Premium Solar Fountain Kit

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"Took it out of the box while sitting in the shade outback, and it started running while I was reading the manual! Just from a few minutes of shaded sunlight! Walked over and plopped it in the bird bath in direct sun, and it immediately was up and running, with full power! AWESOME!" - Ken S., TX

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  • Runs solely on sun, eco-friendly
  • Made up of highly efficient solar panel and new brushless pump. 
  • Comes with 3 nozzle tip attachments for creating different water stream effects.
  • Max water height: 11.8-19.6 inches / 30-50 cm
  • Suitable for bird baths, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration and water circulation for oxygen


  • DimensionsApprox. 7 x 7 x 1 inches /18 x 18 x 2.5cm
  • Weight: Approx. 9.7 oz / 275g

33 Reviews

Henry K.

Verified purchase

A great product works as described. Needs a little maintenance in the form of debris cleaning but nothing major. Adds a beautiful if not peaceful sound of trickling water to our backyard. So far has proven durable. The fact that its a solar powered is definitely a great selling point, once the sun hits it. It goes higher and higher. I would recommend this product to anyone.

UPDATE, May 2018:
Still a five star product, added photos. We did not secure the fountain but allow it to move around. The birds are not bothered by this and actually enjoy it.


Ken S.

Verified purchase

Took it out of the box while sitting in the shade outback, and it started running while I was reading the manual! Just from a few minutes of shaded sunlight! Walked over and plopped it in the bird bath in direct sun, and it immediately was up and running, with full power! AWESOME!


Helen D.

Verified purchase

Not only adorable, but anyone can have their own birdbath buy just placing this in your bowl, pot whatever. I unboxed this in the shade as to not wear out the motor since it turns on in the sun. Walked over and put it in our shallow Talavera birdbath. Not rocks to hold it down. Simply place and walk away. No, it does not work in the shade or during cloud cover, only direct sunshine. We live in the desert so no problem. Perfectly packed, quickly shipped and excellent instructions. Just buy it already!


Jamie J.

Verified purchase

This thing is so cool! I put this into a normal sized bird bath. I love it!!! What a great idea. There are so many creative things you could do with it.


Amy H.

Verified purchase

Okay, this thing is pretty neat. Works as soon as you take it out of the box and the sunlight hits it. All of the attachments are fun to play around with to get different effects. So far it looks very sturdy! It floats easily and also includes suction cups if you want it to stay in one place. Shoots water about two feet into the air!


Miles S.

Verified purchase

Its pretty amazing for such an affordable product. Initially, the pump pumped water in min bursts, once i anchoreded it it functioned pretty smooth. Took a little trial and error but i got it to work. I included a video to demonstrate the potenial. My bird bath is a DIY I looked up, just a old dog bowl i had. Enjoy!


Anthony S.

Verified purchase

I have this pump in a birdbath and the birds love it! I have to use it without the spray attachments because the water will shoot out of the birdbath and I was having to refill it quite often during the day. without the attachments it works as a bubbler with a calming sound that the birds seem to like. It works as soon as the sun hits it. Definitely needs the sun to work but I wouldn't expect anything else. I am looking for a larger birdbath and will buy another pump to use it in with the spray attachments. I am also buying one for my Sister-in-Law for her birdbath! 


Lea A.

Verified purchase

I actually bought this product before I bought the fountain. I was drawn to the availability of different nozzles for effect and the solar power feature. The unit works as long as there is sun on it just as described. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a birdbath that is in a mostly sunny area. I will buy another one when I get the deeper birdbath.


Harry L.

Verified purchase

I ordered my first Solar Powered Fountain on April 9, 2018. I took it out of the box, peeled the clear protective film off the top, put the attachment I wanted on the pump and headed outside to my bird bath. This thing is phenomenal! I am truly surprised at how well this fountain works in my standard sized bird bath, and without the need to run wires, etc. As long as the sun is shining, the fountain will flow beautifully. Let's face it, if it's a gloomy day, we're not typically outside watching the fountain anyway, so it's a win-win! I love all things solar powered, so when I found this at an amazing price, I knew I had to have one! I've enjoyed it so much, my second one just arrived yesterday (May 27). I love that there are different attachments to suit your needs. If it's a super windy day, I change out the attachment so the water doesn't spray as high, thus the wind doesn't blow the water out of my bird bath and empty it. Just keep your bird bath (or whatever you place this in) filled with fresh, clean water and the sun and fountain will do the rest! Birds don't like stagnant water, so not only will you be happy watching your fountain, but the birds will love having a clean water source! You won't be disappointed!


Elizabeth A.

Verified purchase

This works like a charm in my hanging shallow bird bath. I love it! Yes, it will only work when the sun is on it, but here that is most of the time. .My bird bath is shallow, and at first the water was spraying up and out of the bath. Then I read the directions again, and as the manufacturer suggested, I twisted off the attached top. Now It works like a bubbler. Perfect! Keeps the mosquitoes away and the birds happy.


Tracy V.

Verified purchase

If I could give more stars I would! I really enjoy this little gizmo and couldn't improve upon it.

