Fish Catnip Toy

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"Once the package came, I opened it with two of my four cats all over the inside packet with the fish in it. After getting the fish out, I had all four cats watching. They were rolling it and hugging it. I laughed my head off. The fish toy is such a good size for adult cats, plus they are slightly fuzzy. Each has a tiny zipper in their belly for catnip, which comes with the fishes. Now the fish game is all over the house. I'm ordering more." - Caroline N., KY

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  • Watch your cat go ecstatic once they dig their claws into this soft life-sized fish plush, filled with Catnip
  • It is a good away-toy which brings your cat a pleasure & feel less lonely when you are not around
  • Stuffed with dense elastic cotton which makes the fish ultra soft and comfortable for cats to cuddle or resting the head on it
  • Made of durable fabric & PP elastic cotton with fine stitching to prevent your cats from biting the fish toy into two. Safe for chewing, biting, clawing & kicking
  • With its zipper pouch you can refill catnip to give endless happiness to your cats

11 Reviews

Lydia O.

Verified purchase

I barely got one fish out of the vacuum sealed bag it came in and my cat immediately attacked the fish and started going bonkers lol, the other kitty started trying to steal his fish! So I would say excellent quality catnip! Love the size of the fish because they can really grab ahold and kick with their back feet! Quality seems really nice and looks like they will last a long time. Very happy!


Rachel B.

Verified purchase

Every cat NEEDS this!!! My kitten caught a glimpse of a fish as I was getting it out of the package and she sat with anticipation and excitement until I threw it to her. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!! Plus she thinks she’s a dog, so she keeps bringing a fish to me to play fetch! Ha!


Riley N.

Verified purchase

This was hilarious to get for my sisters little kittens! The catnip in them drove the cats crazy and the were rolling all over the fish, playing tug of war and carrying it off to their bed like prize catches. We just watched in complete amusement. Best toy!


Valeria T.

Verified purchase

My cat has been hunting this fish for hours, lol. It is soft, nice for her to bite, carry around and snap. My cat likes to babysit her toys, so funny. She won't tear up this fish easily, it's good for big cats, cause this is a big fish! If you have a cat - you should get it!


Nora R.

Verified purchase

These cat toy is fantastic! It makes my day to see my cat carrying it around the house. It is well-made and have just enough catnip to keep my cat interested. Thanks to whoever came up with this design. My favorite cat toy ever!


Braxton A.

Verified purchase

My kitty loved this! He went crazy as soon as i held it infront of him, and then went to town playing with it, tossing it, and rubbing his face all over. His crazy for catnip. Cool toy!


Cindy T.

Verified purchase

When I first opened the package, I almost tossed it away from me, because dang, this fish look like fish. It has been really fun for the cats and they knock it around all over the house. One of the nice things, too, is that the fish don't hurt when you step on it in the middle of the night. I'm happy!


Ann T.

Verified purchase

Aaaaa how cute is this?! I think I love this fish more than my cat do. I enjoy seeing it laying about the house. I've opened the fish and replaced some stuffing with catnip and my cats hunt on it for days! Cutest cat toys!


Maria K.

Verified purchase

My black kitty is very picky about toys. She loved this fish as soon as I opened it! Over the past week, we've been playing a game of "find the fishie" where I put it in spots around the house and she finds it and brings them up to our bedroom for "dinner" throughout the day. It's extra cute that she meows to make sure we notice the gift. Awesome!


Patrick M.

Verified purchase

This fish is the best! Cat loves it. Our cat sleeps with it as cuddle buddy. They are a large enough size that he can hold and play with them and apparently have the catnip smell. I'm one happy cat dad.


Olivia G.

Verified purchase

Our kitty is OBSESSED with this!! She wants to hold it all the time, she’s 12 years old and I swear this fish makes her act even more like a kitten again!! Her new favorite toy, she literally brings it to bed!