Ultra Vision Day Glasses

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"I've been looking for sunglasses that fit over my prescription glasses that didn't look like I just got out of the eye doctor's office. These Ultra Vision Day Glasses did the trick. They look great and fit great and they make me see better when it's bright outside. It cuts down on glare really well with the UV400 lenses. It's light weight and very stylish. I love it!" - Ruby H., TX

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  • Block harmful light rays with excellent optical clarity
  • Designed to easily fit over almost any prescription glasses, allowing for protection from the sun while still keeping the prescription that you need
  • These darker shades are intended primarily to cut through the glare and reduce eyestrain in moderate-to-bright conditions like driving under sunlight
  • These sleek & stylish glasses feature durable materials that are resilient, travel well & can withstand impact from sports, high impact outdoor activities and more
  • UV400 protection lens, blocks 99% harmful UVA,UVB & UVC rays

14 Reviews

Peggy T.

Verified purchase

I have experienced horrendous headaches every single spring for 15 years! They are excruciating, night and day. It always felt like the sun was too bright and intense, and being the car made it so much worse. I would hide in my house as much as possible. Everyone I knew insisted it was spring allergies so I just dealt with it. The headaches would resolve around the 4th of July every year so I didn't worry that it was anything serious.

Because I wear glasses at all times I've never worn sunglasses. I bought these on a whim because they were on sale and the ad showed up on Facebook. I didn't even realize that they made glasses like this. I've been wearing these in the car every time, whether I'm driving or a passenger. I bought them just to protect my eyes from the sun, but they had interesting effect. My springtime headaches didn't show up this year! For the first time in 15 YEARS!! I am headache free! It was the yearly increase in sun intensity causing my headaches all this time!


Jane A.

Verified purchase

I bought  these for post op recovery from vitrectomy surgery. It has been great. I could wear over the big, bulky eye shield that was taped onto my face after surgery. After that was removed a few days later I used these over my cat eye shape glasses. It has been a lifesaver in my recovery. Thank you! 


Melissa G.

Verified purchase

As you can see by the attached photo, my glasses fit nicely right inside of these day glasses. The main reason I bought it is that I was tired of clipping sunglasses onto my glasses all the time. With these, you just slip them right over your glasses.

Also, I'm 50 now and figured that the covered sides would help protect my aging eyes. They really do block the sun well.

Finally, these are light and sturdy. I've dropped them many times and they don't show any wear


Faith I.

Verified purchase

I love these ultra vision day glasses! It's easier on my eyes when the sun is out and early in the morning while driving in traffic against the bright headlight glare of on coming trucks who seem to have their lights on high beam! Highly recommended!


Rebecca J.

Verified purchase

Excellent product. Fit nicely over my glasses and are very comfortable. Perfect for working in my yard and for driving! Adequate sunblock.


Billy H.

Verified purchase

They fit perfectly over my prescription glasses. They are UV400 which I prefer and are tinted about right for sunny day driving, and they provide a wide field of vision. I would not want them to be any lighter nor darker. They are built sturdy enough to endure reasonable daily use. Highly recommended!!!


Sam J.

Verified purchase

Received my Ultra Vision Day Glasses earlier this week. I'm loving these for several great reasons.
1. The Ultra Vision Day Glasses fit comfortably and snugly over my glasses and to my head.
2. I love the flexible ear pieces because they grip the sides of my head rather than depositing all weight on my tender ears.
3. Clear, anti-glare vision - excellent quality!

I'd buy them again. In fact I may buy a 2nd pair to keep in the motor home so I don't have to remember to move them around with me.


Jenny K.

Verified purchase

The Ultra Vision Day Glasses are great. They fit well over my rather large prescription glasses (lens size 56). Other fit-overs I tried didn't work mainly because the hinges on my glasses are at the top of the frame which where most fit-overs start curving in.

These are well made and sturdy. I've had it for a while and I've used it every single day. Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend this to others.


Olivia B.

Verified purchase

WOW!! Totally impressed with these excellent glasses, great workmanship, packaging and service. I immediately ordered another pair for myself and for my friend. They look OK on, too. Appreciate the peripheral vision the side frames afford. In all FABULOUS. Highly recommend! Get out there and grab a few pairs. It just saved me hundreds of dollars on prescription sunnies, and the inconvenience of continually swapping out glasses when I'm in the sun. Way to go My Belief Supply!


Stephanie M.

Verified purchase

The time of year when the sun blinds you coming to and from work is terrible. The sun hurts my eyes and makes for dangerous driving conditions. That's why I searched and compared for 2 weeks before buying these glasses. The fit is comfortable. There is a slot open at the top of the sunglasses where the frame of my prescription glasses sit right in the groove. The glasses are comfortable and don't pinch or slide off my face. They block the sun effectively and they look nice on. Stylish and sturdy. I do recommend and will buy them again myself.


Miranda T.

Verified purchase

These fit- over glasses have changed my life. My eyes are extremely sensitive to light, and I can now drive safely and comfortably. I should order another pair now that I see how well they fit my needs. They are comfortably and do not make me look like a giant bug. I like the little side wide windows, tinted to continue the shading from bright light, yet provide great vision. They fit perfectly over my all-the-time glasses. I love them!


Darlene A.

Verified purchase

Wow! Thats all i can say. These glasses are excellent!  They are polarized when you look at the picture you see the fish the man is catching. I use these glasses for work outdoors as a safety sunglasses. These so far for the price are the most impressive pair of glasses like this with packaging and presentation. I am totaly satisfied. 


Ashley J.

Verified purchase

I am very happy with these Ultra Vision Day Glasses- in fact, I love them. I wear prescription glasses, and these fit easily over them, without any problems. These glasses are the perfect balance of polaroid and amber filter for outdoor activities, and for driving. They cut the glare and enhance contrast without altering the natural color balance of the observed scene. They seem to be well made, and I have not noticed any flimsiness or evidence of poor quality. I have also not noticed any distortion or blurriness caused by these lenses. I would certainly recommend these, without hesitation. The price is also a bargain, for what you get.


Holly N.

Verified purchase

Far better quality than chain store offerings and at a lower price!! I'm very pleased with my entire customer experience. These really sharpen up my vision through my prescription eye glasses and fit over perfectly. The measurements provided in their diagram were completely accurate. For me this is a great solution for my sunglasses as opposed to a second pair made as prescription sunglasses or the self-darkening lenses- MUCH less expensive than either of these options! Totally pleased!!!