Foldable Cooking Basket

$19.90 $89.99

"This works just perfect. It is so nice to be able to set foods in to steam and easily remove them. It is great for me to use as shown standing on the counter or in the sink as I clean fruits/vegetables. Really great." - Emma L., NV

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  • Whatever your menu calls for, this multi-purpose Foldable Cooking Basket is up to the task
  • Simply flip, fold, or extend to reshape the basket into your desired kitchen tool
  • Ideal for deep-frying, rinsing and steaming veggies, and much more
  • When cooking is done, simply lift out the chef basket and go right from the pot to the plate
  • Not only it is for cooking, but it also serves as a colander for draining and a cooling rack
  • Flexible to fold flat for easy storage anywhere in your kitchen, or you can even store directly in your bowl or pot
  • Cook pasta, shellfish, veggies, fried chicken and more with this smart basket


  • Dimensions: 9 inch (23 cm) x 4.5 inch (11.5 cm)

11 Reviews

Stella C.

Verified purchase

I bought this basket because I don't have a lot of room for miscellaneous kitchen items. I really loved how it stores flat and takes up little room in my tiny kitchen. It works great for straining and rinsing fruit and vegetables. However I do plan to use it when I fry donuts and french fries. It fits nicely in my large pot and the handles are not immersed in the oil so it's easy to remove. You can also flip the handles the other direction and it will stand up on it's own. Best tool!


Peggy R.

Verified purchase

I have limited mobility in my left arm which makes draining hot pasta from a pan of boiling water a difficult task without burning my self, so I was thrilled to come across this Basket. I was doubly thrilled to use it last night without any problem. Just lifted it out of the boiling water with my right hand, let the pasta drain, then emptied it into a bowl. Cleaning it is not a problem because I rinsed it right away in hot water before any pasta residue hardened. Perfect for cleaning veggies too!


Autumn G.

Verified purchase

I do not do deep fat frying, but I am sure this would be wonderful for that. I used it for scalding peaches in order to remove the skins. It worked perfectly for that. I love it!


Isabella O.

Verified purchase

I love this product! I use it for so many things. So much easier to drain things now. Without having to get burned by steam pouring things out like I used to. Thank you for an amazing product.


Ashton M.

Verified purchase

I steam vegetables every Sunday for my meal prep for the week and this steamer has made steaming my veggies so much better since I can do a large batch at once and pull the entire basket out to cool so it can be packed into my plastic containers for the week. Much more convenient than the one I had before. Great!


Michelle P.

Verified purchase

This works great for frying batches in my cast iron pan and quickly removing the contents at the same time. It definitely makes it easier in the long run! The biggest surprise for me was the clean up . . . food does not stick to it like I feared it would. Ran it through the dishwasher and it came out sparkling clean with no residue!


Olivia P.

Verified purchase

This is an amazing little tool for the kitchen! I've used it for boiling shrimp and frying chicken! The best part about it is it folds down really small for ease of storage.


Nicolas H.

Verified purchase

Been looking for one of these a long time. I use this when canning tomatoes for dipping the tomatoes to loosen the skins. This makes my workflow and activity much more efficient. Saw a drawing of this in my Blue Book and it was, literally years, before I could locate this implement. This is a useful and welcome addition to my inventory. 


James O.

Verified purchase

Perfect for lifting items from a pot. I use it often for boiled eggs. I lift it from the pot to a container of ice water. Perfect boiled eggs every time. Great kitchen gadget!


Charlie V.

Verified purchase

Bought a deep fryer and figured I’d pick this up for a shrimp boil... haven’t done a shrimp boil yet but I deep fried a few pounds of potato and it made it super easy being in the basket rather that fishing them out a couple at a time. Saves a lot of time!


Daisy K.

Verified purchase

Steamed broccoli in this basket last night and turned out perfectly! Easy to clean! Using it again tonight for zoodles. Love this product!