Drill Bit Carpentry Set

$19.90 $89.99

"My husband and I are redoing our basement and these have come in handy more times than I can count. They are the perfect diameter to drill for holes in framing studs, etc. to be able to run wires and small pipes throughout. They clean easily. They feel incredibly sturdy. Excellent bits." - Nicole K., CO

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  • Our Drill Bits are essential tools in any carpentry, DIY, and home repair work
  • They are used for cutting, shaping, grinding and removal of sharp edges, and excess material (deburring) on wood surfaces
  • Drill Bit Carpentry Set will allow you to have the right burr for the job at hand
  • This set includes 5 popular burr shapes: ball, oval, cylinder, large tree, small tree
  • Can be used for grinding, polishing, carving, and furnishing wood surfaces
  • The burrs are made of hardened and tempered, high carbon steel construction with precision-machined cutting teeth for longer life and effective cutting
  • It has 1/4" shanks that fit all electric and cordless drills


  • Dimensions:
    Ball: 39.5 x 13mm/ 1.55 x 0.51 inches
    Oval: 49.5 x 13mm/ 1.95 x 0.51 inches
    Cylinder: 49.5 x 13mm/ 1.95 x 0.51 inches
    Large tree: 54 x 13mm/ 2.12 x 0.51 inches
    Small tree: 45 x 13mm/ 1.77 x 0.51 inches

11 Reviews

Edward P.

Verified purchase

These bits come in a little sack and are of excellent quality! They work really well if you are putting any sort of hole through anything! My son was making a Handmade marble run and so we used these to make holes for the marble track! They worked really well and saves us a lot of time! These drill bits are very handy to have!


Jeremy N.

Verified purchase

I actually purchased these for my son-in-law. He and my daughter like to create their own wood items. I tried it out and it took me a bit to figure it out. Once I was able to get a handle on the way the bits were supposed to work, it was awesome. The tools are sharp, easily installed in the drill and do what they are supposed to do. I do recommend having the wood item secured from movement and using soft wood for best results. I'm very pleased.


Nora L.

Verified purchase

I really liked the way thes Drill bits were easy to use, good quality, and was able to make precise pivots in the medal hanger I was making. Perfect for my project and I'm looking forward to finding more reasons to use them!


Clara D.

Verified purchase

These bits make it so much easier to make your woodworking project mice. So many types can make many different shapes. Can remove rough edges for a more finished look. My husband loves these!


Christian A.

Verified purchase

I purchased these bits for my Dremel to use for wood carving. It is a nice set. The bits are sharp, of various shapes as shown and work well for wood carving. I believe that they will be long lasting. I would recommend these bits for any wood carving applications. A great purchase.


Travis H.

Verified purchase

Each Burr is shaped to fit different angles or situations, my personal favorite being the tall cylinder cut Burr for helping shape out and grind hand made pipes. These Burrs fit my Dremmel tool and have held up to the tasks that have been placed before them. The quality feels similar to that of high grade and the cuts of each bit make you feel that they have been designed with precision. Great!


Richard B.

Verified purchase

I'm starting a small workshop where I make from small furniture to pendandats. I bought these burrs specifically for wood carvings and boy am I satisfied. As they arrived I took a good look at them and they look very well machined. They felt sharp enough to cut you if you're not careful. Works amazing!


Don K.

Verified purchase

Love these bits !! They are durable worked great for all my wood working projects! They last a long time with no dulling or chips. I'm pretty tough on them and my set is still in perfect condition as if I just got them. I would say this was the best value for your money maybe even the best price on this kind of bit set out there!! Will be buying more!!


Spencer P.

Verified purchase

Used several of these bits to carve tree branches on a bonsai tree. They worked well - cut cleanly, did not bounce around or grab. The cutting rate was a pretty good balance between aggressive and fine work. Carved areas were as smooth as I expected them to be. Perfect!


Hazel V.

Verified purchase

Hubby finally got to use these a couple of times. He says they are great. Using them to carve out of a piece of log. Just what he was looking for. Very aggressive. Project is looking good!


Lucy I.

Verified purchase

I got these for my husband who uses his dremel for hobbies as well as projects around our home. He loves this set and it was a great value. Everything seems to be holding up well, and we would recommend them to our friends.