Coffee Art Pen

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"Perfect for making coffee art! I'm just learning how to do special things with coffee and this is a great tool to learn with. It did take me a couple of attempts to get nice looking patterns and it went so well. Ideal for creating a good mood in the morning." - Shelly R., NY

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  • You can draw your very own designs on top of your coffee
  • The coffee art pen opens right up so you can fill it up with spices
  • Fill it up with all-natural materials like cinnamon, cocoa powder, coffee grounds, paprika, ground parsley, ground sugar, and more
  • Hold the button to have a stream of spice come out of the end of it
  • You can send a secret message to your loved ones or improve your design skills
  • The coffee art pen also works great do make spice designs onto plates


  • Dimensions: 5.7 inches (14.5 cm) x 1 inch (2.5 cm)

12 Reviews

Elena G.

Verified purchase

We love these! It makes our coffee more fun. Easy to use even for children. My daughter made me a coffee with a bird. Recommend!


Samuel N.

Verified purchase

My coffee game is about to get really fancy. I'm using this with espresso, latte and hot chocolate. My drinks have never been so pretty. I think I will try it for the bakery as well. Love it!


Amelia G.

Verified purchase

What a great way to add something special to serving your guests coffee lattes or cappuccino. Adds such a great touch your guests and family won’t forget. Easy to use and clean. Amazing tool!


Harper T.

Verified purchase

I had originally bought this pen to use on a cake that I was making. It worked great since then I have used it for a number of different things from cupcakes to coffee. I feel like I'm a professional barista. Great!


Nolan J.

Verified purchase

Every morning I make a cappuccino with a different design on it. I put hot chocolate powder in the pen. A great beginning of the day!


Katelyn V.

Verified purchase

Fun to use! Sturdy and great quality. I use this when I make espresso at home and wanna play with designs. Now I have my own coffee shop right in the kitchen. I will get more as gifts for my family. I'm happy!


Rachel D.

Verified purchase

Easy to make some really fun drinks using our home Espresso/Cappuccino machine. Press the button and let your inner barista out. My mornings are better now. Great art pen!


Cindy A.

Verified purchase

Great product to make pretty designs on your favorite coffee. Easy to use. I'm a coffee lover so I drink coffee every day. And this pen is exactly what I was missing to make my coffee perfect! Great!


Mila L.

Verified purchase

I love this product. Great professional art pen tool to shape beautiful coffee patterns. I can draw anything I want. Easy to use with any kind of spice. A must-have for your coffee!


Kate B.

Verified purchase

Great tool! I don't like coffee so I bought it to create patterns on cakes and other pastry. It worked so well! Adds that final special touch to make a cake look like an art. I love it!


Angela M.

Verified purchase

This is the perfect pen to decorate my coffee. Fits perfectly on the base of my Nespresso machine. Drawing with it is so fun! I am LOVING having it. My coffees are so pretty now!!


Eddie C.

Verified purchase

Works great. Can use it to decorate the top of coffee or hot chocolate with cinnamon or cocoa or other spices. I enjoy using it for my coffee! Very happy with this purchase.