Filippo Le Roux Fork Thermometer

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"My dear Husband is the master at ruining a steak. I am a true medium rare gal and I had enough of over-cooked or raw steak, so I bought him this for Christmas. He's delighted with the features and the signal that lets him know he is finished cooking . I am delighted because now I will no longer have sleepless nights plotting his untimely demise." - Emma R., Florida

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  • With the Filippo Le Roux Fork Thermometer you'll never over or under-cook meat ever again!
  • Simply select which meat you're cooking and how you want it cooked, stick the prongs in and the Fork Thermometer will tell you the temperature of the food and whether or not it's done. 
  • The thermometer includes settings for cooking beef, lamb, veal, chicken and turkey, so you'll be able to use it no matter what you're cooking.
  • The easy to read display ensures that you'll always know the status of your meat, giving you perfection every time.


  • Probe Lenght: 4.92 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel Probes
  • Weight: 0.1875lbs
  • Dimensions: 13.78 x 1.3 x 0.79 inches

6 Reviews

Julia M.

Verified purchase 

Great for knowing if your meat is fully cooked, before taking it off your heat source. No more guessing. Easy to use and read!! 


Charlie J.

Verified purchase

This digital thermometer meat fork is cool.  It comes with an instruction sheet and it is fairly simple to use. Install the batteries, switch to Fahrenheit or Celsius, press the Meat button to select the type of meat you are cooking, then press the Taste button to choose WellDone/Medium/MediumRare/Rare. Note: you can't choose Rare Chicken, obviously so those options would apply to certain meats. Remove the safety caps and poke your meat. The temperature shown is the current temp; it beeps audibly when your meat reaches the selected 'taste' doneness. It has a blue backlight so it is good if you are out at a dark barbeque and need to see it. 


Veronica B.

Verified purchase

This Filippo Le Roux Fork Thermometer was a TERRIFIC addition to our Thanksgiving!  We used it to test the temperatures on our turkey and ham, and also the side dishes to make sure they were hot in the middle. What an interesting gadget! It was easy to use right out of the package! I love the light up digital display as well as the meat selection - perfect! The handle is a nice size and is easy for even smaller hands to manipulate. I've always used regular thermometers and they never quite yield the results that I'm looking for. With his nicely sized display, I'll never overcook again! 


Mark J.

Verified purchase

I do a lot of cooking and I am actually a little bit surprised that I hadn't thought to get a digital thermometer built into a carving fork before. This smart little device is excellent and extremely simple to use. COULD'NT DO WITHOUT IT. Would recommend.


Jane K.

Verified purchase

Love this instant read meat thermometer as it not only has two long probes but also cooking modes.  We don't like single probe cheap plastic small folding thermometers as we have tried many of them but each one broke after few uses or never gave us correct reading.  This is absolutely a winner, we have tried it on beef, chicken and lamb so far and every time we got instant accurate reading.  We use the Celsius reading but it also has Fahrenheit. The display is quite large and very easy to read. Overall, we love this product. Highly Recommended!!!


Lucy K.

Verified purchase

So happy to have this thermometer!  We have an old regular one but doesn't work the same way as this. Grille perfect has all the features you need when grilling meat from beef, lamp, pork, chicken and turkey. It's 16 inches long with 2 dual stainless steel fork for turning and accurate temperature readings and has an easy to grip non-slip handle. The thermometer has a digital display screen that can read the temperature in 4-8 seconds and at the back you can choose from Centigrade or Fahrenheit. It has an option on what kind of taste/doneness indicator that you can choose from rare, medium rare, medium and well done. I usually like it medium rare so whenever we use this it makes things easier to grill and make it perfect as how we want it to taste and look like.  My husband usually does the grilling outside the house and he sometimes over or under grill it so it kinda sucks when that happens but now that his using this thermometer we no longer wonder if it's cooked or not.  We trust the thermometer and he loved it a lot! I do the indoor and very happy to have this in the kitchen. One great feature of this is that it also have an alarm sound when it's done and the LCD blinks when the meat has reached the tenderness you want for your meat so less worries for me especially grilling chicken legs. We usually don't get to cook chicken legs properly so now that we purchased this, life has been much easier. By the way, it does include instruction manual and a safety cover at the end of the fork. So far we didn't have problem with it so Totally worth it!!!!