Microwave Egg Poacher

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"Eggstrodinary! Just got it today and had to try it out. Worked perfectly. A little cooking spray, two minutes in the microwave on half power, perfectly poached eggs. Cleans in seconds. A must own if you like eggs without cleaning pots and pans. Great way to add protein to other meals." - Donna B., OK

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  • This handy microwave cooker makes it easy to poach eggs for topping noodle dishes, salads, eggs Benedict and more
  • Simply add hot water to the fill line, crack an egg into each cup using the built-in cracking ridge, cover, and microwave until eggs reach the desired texture
  • Individual colanders allow you to drain and serve eggs with ease
  • The included lid keeps everything in place until ready to cook
  • Great for breakfast, desk lunches, quick weeknight meals and more
  • Dishwasher safe, so just use it and place it in the dishwasher without any worries


  • Dimensions: 8.66 inch (22 cm) x 4.13 inch (10.5 cm)

11 Reviews

Charlize G.

Verified purchase

I've bought 5 of these so far and introduced this to my friends at work and they have bought. So awesome to crack two eggs in it and cook in 55 sec. (depending) on your microwave) I love it! I have one for my beach house as well, work, and home and bough some for family members.


Anna B.

Verified purchase

Best ever! The other night I made some fried potatoes with bacon. I used this to make some poached eggs to go on top! It was so quick- it was the last thing I had to cook! Add some salt and pepper after draining and you got it made! I might have to get a second one. Amazing!


Miles K.

Verified purchase

Personally, I hate dirtying dishes for small, simple breakfasts I make. Most typically, I fry eggs using a bit of olive oil or bacon fat in order to get a luxurious depth to my eggs in the morning, but if I don't feel like doing all of that, I'm comfortable with using this quick egg poacher for an breakfast burrito. I toss a few dregs of water into the slots, crack open an egg, and microwave for about 50 seconds to get a fairly decent, cooked-through egg that I can quickly toss into a tortilla with some turkey or ham I have, and cheese to let it melt with the residual heat. It shaves off a bit of time most mornings, so it's definitely a welcomed addition. Love it!


Victoria M.

Verified purchase

I got two delicious eggs for breakfast, they smell really good! This egg poacher is very helpful for breakfast! I will recommend it to my friends.


Amelia H.

Verified purchase

This egg poacher is the go-to microwave egg cooker in our household. It's used at least weekly. It will perfectly cook eggs within 80-90 seconds (I use 80% power for the eggs), and it can also be used to make "mini-omelets" by combining stirred egg with herbs and cheese before microwaving. My favorite trick for having a quick breakfast is to cook a cut-up slice of bacon in one side and an egg (or mini-omelet) in the other side, while simultaneously toasting bread in the toaster. The result is a perfect egg sandwich -- finished in less than two minutes.


Hannah O.

Verified purchase

Great egg cooker! All I do is squirt a very small amount of oil and grease the wells and place my eggs in the microwave oven for 55 seconds and my eggs are just the way that I like them! Great aid for cholesterol control and weight control. Sometimes, I will use one egg, mix with a wee bit of milk and fill both wells with one egg. Turns out great every time! 


Edward T.

Verified purchase

I am always trying to find things to help have breakfast fast and this works great. Because I am a diabetic, eggs are an essential part of my diet but I don't have a lot of time in the morning and this makes it easy and fast and cleans easily. Great kitchen tool!


Nicholas B.

Verified purchase

This egg cooker is fantastic for cooking eggs in the microwave. Easy to use and easy to clean. Great for people who don’t like to cook and don’t want to have to have to clean a pan afterward.


Lauren J.

Verified purchase

Wasn't sure if I would like this, but I absolutely love it now!! It's simple to use and simple to clean. Best of all though, it cooks two poached eggs perfectly and quickly in the microwave. Now it's quick and easy to have nutritious poached eggs on toast!!


Christopher A.

Verified purchase

Worked amazingly. Poached eggs perfectly. I spread a little butter in the silcone tray and crack the eggs then pierced the egg yolk. Micowaved them for about 1 min and 40 seconds. Perfect eggs!


Carrie M.

Verified purchase

I love poached eggs and this makes them a snap to whip up. Perfect for a dorm room microwave breakfast. Perfect for making the perfect poached eggs anywhere!