Mini Waterproof Android Endoscope Camera

$39.90 $139.99

"A few weeks ago my son dropped my wedding band down our drain. We ordered this camera so my husband could find exactly where the ring ended up. It was a clear shot, hooked up easily to my cell phone making it an easier to find the ring. process to take the plumbing apart to get my ring out without having to call a plumber." - Michelle S., NY

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  • The endoscope is a perfect tool to help you find out the problem. Fit for surveying pipes, equipments, furnishing installation, underwater viewing, parts assembly, construction sites, workshops, laboratories, education, wildlife surveillance, car maintenance and repairing, hard-to-reach areas.
  •  The endoscope has 1.5M/5ft long flexible USB cable. Perfect to connect the android phones or computers. You can adjust the brightness of the camera LED light with handle knob.
  • Able to capture snapshot images or videos


  • Camera: IP66 waterproof - 0.3MP   
  • Resolution: 640 x 480 
  • Camera Diameter: 7mm 
  • LED Light: 6 adjustable LED 
  • Focal distance: 3-6CM


10 Reviews

Lucy T.

Verified purchase

My husband has a 90 gallon corner fish tank and a screw fell in the back corner of the tank where it's hard to get to. We put the probe back there and it worked great so we can see exactly where the screw was so we can use a magnet to get the screw. This is very easy to use and was very helpful to us.


Thomas R.

Verified purchase

For the money you can't beat this, trust me if you are a budget DIY'er make the jump you won't regret it. I was skeptical,but this has proven valuable. You could discover damages, issues, etc on a home that could save you $1000's in future damage.


Jane K.

Verified purchase

OK, I'm a gadget lover....and this is one to love! I have been trying to diagnose a mechanical problem, and wondered why, when doctors can put a camera inside a living body that will transmit pictures good enough to be useful for diagnosis, surely, a camera is available for mechanics too. The low price makes it well worth trying out, and I was amazed with the technology that I found in the package. In about 10 minutes, I saw a clear, clean picture of parts in action, that assures my they are working right. Having several other places demanding my old eyes to see what is inside while the thing is running, and with this camera, I can do it.


Arthur L.

Verified purchase

I am amazed on how this endoscope works, it blows my mind. great build quality! almost 5 feet long great for anyone trying to see or get to a problem in really small hard to reach spots. It works with windows and android software. Theres a light too so you can see in the dark areas and its all WATER PROFF!


Mike E.

Verified purchase

Contractor wanted to cut a 1ft Sq hole in the drywall but I used the borescope instead and found a large duct running through the wall. Patched small hole with putty and was done. Could use a stronger light though.


Charles N.

Verified purchase

Quite a nice tool for such a reasonable price. Worked great with the CameraFi app and I was able to inspect behind some drywall for potential mold. It saved me from cutting a large inspection hole. I can see many other uses when fixing things around the house or my vehicle.


Lou W.

Verified purchase

Amazing, especially for this low price. The camera has a built-in light with adjustable brightness, the cord is plenty long enough for almost any application, and it's simple to use. Pictures are crystal clear and it gives you the ability to take snap shots of whatever the camera sees. I'm using an old outdated Android phone (Galaxy S3) for the monitor and it works perfectly. Highly recommended. One of the coolest tools I own now!


Ken M.

Verified purchase

I purchased this USB borescope to find the mold behind my bathroom. But then I lost my wedding ring in the draining in the sink. And this borescope with hook helped me to get it back. I would recommend this product to my friends any day. Thank you!


Randy Q.

Verified purchase

I used this to get into some of the harder to reach places to get some pictures and video. Easy to connect, and operate. I thought the extension was long enough as well. Great find to overcome some odd questions. Told one of my friends about it and now he wants to borrow mine to see if there mold in his wall after some water damage. The uses are endless for me.


Thomas M.

Verified purchase

When I saw this, I immediately thought about my dad, and didn't hesitate in ordering this for him. Let me tell you a little something about my dad. He is a true handy man. He fixed everything and will refuse to hire anyone to do something that he says he can do on his own or research on YouTube lol. I thought this camera was perfect for him, and he loves it. He uses this camera every chance he can get. According to him, the camera works great.