Retractable Dog Fence

$44.90 $129.99

"This retractable dog fence works great for us. I am now able to work with my study room door open without my dogs disturbing me. The material is great, easy to set up and clean. Most of all because it's very handy we always take this with us whenever we go on vacation - helps us keep our fur babies safe." - Joanna V., PA

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  • Easy to clean
  • Elegant color and stylish design
  • Non-toxic, safe and environment-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable to meet all your on-the-go needs
  • Completely assembled for immediate use. No tools required
  • Unique woven barrier that easily retracts to fully or partially quick pass-through
  • Built with tough partially see-through woven mesh fabric woven to withstand abuse from pets
  • Pet safety enclosure perfect for doorways, between walls, or stairwells, indoors and outdoors


  • Dimensions: 28.34 x 43.31 inch
  • Weight: 11.28 oz
  • Color: Black


  • 4x Sticky hooks
  • 2x Extendable sticks
  • 1x Retractable dog fence mesh

10 Reviews

Alex D.

Verified purchase

Love it! No swinging gate taking up space; easy to install and use; attractive minimalist design. Look at my dog. He will not jump on my bed any more-I allow him to stay in my room but not on my bed, especially when I need a good rest. I hightly recomment this because 1. It does it' s job well. 2. The price is right. 3. Great customer service and 4. It's made from tough material.


Jasper F.

Verified purchase

Fits just right! My dogs are not allowed upstairs for their own safety-especially when I am not at home. I used to block the stairs with our some chairs but it wasn't effective. I'm so glad I found this online. I also take this with me whenever me and my 2 dogs visit my parents.


Helena A.

Verified purchase

That's my buddy down there. He likes going upstairs and playing inside every room that he can get into. Now that we have this dog fence, we no longer have to worry about him making a mess in our rooms. Don't get me wrong, I love my dog, we just don't have the time to keep on cleaning his mess. By the way, this fence is sturdy.


Holly U.

Verified purchase

The quality is excellent. It works great for keeping our dogs isolated to a specific area of the house with us so we can keep a better eye on him so he doesn't get himself into trouble. Highly recommended!


Alicia G.

Verified purchase

Thanks to this Retractable Dog Fence my fur babies are safer. I can now keep them from getting out of the house without anyone to look after them. I once lost my cute pug-Ellie, I was so glad when I got her back but I never want that to happen again. This one is good at keeping my fur babies inside the house!


Roland C.

Verified purchase

This thing is my favorite! This fence work wonderful in my house to keep the dog out of rooms he is not allowed in to when no one is home, but make it super easy to be able travel back and forth between rooms when we are home! I wish I found thid years ago! Life changing! I enjoy my home so much more now that I don't have to climb over dogs gates every where.


Mary V.

Verified purchase

Got my order! Awesome quality, easy to install and most of all it's good at keeping my dogs out of the dirty kitchen. I just love it! Now I can cook without getting tripped because my dogs always follows me wherever I go. I'm thinking of ordering another one for my work area.


Camille N.

Verified purchase

This keeps both my little boy and my pup safe. No more climbing the stairs for both of them! The sticky hooks sticks so well and the mesh is durable that even when my son tries to pull it the fence stays in tact. Great help for a busy mom like me!


Ronnie N.

Verified purchase

Great quality! I got three of these Retractable Dog Fence because we have some areas in our house that are off limits to our puppies. Does the job! 


Howard L.

Verified purchase

Works like magic! The hook sticks firmly keeping the mesh fence in place. It keeps my dog from getting upstairs when we are not home and also keeps my baby safe when we are upstairs. Anyone who wants to keep their pets and kids safe should get this.