Drain Stopper and Strainer

$19.90 $89.99

"Works great for my tub when bathing my little ones. Super easy and efficient. Really nice because my girls don't unplug it because it suctions on (they ALWAYS pulled the plug out before). For that alone it'd highly recommend." - Emma B., NY

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  • Our silicone drain stopper can stop water and trash from going down the drain
  • Press the center of the button, the edge will fold up and allow water to pass through and catch clogging items
  • Press the edge, it can close the valve to fill your tub with water
  • Thanks to its flexible design it can shape to fit most basins, sinks, bathtubs, and drains
  • The sinkhole size should be between 1.3 inch and 3.7 inch
  • Holds tightly to the drain without leakage
  • Stain-proof and easy to clean

11 Reviews

Charlotte P.

Verified purchase

We have an older house that is missing the drain plugs in two of the bathrooms and these fit perfectly. They have a good suction, stay put, and don't seem to leak. My pre-schooler also really likes "pushing the button" to drain his bathtub. Perfect solution for my problems!


Aaron M.

Verified purchase

I am so glad this product exists. I just bought a home and the sellers somehow ruined the tub stopper in the guest bath. This is a great alternative. It's soft, so I don't have to worry about the kids injuring themself. The water stays in the tub with no leaks. I've checked it in my kitchen and it worked just as expected! Excellent!!


Donna O.

Verified purchase

 This is the best solution for the bathtub. I have been searching for much for a better hair catcher for my bathtub..i have several dogs I give bath and hair is everywhere with this product. It doesn’t block the water and catches all the hair. Just the best!


Sarah H.

Verified purchase

The stopper in my main bathroom had been broken for awhile. My daughter's bathroom stopper was old and I could not get it clean. She also has long hair and I needed a stopper that would collect her hair. These stoppers have solved both my problems. The suction is good. I am able to get the hair before it goes down the drain and they are easy to clean. Good thing I bought two! Great!


Alexa B.

Verified purchase

I am very surprised by these drain covers. Fits my sink perfect and holds water very well!!!! Catches everything and opens easily with just a push, love these.


Christine K.

Verified purchase

Gear for the kids when they are in the bathtub. They can’t seem to figure out how to unplug them which is perfect. They hold up very nicely. This stopper lets the water flow great too. Highly recommend.


Marty T.

Verified purchase

I mostly use the product open, but I tested it closed and it worked fine as a plug. Let’s water flow nicely but stops other things from falling down the drain. These are awesome! Just what I needed!


Aubree D.

Verified purchase

I like these little guys. They're simple to use: insert them into your tub drain, push the metal "button" on top to open, push the top section down to close, like an umbrella. They fit my drain and keep the drain pretty darn clean. I have hair to my waist, so long hairs are easily stopped from clogging my drain. I'll be giving one to my mother to save her drains, too!


Molly A.

Verified purchase

Great! I can pull the top part up to keep hair from going down the bathtub drain, or pull it back in to plug the drain completely. It fits great in the grain and doesn't slide off as easily as other drain covers I've had, meaning the kids cant accidentally displace it to drain the bathwater. This little purchase makes my life easier!


Charlie L.

Verified purchase

 These stoppers are a god send. I didn’t think they would work with the holes being so large, but they work amazing. They catch more hair than my other mesh drains. With daughters the hair is unthinkable! They also flip easily to create a plug if you wanted a bath. So easy to use and easy to clean. I have tried mine in the kitchen sink too! Will get e few more.


Melanie B.

Verified purchase

I ordered this for my bathtub because eat time I shower and wash my hair the drain becomes clogged. This helps me easily trap hair and clean it out. I have super long and thick hair so this saves me money on drano. I also enjoy taking baths and relaxing every now and then and my old stopper was chrome and would hurt my heal. These silicone ones do not hurt and feel fine when taking a bath and relaxing. I would recommend!