Portable Hands-Free Neck Fan

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"I got this for my husband, we live in Texas. Its hecka hot. My poor husband has to work outside in this insane heat. He needs his hands when working, this is perfect for that! He can just have this around his neck and 2 fans blowing on him. He says it really helps him not be so hot. For the price this is great!!" - Susan R., TX

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  • Introducing the revolutionary Portable Hands-Free Neck Fan that keeps you cool no matter how hot the weather
  • Feel the cool, chilly breeze with the powerful, whisper-quiet dual fans that can be adjusted to blast cool air in any direction
  • Designed to be worn as a comfortable neckband, you can keep your hands free while you do any activity like running, gardening, camping, construction work, etc.
  • Twist and rotate the fans to any angle
  • Place it on the desk for a compact fan that blows quiet air in any direction
  • Adjust the appropriate fan speed by simply pressing the power button (3 wind speed modes)
  • High powered and long-lasting lithium battery powered by USB. When fully charged, it can be operated for up to 6-10 hours
  • Press the solar button to change the light color, The rainbow lights are cool at night and are perfect for night runners

11 Reviews

Rachel D.

Verified purchase

I bought this to use for a trip to Disneyland in August and it is perfect. Very light and it's so easy to adjust the fan speed. There are 3 fan speeds and the strongest is really strong. I'm really excited to try it out in hot weather.

Linda V.

Verified purchase

It works well as described. I used it when I go for a walk yesterday for an hour. It’s hot lately and this fan helped! The weight is light so I put it around my neck. The noise is not that loud as I thought so it’s fine. I used it for one hour and still have battery left so as far I love it!

Randy W.

Verified purchase

I don't typically do reviews but this thing has saved my life. I work in an automotive factory and was looking for a solution for the heat. For me, i can get it to last throughout my entire 12 hour shift (on low setting) as long as i charge it during my 10 min breaks and my 45 min lunch. Don't get the other "in-shirt fans", etc - this blows a decent amount of air directly where it matters most.

Mike C.

Verified purchase

Awesome awesome awesome! This fan has some super powers! It's pretty much like sticking your face in 2 tiny hurricanes. It has 3 settings and charges via micro usb; chord included. The neck band is padded nicely, sweat resistant and wipes clean easily with a baby wipe!

The fans are easily adjusted to the angle you need or want and hold steady with normal movement. The bonus feature for me was the little piece of cottonish material inside each fan that you can put air freshener or perfume on and it blows it through to scent the air around. 

Annie S.

Verified purchase

 I do not have a lot of room on my desk, so this personal fan is the best. There are three speeds and you can really feel the air even on the lowest speed. The heads are completely adjustable and you can add essential oils to the pads that come with if you want aromatherapy. When I am working outside on the yard, the first thing I do when I come in is put this around my neck. I love the fact it is rechargeable and I can easily charge with a USB cable. It's a great little fan and it's quiet too!!

Roy H.

Verified purchase

A great little personal fan with 3 speeds it helps keep me cool while I am doing yard work. It has two little pads that you can put essential oils of a fragrance to add a pleasant scent while using the fan. The battery lasts me 8 hours on medium speed.

Allison M.

Verified purchase

My husband loves this! Has low and high settings , he keeps it on high. He is a lawn tech outside all day Florida heat 10 hours days. It’s been really hard to find something to help feel somewhat cool. It’s plastic around your neck but doesn’t suffocate you. It’s the right quality type product.

Jane P.

Verified purchase

Just received it today and I am in love. It was 95 degrees today so I wore it while doing laundry and I was able to stay cool. It also worked great when I attached it to my double stroller. Both kids had their own fan and there was NO FIGHTING!! Mom Win 100%

Joseph S.

Verified purchase

Our last trip to the theme park my older kids kept stealing the little one's stroller fan. I saw some people walking around with these personal fans. I bought one to try it out and it works great! It lasted the whole day on the charge out of the box (because none of us thought to charge it before going!) We all took turns using it, it wasn't heavy and definitely help cool you down!

Cindy R.

Verified purchase

Great personal fan . My kids and I love it . It’s nice small lightweight and great speeds.... also a great product just the fan without use oils .. for my 230 English mastiff so she doesn’t over heat

Charlie J.

Verified purchase

I gave this to my daughter for her birthday and she loves it! So cool that you can use it for aromatherapy as well! We live in FL, and it's very HOT!! Very happy with this purchase!