Emergency Ultrabright Lantern

$29.90 $109.99

"These came handy when we lost power for four days. It gives off great light and so easy to use. Even smaller kids can use this without getting hurt. I would recommend for power lost or camping. I want to purchase more just to have." - Michelle B., FL

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  • Includes 3 Ultrabright LED bulbs designed for a longer lifespan. Carry 360° of luminous light while saving energy (batteries not included)
  • Made of high-grade, durable plastic to last you anywhere you go
  • The extremely lightweight build allows you to take your Emergency lantern on the go with ease. When not in use collapse the lantern to a smaller size for storage 
  • Light up to 12 hours of regular, continuous use with enough battery capacity


  • Lumen: 60LM
  • Product Weight: 9.14 oz
  • Battery: 3 AAA 1.5 V batteries

14 Reviews

Vanessa F.

Verified purchase

I bought these in preparation for Hurricane Irma. I live in Tampa Bay Florida and was directly affected. I cannot believe how bright these lanterns are! The are small, but pack a big punch. They take 3 AA batteries. I love that they can be used as a lantern or a flashlight. We lost power for a few days, and using the lantern side, one lantern was able to light up my entire living room. I highly recommend these.


Katherine V.

Verified purchase

Gave 15 sets as Christmas Gifts and everyone that received them was very impressed with the LED Camping Lanterns. My husband leaves the Christmas gifts for my male members of the family up to me every year. I also purchased 5 more sets after Christmas because several of my daughters wanted a pair. They are so bright. My one daughter is a State Trooper and she will use them when working on night shift to light any area that she has to have stopped for any length of time. Great product and well worth the price.


James T.

Verified purchase

I bought these ahead of Hurricane Irma to have in case the power went out. They worked great to light up a small room and even my large living room when I went out there a couple of times after the storm. The mechanism to turn on and off by pulling the light up out of the base is genius. They store really well thanks to the size.

I use these fairly often now instead of my regular flashlights when working on repairs in my home. They’re super bright and easy to hang by the handles. Haven’t had to change batteries once. I would definitely recommend these for emergency prep.


Michelle B.

Verified purchase

These came handy when we lost power for four days. It gives off great light and so easy to use. Even smaller kids can use this without getting hurt. I would recommend for power lost or camping. I want to purchase more just to have.


Carol L.

Verified purchase

Very bright!!! It's bright like a lighthouse beacon. It will light up a dark closet or a whole room. Perfect supply for a hurricane and/or power outage, compact, storable lantern. 


Jack W.

Verified purchase

Two things I like about these lanterns. 1. They are very bright. 2. The price is unbeatable for this amount of light from such a small lantern. I would recommend these.


Heather S.

Verified purchase

Saved us during the 5 day power outage for Hurricane Irma! Much better than a flashlight. So bright it can light up a whole room.


John M.

Verified purchase

I bought these for hurricane season and they got us through the 3 days of no power with Irma. Only had to change the batteries once since my 4 year old used as a night light one night. Great deal!


Chris G.

Verified purchase

These were smaller then expected but after I put the batteries in and opened it I was very satisfied. Very good brightness and looks good. easily stored and carried if need be. Won't wear you down if you attached it to your bag with a hook either.. Love them. Ordered 4!


Ann E.

Verified purchase

So glad I ordered these! They actually arrived after the hurricane hit us. We didn't have power for about a week, so these lanterns were amazing! A bonus- they use smaller batteries, so when the stores ran out of C and D batteries I could still buy batteries to power these lanterns!


Frank Z.

Verified purchase

Very bright light for its size and it provides a way to hang it from one's ceiling especially if on a home's back yard deck or camping.The LED will keep it going for years! Great design in my opinion.


Jim R

Verified purchase

I purchased these for family back home in another country. They do not have electricity. And until I can coordinate that process with their home, I went looking for an immediate alternative. I found this product. I was at first surprised by the size but when I tried one myself, I was blown away by the power. Long story short, they were sent to my cousin who received them well and it turns out the size really helped with international shipping. These lights are helping so very much and if they can help with my situation, I can only imagine how they would operate for camping or short term emergencies. I am so grateful, thankful and happy that I came across this product.


Cindy T.

Verified purchase

I bought these for power outages, but we have used them for walking through the woods at camp as well. Note it is not a flash light, but a lantern. We set them up around our property outside when we took late evening walks (because it was too hot to walk during the day). I would recommend! Everyone who has seen them in use has commented on them!


Bill P.

Verified purchase

Because of the power outages we've had lately (after the hurricane in PR), this has been a lifesaver! They are very bright and light up a whole room!