Drain Cleaner Sticks (1 Year Set)

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"They worked immediately on my slow bathroom drain! I've put one in all my bathrooms and the kitchen sink! Wonderful product and will buy again!" - Tracy M., CO

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  • Drain Cleaner sticks are the super concentrated, drain cleaning and sanitation sticks that prevent clogs and bad odors
  • The sticks rests in the pipe-trap and slowly releases a blend of enzymes that break down food, grease and other organic materials
  • Use on any drain in your home, simply drop one in each month
  • Made of 100% powerful enzymes to keep your kitchen, bathroom and utility drains clear of buildup and odor
  • Drain Cleaner Sticks break down and digest organic deposits and grease buildup and are safe for plumbing and septic tanks. No more clogged or smelly drains again with Drain Cleaner Sticks! 
  • Add a new stick each month
  • Safe for use on all drains, safe on septic tanks
  • Keeps water flowing and pipes door-free

8 Reviews

Tracy M.

Verified purchase

They worked immediately on my slow bathroom drain! I've put one in all my bathrooms and the kitchen sink! Wonderful product and will buy again!


Audrey L.

Verified purchase

These things work great! My son's tub was draining really slow. He put one of these in and ran hot water and the tub is draining perfectly. The nice smelling drain is an extra bonus. I will definitely buy these again!


Jim B.

Verified purchase

I have been using this for approximately ten days and unexpectedly have seen significant results. I have used this in some slow draining sinks in my kitchen and bathroom which are now draining much better. I have put it in my bathtub and am expecting to see similar results.


Lilly H.

Verified purchase

We've been using Drain Cleaner sticks in all our sinks for the past 2 months. Prior to using them we had two sinks (kitchen and bathroom) that were beginning to gurgle and drain slower than they should. All sinks are running free now. At this point I think they are doing their job so we will continue. For the sinks that the sticks don't easily slide down I broke the stick in half and they dropped in.


Gayle W.

Verified purchase

These worked great. My kitchen sink and bath tube always seemed to have standing water t o some degree. We should have had stock in Draino but it's been about 3 months with the same sticks and still not a hint of standing or slow moving water.
I just received my second order and I’m still very happy with the Drain Cleaner. I even past out a few for my family to try.


Ken A.

Verified purchase

Recently my granddaughter came to live with us to attend a nearby college. She is a lovely girl who comes with a head full of loooonnngggg hair -- almost to her waist!! I noticed the excess hair in the drain and picked up this item after seeing the demonstration of how it dissolved hair! Took a little finagling to get it in my tub drain, but it worked great. Noticed an immediate difference in drain flow. Put in the sink too, with similar results. Hope it continues to work just this well. Love that it's natural and not harsh to the environment or pipes!!


Rick O.

Verified purchase

Have to say I had my doubts but was willing to try. They work great. My tub hasn't drains this fast in years. Also keeps sinks running clear and free of odors. Will continue to buy these.


Elizabeth A.

Verified purchase

Easy to put in drain. So far didn't have to remove anything to put in my sinks & tub. Smells great!