still have a client. So I looked online for industrial strength bug killer and came across this AMAZING product. I went from seeing cockroaches daily; to weekly; to never - over the course of about a month and a half. This stuff gave me my sanity back - I can actually sleep and relax and eat in my apartment without anxiety. BUY THIS PRODUCT and save yourself the headache. I can't praise it enough.


Eva A.

Verified purchase

This product has saved me from an infestation of German cockroaches I had. I placed it all over the apt (medium size 1 bedroom apt) twice every two weeks (i put it everywhere and not just every 10 inches) and they are gone and I still have another tube left that I plan to use soon. Man, when I saw myself surrounded by those nasty cockroaches with no mercy (they would even show up with the lights on) I wanted to cry. I am not a messy or dirty person-so a cockroach infestation can affect anyone (don't be discouraged and get this stuff), especially in an apartment community. This thing works like a charm!


Jason C.

Verified purchase

I'm not a wordy person so I just want to say that I am very impressed at how potent this product is. It solved the cockroach problem in my house. TOTAL ROACH ANNIHILATION!! 

William C.

Verified purchase

 Killed em ALL dead in under one month. This is amazing, you NEED this to do battle with the German Roaches. My roach nightmare is now over. 


Andy R.

Verified purchase

My moms home was infested with German roaches. I bought so many different products for her throughout the past 2 years and nothing seemed to work. They’d kill a handful but never seemed to help with the infestation. After seeing this product online for a few months I finally decided to buy it for her and it seems to have gotten a handle on the situation. They’re not 100% gone but it’s getting there, it’s only been about 5 days and they are about 90% gone from what we can tell. They seem to only come out when she moves things around She is currently deep cleaning her home (these bugs get in everything) and because she’s deep cleaning and ruffling them up and out of hiding I believe this is what’s causing them to show up but I have faith that this product will get rid of the problem soon.


Edward S.

Verified purchase

This gel cockroach eliminator works wonders! It's not like the normal roach killers that you buy and it saves you the hassle of having to use a bug bomb in your home. If you use the gel correctly you will begin to see roaches that are dying or dead within a matter of 24hrs. The gel draws the roaches out of where they are hiding and once they eat the gel they begin to die. This roach killer saves you so much time and once the roaches die they are gone for good. It not only kills the roaches on the spot but it fights to keep them away as well!



Nick F.

Verified purchase

My apartment is now roach and bug free! I've only been using this for 2 months but it solved my roach problem in 2 weeks. I just put the gel on some spots now just to make sure that if a roach gets in my house this gel attracts them and kills them for good. I highly recommend this!