DashCam HD PRO + FREE High Speed 8GB Memory Card

$59.90 $219.99

"Last week some idiot ran a red light, hit my fender and had the cheek to claim it was MY fault! Well, as soon as I pulled out the Dashcam his face went white. The officer took one look at the video, slapped on the handcuffs and it was off to the station for him. I’m not gonna lie, it felt GREAT!" - Rachel N., OH

Get a great discount on our DashCam HD PRO while the NEW YEAR SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $219.99.


  • This Dashboard Camera keeps you covered on the roads. It captures sharp 1080p video (and optional in-car audio) with 170° field of view, and also performs well for nighttime driving with its nightvision mode. A larger 2.4” LCD display makes it easy to view footage on the camera
  • Emergency Recording automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects the recordings. Loop Recording allow continuous use by writing over old, unneeded footage
  • The supercapacitor has greater heat & cold endurance and longer lifetime than standard battery technology
  • Easily and securely mount to your windshield in seconds.
  • G-Sensor
  • Motion Detection
  • CMOS Light Sensor
  • Anti-Shake
  • Supports HDMI


  • 1x DVR Camera
  • 1x TF Memory Card 8GB
  • 1x Car Charger
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Mounting Bracket
  • 1x User Manual

16 Reviews

Susan W.

Verified purchase

I recently got into an accident and the traffic officer said I ran a red light. I was in shock and couldn’t remember anything, so I checked the DashCam footage and it turned out the light was green! Having that video proof saved me thousands of dollars in insurance claims and legal fees. Thanks for this awesome DashCam!


Richard P.

Verified purchase

We bought our Dashcam HD for a road trip we’d been planning for ages and it captured the most beautiful scenic drives, sunsets and animals along the way. But it also saved us from paying for damages! While we were parked inside a mall shopping someone clearly dinged the driver’s door with their cart. Without Dashcam HD’s footage we would be forced to pay. Lifesaver!


George T.

Verified purchase

I drive Lyft and Uber this has been very nice to have. Saved me from an angry driver trying to create an accident!


Randy T.

Verified purchase



Fred B.

Verified purchase

I bought this item because I’ve had to slam on brakes for more idiot drivers than you can possibly imagine, from being cut off to people running res lights, and stop lights. It’s frustrating, so I bought this for extra security. I installed it that same day and am instantly in love. I used it when I started the car and it picked up instantly, I used it at night and the picture quality is amazing. I love it.


Betty C.

Verified purchase

I use it when driving in case of accident or criminal activity. Exceptional quality. It is so easy to set up, it literally took under a minute! It's very small so it doesn't take up much room at all. The video quality is also very good. So far a great buy!!! No complaints..... Great video camera for driving.


Sharon L.

Verified purchase

If you live in any major city and don't have one of these, I highly suggest buying one. And even if you don't, you could use it to post preposterous moves performed by the inhumane or insane humans on the road of life.


Brian C.

Verified purchase

I've had and used this for about a year had no issue works amazing. Turns on when I drives and records. It's simple and just what I needed to make me feel save on the road.


Mary S.

Verified purchase

I bought one then I bought another 6. I have one on the back of my car and one on the front. Excellent high resolution quality images day and night. Even works well in Countryside Driving in pitch-black areas.


Patricia R.

Verified purchase

This dash cam is extremely good value for all the features that come with it and it is easy to use. I bought this for my daughter to give her piece of mind.


Alice N.

Verified purchase

Great little camera with clear picture. Very easy to set up and certainly gives me a feeling of security when driving alone. Really delighted and am about to purchase another one for my husband. Would gladly recommend buying this as it takes up very little space on the window, so does not cause a "blind spot", with excellent wide view on playback..


Mark H.

Verified purchase

It’s very simple to install and it has good quality images. The camera can be used to take pictures as well. I bought it for my wife and she really like this smart camera.


Andrew D.

Verified purchase

There were always those moments we get concerned about those close calls of vehicle accidents while on the road, and not having clear-cut evidence of the guilty party,so as we all know, the process can be drawn out for who knows how long, possibly in court over ""he says...she says..."" without valid witnesses or clear evidence...

So we wanted to invest in a dash cam and so glad we gave this one a try. An outstanding camera that looks to be well built, very appealing on the eye, simple and intuitive to use, very little reading of the documentation required. Just mount on the windshield suction device, be sure to finger tighten the mounting hardware just enough to avoid vibration while driving, plug into DC socket of the vehicle to provide charging and power to the camera and away we go.


Rose N.

Verified purchase

This works great! Already used it once with a drunk drive incident. Great product at a great price and very easy to use!