Professional Dumpling Maker Set

$19.90 $89.99

"These are absolutely awesome, my daughter and I made two different sizes of empanadas. Made over 65 empanadas in a fraction of the time it normally takes me. I would usually use a fork to seal the empanadas. It's so much easier and faster to use this dumpling maker!" -  Emma K., MD

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  • The molds are ideal for creating dumplings, calzones, pierogi, fruit pies, etc.
  • You can use homemade or store-bought dough and wrappers with these molds and have a finished product in a very short time
  • Just need to flip up the maker to seal your dumplings with the perfect shape
  • The curvature of the product surface ensures comfortable usage
  • Crimped edge design makes sure dough seals tight
  • Gives your pastry a professional look
  • Dishwasher safe

12 Reviews

Olivia D.

Verified purchase

I needed something to help while making Empanadas and they fit the bill. It did a beautiful job of crimping and sealing the pastry. I plan to use the smaller ones eventually for making small fruit tarts. So glad that I ordered these as they were just what I needed. Love them!


Nathan M.

Verified purchase

I loved how easy this product is to use, and how it comes in three different sizes. Made making empanadas so easy, and ravioli too. I think I’ll try dumplings next. Also makes great fruit pies and calzones. Very easy to clean too. Definitely recommend.


Peter C.

Verified purchase

Literally helps so much!!I have rheumatoid arthritis so it's very hard for me to make empanada the traditional way (using a fork to press the ends down). These press do a great down at keeping the empanadas closed and does it all very quickly... as well as I'm able to add more filling than usual. Great!


Shelby H.

Verified purchase

My mother and I wanted to make fruit pies for everyone last year for Christmas gifts. These dough press "empanada/pierogie" makers made the job so much quicker and easier for us. We loved using them. They come in a variety of sizes so we could make big or little or individual. They are plastic so it was a simple matter to rinse them off and wipe when we wanted to switch fruit toppings. An inexpensive way to simplify and speed up your pie making!


Camila B.

Verified purchase

Perfect for pierogies! We used the small size and they are about twice the size of a normal pierogies, but everyone loved them! Cant wait to try empanadas and mini pies! So much can be made with these!


Bella L.

Verified purchase

As a lifelong lover of empanadas I jumped at the opportunity to get a press to make the rolling and pressing process fast and easy. Since it comes with three different sizes, I really enjoyed being able to make the tiny empanadas for my daughter. Very happy with this purchase!


Molly R.

Verified purchase

I absolutely love this product. I prefer making my own dough when I make empanadas and this thing made them look beautiful like I was a professional chef. It's super easy and saves time when assembling your empanadas. I highly recommend buying this awesome set.


Robert N.

Verified purchase

I bought these for my son-in-law, and after tasting some of his creations I decided to order them for me too. It will be fun to serve them to company. Great!


Lydia J.

Verified purchase

Great kitchen tool! Very, very good. If you like to make "empanadas" or "meat pie" this is the item to buy. Very easy to use, very easy to clean and very easy to store.


Christina H.

Verified purchase

I make thousands of empanadas a week and I am truly amazed at how durable and reliable this presser is. I use the medium one for regular sized empanadas.


Mary T.

Verified purchase

Made empanadas this weekend and these worked perfectly! Used the small and medium size. The dough press was easy to use and the empanadas sealed great. Love this set!


Rebecca G.

Verified purchase

I used to buy the frozen empanadas, but now that I have these three dough press sets, I am the queen of the party, everyone likes what I do now. Also perfect for quick calzones or deserts!