Mine was already assembled, but the drawing for how-to was good enough if I had to assemble, I easily could. It looks like the photo, underneath being the pump already attached, with 3 small suction cups to hold it in place in the bird bath. It comes with several options for spray patterns, as well as parts/instructions for deeper or larger or shallow bird baths. It was also charged - I literally took it out of the box, put it in my bird bath and it was working perfectly. At a shallow amount of water the fountain spray was thin and high shooting; the more water I added the spray became more subdued, ending up a fatter, lower bubbling which sounds quite calming.


Jordan M.

Verified purchase

This little thing is fantastic! We used it to create a small water feature for our patio with a wide, shallow planter. At first, we suctioned it to a bowl, positioned under the water, and it worked fine. But I wanted to see how it would do floating freely and found that the water sprays up much nicer. I'd guess because the solar panel recieves better sunlight when it floats on top. The bowl we are using is wide enough to keep the water from shooting outside of it so no complaints there. But we experimented a little with a taller, more narrow container and it sprayed out. So I definitely see why there is so much discussion about that. My suggestion is to use the extra suction with the string to anchor it down under the water. That seemed to be the difference for us in how high the water sprayed! I hope that helps! We thoroughly enjoy this! So many options to make an easy to handle, very pretty water feature for little cost!


John R.

Verified purchase

Wonderful little pump! It is a great pump for the price and I love that the manufacturers of this pump have included 5 different caps that make different designs when water is dispensed. 


Felicity M.

Verified purchase

I am very pleased with this product. So pleased, in fact, that I ordered another one. And then a third. I am thinking of buying still another one. Why? They are inexpensive, easy to use, and work well. I am experienced with solar fountains and pumps, so I knew what to do: if this is your first solar product, I recommend you read the instructions carefully. They are very clear. I put the solar pump in a bird bath and birds were immediately attracted to the fountain spray. So, I am very pleased with this purchase. 


Rick B.

Verified purchase

Exactly what I needed. I'm using this in a birdbath to provide some water movement, which I'm hoping attracts the birds and keeps the mosquitoes away. The first day, I used it with the fountain head that it came attached with. Nice little fountain spray, but my water evaporated very quickly due to some of the spray leaving leaving the bird bath. I simply removed that fountain head attachment and left it as is - problem solved. It's a much lower sort of a gurgle than a spray and the water did not evaporate/escape like before.

Within a few hours of placing the pump, the birds found it and have been using it to get a drink and stay cool. Perfect!


Maxine N.

Verified purchase

I am absolutely delighted with this Solar Fountain! It fits perfectly into my birdbath, and provides a nice spray for the birds to enjoy. It works exactly as described. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it's going strong. I was pleased to find a one-year warranty in the package when I unpacked the item. As soon as the sun hits it in the morning, the pump starts working. Any shadows or shade, and the pump stops - but that's ok. There are multiple "heads" which are easily attached to change the spray height and pattern, and there is a large suction cup with a line to attach to it. There are also small suction cups on the bottom of the pump.This was very useful - as I saw that when it was windy, the pump floated around the birdbath, causing water to fly out of the birdbath, leaving a low water level. I used the line to easily secure the pump to the center of the bowl, and all the water stays where it belongs. My hummingbirds and other birds using the birdbath love flying through the spray of water in the air. And I love watching them!


Linda L.

Verified purchase

Love this addition to my bird bath. I know it says it will only work in direct sunlight and not any shade, but my little gadget works even in shade if it's a sunny day. Of course, the highest stream of water is in direct sunlight. The birds took a minute to get used to the water shooting up but now they're drinking like champions Picture attached.


Rebecca M.

Verified purchase

 Works great! In direct sunlight it has a moderately high, constant flow of water shooting upwards. I love that it comes with several options for the spout part too, so I can choose different water designs. Even on a partly cloudy day, it still works, just small shoots of water that aren't constant. Overall, exactly what I wanted for my backyard bird bath!


Rumsey C.

Verified purchase

Love this little fountain. I have a large pond (converted pool) and this fountain adds a sweet touch. If you are putting it in a bird bath, you would want to use one of the other heads that come with it to make it smaller. I have had no problem with clogging- it has been in the pond for weeks and I have cleaned it once, it does a little on, off dance as the sun starts to come around then full fountain when the sun is full on it. I anchored it with a bit of fishing line and a rock to keep it from floating around.


Dorothy W.

Verified purchase

I ordered the Solar  Fountain to attract hummingbirds. It is small and lightweight and works very well. There are several different nozzle heads that you can put on it depending on what type of pattern you want it to spray.


Sharon S.

Verified purchase

 I decided to try this in my backyard this summer just to add a bit of a water feature to the landscape. I took a pot without a drain hole and filled it with water then floated the pump in the pot. Yes it has to have full sun on the whole surface of the disc, but it is so efficient in those conditions I don't use any of the spray nozzles included as the water would fly out of the pot. Birds perch on the side to get drinks, and I do refill the pot periodically due to water evaporation. We LOVE it so much I immediately ordered two more to share with friends.


