Universal Car Window Sun Shade Curtain (Fit All Cars)

$19.90 $89.99

"Love it! I have a SUV and it fits the windows perfectly. It keeps out a good portion of the light and helps keep it a bit cooler. You can roll down then windows and it stays and helps keep out the bugs. One thing I'm surprised with is when it rains and gets wet the inside still stays dry. I'm glad I purchased these Sun Shade Curtains." - Joanne K., CT

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  • Easy to install
  • Eliminate sun glare
  • Lowers the temperatures in the car
  • Reduces interior heat and prevents your skin from getting burned or overheated
  • Protect your kids, pet and passenger in the rear car from harmful UV rays
  • Prevents flying insects and dust from entering the car
  • Your new car seat interior material also can be avoided aging and fade
  • It is so light that you can easily fold it into a compact size that fits into a car storage box when not in use 
  • Made of breathable mesh, windows are free to be raised and roll down while blocking sunlight and glare off your eyes


  • Heat Insulation Rate: 60%-80%
  • Ultraviolet Blocking Rate: 60%-80%
  • Transmittance: 20%-40%
  • Color: Black

14 Reviews

Peggy G.

Verified purchase

I love these things!!! These are a must have for any parent to be or just anyone who wants to shade the back windows without spending money on tinting. I love these because I can put my windows down for a nice breeze and absolutely no bright sun or much of any sun gets in through them, which will be perfect for my little one when he gets here!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! HIGHLY RECOMEND THEM!!!


Joanne K.

Verified purchase

Love it! I have a SUV and it fits the windows perfectly. It keeps out a good portion of the light and helps keep it a bit cooler. You can roll down then windows and it stays and helps keep out the bugs. One thing I'm surprised with is when it rains and gets wet the inside still stays dry. I'm glad I purchased these Sun Shade Curtains.


Samantha L.

Verified purchase

These window sun shades are awesome! They are so much better than the other sticky sunshades.They cover all parts of the window and will not slip off/fall off. And not only that, you can also roll down the windows with these sunshades getting in the way. I was able to notice that the temperature in the car dropped so the seatbelts weren't burning hot in the sun. A total plus - they create a black tint from the outside so I was able to nurse my baby in the car comfortably.


Kimberly R.

Verified purchase

These window shades are amazing! I love how you can roll the windows down with them on! They fit great on both my SUV and my 4-door car. I have a Mazda CX-5 SUV and a Mazda 3 4-door sedan. These shades work wonderfully on both vehicles. They really cut down the heat and glare from the sun! Thank you so much!


Bradley M.

Verified purchase

Great product. Not only does it fit my car with plenty of stretch, it keeps the sun off my babies and (bonus!) keeps their car seats from heating up! Nothing worse than a hot car seat and sweaty babies! Material is great. I absolutely love that I can roll their windows down for the spring air without having to take off their window shades.


Steven W.

Verified purchase

Best thing ever!!!! Keeps my toddler cool in the afternoon sun & helps him nap in the car.


Donna P.

Verified purchase

Yes yes yes yes yes!! Are you kidding me?! This thing is AMAZING!! I live in Las Vegas and it's literally 120-124 degrees here with the sun beaming thru everything and it's wayyyyy too hot to even think of taking my kids any where so I said why not and bought it! I put it on my car and it fits perfect and there is literally NO SUN going thru their window at all! They are nice and cool in the back seat that they just fell asleep with how comfortable they are! Thank you for this great product! I love how you can pull your window down without the sock moving! You just saved our summer!


Joshua B.

Verified purchase

These are simply fabulous! They fully block the sun from entering the back of the car while protecting my little ones eyes. They’re wonderful for road trips etc where the sun can become a pest and interrupt a little one while driving. The install easily and fit perfectly. They are made of a Durable material and do not seem to rip easily. I installed them in about 10 seconds apiece. Wonderful purchase.


Pamela R.

Verified purchase

I love this product. They are very nice and keep the temperature in the back seat down. I love being able to roll the windows down so that the dog can sniff without having to worry about window shades. They also cut down on the noise from having the windows rolled down.


Sarah G.

Verified purchase

This was one of my best purchases EVER! We had small dinky suction cup pull down shades previously that only blocked part of the sun from our son's eyes, and we couldn't put the windows down without them falling off, etc. These Sun Shade Curtains were the perfect solution! They fit nicely over the back windows of our car, keep the sun entering the back minimal, but he can still see outside, AND we can open the windows!!! The car has felt cooler ever since putting them on the windows too. I definitely recommend!


Terry M.

Verified purchase

I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to shade their backseat for kids or pets. These Sun Shade Curtains cover the WHOLE window, they're versatile and fit any door. Since they go over the door, they have double protection and allow you to roll down the window if needed. And since they are so easy to take on and off, you can take them with you when you travel. They are the best window shade I have found by far!


Sylvia W.

Verified purchase

Oh my goodness, where to start. I would buy these a hundred times over and if the ones I have now ever for some crazy reason wear down or get damaged I will without hesitation buy them yet again. These are perfect. These shades slide perfectly over your car door and stay put like a dream. You can still open your car window with these over the doors for those warmer days when you want your little one in the backseat to get some fresh air. They block the sun like you wouldn't believe so those long car rides with fussy babies angry over the light in their eyes are a thing of the past. I get asked all the time where we bought these and I tell them time and again, My Belief Supply, and how amazing the price was for them.


Helen S.

Verified purchase

Product works really well! Love that it slips on easily, blocks the sun, and allows the window to roll down. An added bonus is keeping bugs out and things from being thrown out the window. I highly recommend this product.


Loreen B.

Verified purchase

Love these! Super super easy to install, they work great for a rear facing baby (which is why I bought them) and the windows can still be rolled down which is awesome! My husband even wants some for his truck which is a huge deal from the king of "why did you even buy that?!" Hahaha! Definitely would recommend to friends without tinted windows!