Vegetable & Fruit Syringe Style Cutter

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"Excellent product! This is a must have for anyone with young children and everyone who spends a lot of time cutting fruits and vegetables, especially for salads. It cuts through the grapes, tomato cherries, etc. with ease. This is a lot quicker than using a knife! Highly recommend this item!" - Melanie P., CA

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  • A creative way to serve your fruits and vegetables to your children
  • Perfect for small fruits and vegetables like grapes, cherries, tomatoes, olives, and many more
  • Much faster and safer way to cut fruits than using a knife
  • Simply place the fruit inside the compartment, push, and see it get sliced effortlessly into bite-size snacks that are safe and nutritional for your kids
  • Soft, non-slip plunger and curved finger rests provide comfort while cutting


15 Reviews

Stacy P.

Verified purchase

As a mother of three kids, two of them under two years of age (who obviously need their grapes cut up to prevent choking), this is a must have!! I can easily cut up two bowls of grapes in no time, which means less whining. I also love salads so this is great when I cut cherry tomatoes, cherries, etc. Win, win in my book! It works great, easy to clean and just makes life easier in general. Highly recommend!


Carla W.

Verified purchase

This syringe style cutter is super handy to have around. It is incredibly easy to use. Work well on all sizes of grapes. Just pop the grape in and push the plunger, Bam! All cut up into safe little pieces. Love it!


Grace H.

Verified purchase

Perfect for cutting grapes, olives and any other hard round food. I use it for cutting food to help prevent my toddler from choking. It cuts items in to 4 small bite sized pieces. The top is a like a plunger with spring action that when pushed down, it forces pressure on the crossed blades which quarters the food. Great help!


Tyler J.

Verified purchase

The vegerable and fruit cutter works great. It only takes a couple of minutes to have a LOT of grapes cut up for my baby. She can eat them without me worrying about her getting choked. She loves grapes and this is the easiest way for me to let her have them as a snack. Works great on cherries and tomatoes too! I would recommend this product.


Diane E.

Verified purchase

Absolutely love this!! I've been telling so many other moms what I know about this product. My son loves his grapes and he eats them so quickly I can't keep up with cutting them & trying to eat my own food! I love how easy this is - place one grape in, push down, and 4 little bites pop out onto the plate. Such a simple idea yet so convenient and time saving.


Heather R.

Verified purchase

They’ve made it easier to clean. I love that it gets other people to actually cut the grapes correctly (quartered lengthwise) to avoid my little ones choking. We also love using it for cherry tomatoes on salads—it’s just so much faster than using a knife. It has become a go-to gift to other parents and everyone who starts by saying “that’s ridiculous. A knife is fine” quickly changes to “oh man, this is awesome”.


Alice S.

Verified purchase

Where has this been for the past year of my life? We have twins toddlers amd I've been quartering grapes for over a year now. Item arrived today and I just tried it. Works great. Very quick and easy. I was a bit worried about how quick it would be inserting just one grape at a time but it really is quick and simple. This is an item that I will be purchasing for future baby shower gifts.


Pamela J.

Verified purchase

We love this cutter! Grapes for one of the top four foods kids choke on. Cutting them into fours is the safest way for kids to consume grapes and other foods with a similar shape. We eat a lot of grapes and this simple tool not only saves us time but helps cut down on HANGRY attitudes from my kids and lots of sticky hands from cutting. Its well made. Comes apart for easy cleaning. The blades are sharp so it easily & quickly cuts. Weve been using this almost every day since the purchase. Also used for cheese, other fruits, and veggies. Highly recommend!


Victoria W.

Verified purchase

Obsessed. This is the best kitchen gadget I own!! My impatient toddler used to act like I was taking an eternity to cut her grapes. Now I can pop them in (I’ve ebbs for quite big ones in) quickly and have her snack within seconds.


Brenda M.

Verified purchase

I swear by this thing! My little is obsessed with grapes! I hate to give him grapes because of the fear of him choking so I cut them up constantly but it was soooo time consuming. At first I argued saying I didn’t need this I could cut it on my own but once I bought this I won’t ever be without it again!! It is such a breeze so quick and so easy!! Works on veggies too!


Chloe M.

Verified purchase

Brilliant! A big help in the kitchen, especially when I need to prepare a lot of salad and cut veggies and fruits. Time saver! Easy to clean. 


Mark G.

Verified purchase

Very convenient product! It slices grapes and cherry tomatoes in 4 pieces at a time. Its a must have for my 18 month baby - I don't have to worry about her choking on a big grape.


Daisy E.

Verified purchase

This makes cutting fruits and vegetables super easy. It's brilliantly designed and made of sturdy materials so I'm sure I'll have a good use for this for a long time. Thanks!


Tricia K.

Verified purchase

Loved the color and function! I love eating little cherry tomatoes and grapes and using a whole cutting board just for that can be a waste. This makes everything really simple and quick!

Cutting a million grapes to put in my children salad was so time consuming and boring! Not anymore! This cutter easily cuts your grapes into 4 perfect pieces in seconds! All i have to do is put about two grapes in press down and boom! Perfect cut! Love it!


Jesse O.

Verified purchase

Love this little guy! I use it all the time for chopping olives, tomatoes, and grapes too! Makes the process really fast as long as the thing you’re chopping is firm, which it usually is. Easy to clean and store.