Charlie H.

Verified purchase

Are you kidding me. This works great. We put it in a bird bath and it keeps the water fresh and clear. The more sunlight, the higher it pumps.

It is very lightweight and doesn't really seem like it would be that great. But it has a wow factor. As soon as the light hits it, it begins to work. And when you change the little plastic nozzle, the water shoots higher and lower and in different patters. It shuts off on cloudy days and at night, but it was designed to work in direct sunlight and it works great.


Becky M.

Verified purchase

Wow! This fountain pump works immediately in the sunshine - no need to charge the battery! 


Michael F.

Verified purchase

 Got this for the mother-in-law. Left it as a surprise in her bird bath. It started out with very little sunlight and produced a pulsating fountain about 3-4" high. Once the sun got overhead it really started streaming a steady fountain that was way too much for the little bird bath, shooting alot of the water over the edge! Very powerful. You get a variety of nozzles to try out so I think we can settle for one that has more streams but less height for the spray. Another option is to slightly cover some of the solar panels with a plastic leaf or something to limit how powerful it can get. Otherwise, you are gonna need a bigger bird bath, lol. Nice feature is that it floats, so it will adjust with the water level and keep on working. Great value and it works very very well.


Andrew U.

Verified purchase

This is an awesome product. It is far outperforming what I thought it could do. I like the fact it had three different nozzles for the little spray. My bird Fountain is small so I use one that bubbles up rather than creates a little spray. Would work Wonderful for a big fountain where you would like to see a higher spray. Love it that it is solar powered and no batteries required. It does not store energy so it only works when there's Sunshine but that's ok too. I highly recommend this product


Diana J.

Verified purchase

 This works well right out of the box. It includes multiple spray heads so you can find one you'll enjoy. The moment it hits even indirect sunlight, it started running as I was carrying it out to the birdbath earlier today, even though it was shady where I was. In the shade the water will not spray as well, but will it will still bubble away, then in full sun it sprays beautifully. Once I find a way to keep it in the center of the birdbath it will be even nicer, but I could definitely see this also free-floating in a pond.


David S.

Verified purchase

So easy to use and works well for the price. I find some of the attachments make the water shoot too high and it goes out of the birdbath so for now I just use it with no attachments and let the water bubble up, keeps the water moving and attracts birds. You do need to routinely clean any debris from the filter, easy and is expected. Works as advertised with direct sunlight and even works some on partly cloudy days. I originally bought two and bought two more because I lied it so well.


Adam B.

Verified purchase

Set it inside a bird bath with water in an area where it will get plenty of sun, and you have a water fountain that the humming birds will love. The three different sprayers gives a level of shower patterns. What I Love is no batteries, just drop in and it starts.It will also attract small finches, I love sitting in my backyard watching these little birds having such a good time and will be ordering one more.


Lisa J.

Verified purchase

This is an awesome product. All one has to do is put the pump in the water; no batteries or anything. You just put the sprinkler head on, which ever one you choose, there are two, and place in water. The only issue for me is that my bird bath is small. The fountain floats around causing the water to go out beyond the bird bath; which is okay as my flowers (and weeds) get watered. I just have to be aware as the water level goes too low for the fountain to work. I haven't taken the time yet to put pebbles around the pump to keep it from floating; per instructions my bird bath is rough on the bottom, so the suction cups do not hold.


Tara C.

Verified purchase

Wow, I love how simple and effective this thing is. In direct sunlight, it just starts running. Keep in mind, you really do need good, direct sunlight for it to work fully. I like the it comes with a variety of spray caps. Great for the price! I'm going to get one for my dad.


Jeff P.

Verified purchase

Today the sun was out, so I filled a pan with a couple inches of water and walked out on my deck to sit pan on railing, but before I reached rail the mist started from this sprinkler! I luv this and know my hummingbirds will enjoy it during there yearly visit! LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!! More sun makes stronger fountain spray!!! Thanks for this great product!!!


Randy R.

Verified purchase

Love it . Works as exactly as described. I live in Florida and have ample Sun, when there is cloud coverage the fountain stops but this is to be expected as this was outlined in the instructions.
I used the large suction cup and actually used a small amount of clear caulking inside of that large suction cup so that it would permanently be afixed to the bird bath. Then I attach the twine to the motor and then attached the solar panel to the motor. I also forgot to mention how peacefully quiet it is no grinding motor noises, love that. And just soft trickling water sound some traditional pumps Force to water too hard making the sound less than enjoyable. the best solar pump is not like that it is very enjoyable


Katherine F.

Verified purchase

Winner, winner chicken dinner, this little item is fantastic!!! My mom is very hard to buy for, on her 75th birthday we bought her a large beautiful bird bath. To make it more special and fountain like we also purchased this. My mom truly loves this and so does my dad. It works wonderfully and as stated in the description and other reviews it needs to be in the sun to work and also, make sure to keep it clean and no film build up on the surface. The different spray nozzles are an added bonus. This has been working wonderfully since August, I would definitely purchase again and highly recommend it.