Firewood Log Carrier

$59.90 $179.99

"Well constructed and extremely sturdy. The long handles with padded velcro grip makes it easy to carry by hand or shoulder. I usually use this to bring firewood inside our home during cold weather and it has been a great help. I get twice as much wood with each trip, and the carrier reduces dirt/debris on my clothes and tracked thru the house. Would buy it again in a heartbeat!!"- George S., CO

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  • Portable and convenient size
  • Handmade from heavy waxed canvas making it water and mud resistant
  • Adjustable central strap for securing and tightening the wood logs keeping the bundle neat and tight inside the firewood log tote bag
  • Durable long handles with padded velcro grip  that makes collecting and carrying heavy loads on the shoulder an easier and comfortable carry


  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Canvas
  • Weight: 13.76 oz
  • Dimensions: 39 x 18 inch

9 Reviews

Victor S.

Verified purchase

This really helps carrying a good amount of logs in for the fire. The other plus is it keeps wood debris from getting into the house as all the chips and splinters stay in the carrier. The carrier material seems sturdy enough. I'm sure I'll be using this for several years.


Adam B.

Verified purchase

We use this to haul firewood inside whenever it's cold. I like to fill it with logs of diffrent sizes. It holds a good many, and keeps me from having to make so many trips out in the cold to fetch more. It seems to be strong enough, and doesn't fall apart with every scratch. We are happy with this purchase, and would recommend it. 


Jason A.

Verified purchase

I've been heating with wood for about 40 years and this is THE BEST log carrier I've ever found. I just bought my third, and will try to pick up a 4th while they're still readily available.
Many years of wood baskets, wood hoops and cradle-carriers left us with the usual mess of twigs, splinters, bark and sawdust pretty much scattered all over the "wood-to-woodstove route" but this enclosed carrier eliminates all of that particular mess. I keep one within reach inside near the stove and two loaded and ready to go just outside the door. I switch them as needed and bring in a couple in the evening so as to have good supply of wood available.

Really nice materials, rugged construction and perfectly sized to hold "enough wood but not too much of a load" means that my wife also finds the loaded tote bag manageable and especially easy to fill. She's very happy to have almost no mess either. Nice product: best I've found.


Jimmy Y.

Verified purchase

Exactly what I needed! I received this today and immediately put it to work. We use 16" trims for firewood in our home. This firewood log carrier was the perfect size to load up and carry down the stairs. I filled our indoor stack in the basement in approximately 20 minutes. This looks like it will last! It is durable. Great value!!!


Rosemary C.

Verified purchase

The design of this Firewood Log Carrier is perfect. It is large enough to fit the amount of wood that I want to carry and it seems extremely durable. Haven't tested it out during the winter yet, but from what I have felt and used so far, this product is extremely well made. The waxed canvas makes it feel extremely durable and not flimsy. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking.


Melanie I.

Verified purchase

This has a durable and quality feel. There is like a waxy cover that adds to the rugged feel. It is a good size, small enough to handle and large enough to carry in a load of wood. Has a better quality than just a canvas carrier. This is thick and more solid than the 'canvas' carrier we had before that wasn't treated with wax. Can't wait to bring this on our next camping trip.


Robert J.

Verified purchase

Excellent product all around!
Stitching is solid as the canvas and it holds more than enough wood.
I formerly preferred leather carriers, however this product gave me a change of heart.
If you are familiar with military Sea bags or flak jackets, I would compare it to that canvass. Ridiculously wear resistant and long lasting.
Highly recommend.


Maverick P.

Verified purchase

I'm a photographer. Most of the time I take photos of nature and spend a lot of time in the woods and cabins. I carry this with me whenever I travel because of it's portable design. Ever since I had this I can easily gather firewood logs or sticks whenever I need to make a bonfire, cook outdoors or simply warm my self inside a cabin. 


Joy D.

Verified purchase

This firewood carrier is a big help. It makes carrying logs/firewood easier and prevents mess. The material is tough it can stand bumps and wood scratches. The stitches are awesome. Great investment!