Buy One And Get One Free: Adjustable Door Rack

$19.90 $89.99

"This is a great storage solution! I have melasma so I wear hats outside constantly. Since my collection keeps growing, I decided to test this product out. You are given a belt that holds 8 hats. Took me 2 minutes to install. Easy peasy and works like a charm! These 100% for sure fit a standard sized door. I liked it so much I ordered another one the next day..ha! I now have 2 rows on my bedroom door." - Lauren T., NH

Get a great discount on our Adjustable Door Rack while the NEW YEAR SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $89.99.

ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO units for the price of $19.90.


  • This Adjustable Door Rack helps organize your caps, hats, clothes, bags, ties and so on in a neat way
  • Prevents hats from deforming shapes by hanging instead of stacking them up
  • No drilling and no tools needed, it comes with hooks and attaches easily
  • Each set of hat rack consists of nylon webbing, plastic clips, and stainless steel clamp, which are durable and solid
  • Each plastic hook can be adjusted along the nylon rope up to your needs
  • Convenient and practical, and effectively saves space
  • Adjustable from 6 to 8 Feet. Fits 1.5 inch to 1.75 inch door


  • Length: 83.8 inch (213 cm)

We will send you 2x Adjustable Door Racks for the price of one!

10 Reviews

Charlie D.

Verified purchase

This rack does exactly what I need it to do. My doors are extremely well fit to their frames - so I've had numerous over-the-door hooks not allow my doors to close; this has the perfect hanger to fit my door. Makes the hats look much more organized - I love this product.


Robert N.

Verified purchase

I love this product. I have lots of hate (even though I probably shouldn't) and I couldn't figure out where to put them all. This product is perfect. It makes storage a breeze, it's easy to install, and easy to use. Couldn't ask for something better for my hats. Looks exactly as described in the photo. Thank you!


Stella G.

Verified purchase

I bought these for my hats that I didnt want to get worn or torn up by my perfectly! I also put 2 of them on my daughters door for her huge hairbow collection, very well made and served multi purposes.


Sarah T.

Verified purchase

This cap rack is great for storing hats in an organized way. My husband wears baseball hats pretty much everywhere and has amassed quite a collection because of this. He is able to keep all of his hats in great condition and in one place. If you are a fan of hats and want to be able to either display them or keep them in good condition I would say this is the perfect product for you.


Oliver J.

Verified purchase

I was in a huge need of an organizer/storage for my hats. I've collected so many hats that they were just all just laying around everywhere. This solved my problem!! I ended up loving it! Not only does it do a great job of holding all of your hats, it also looks great as decoration for your room. I attached it to my closet door and the hats do not fall off the holder. This product has surpassed my expectations!


Katelyn O.

Verified purchase

I'm calling this one of those products "why didn't I know about this sooner? Took seconds to hang and then a few minutes for me to gather all of my boys' hats and add them. Simple and perfect!


Ashton B.

Verified purchase

Super easy to assemble and works exactly as pictured. I expected it to be less sturdy but none of my hats fall off when I close the door, grab a hat from one of the hooks, or when I brush by them. It's a way better solution than I expected! And, you can actually see everything you have!


Randy A.

Verified purchase

Bought these for my son's new big kid room, and they look great! Easy to use and keeps the hats from becoming clutter! He really likes having it on the wall by his closet. You are definitely better off attaching both top and bottom, so that it stays firm putting hats on and getting them off. I've been thinking of getting more, I think you could use them in narrow places for other things like scarves.


Paige L.

Verified purchase

I need somewhere to display my son's caps and this was exactly what I was looking for. We put it on a wall and it's very sturdy. Installation was a breeze.


Mark H.

Verified purchase

Easy and quick to install. Works by tension on the door leaving no marks and no drilling. Holds onto caps very well without them dropping or marking them. I decided to get this after getting tired of my caps lying all over the house in a chaos. Works perfectly and I love it.