Innovative All-purpose Cleaning Gel

$19.90 $89.99

"This stuff is awesome! I have small compartments in my Jeep that are lined with a velour type material that is impossible to get clean. It worked amazingly well. It also worked great getting the tiny crumbs and dirt out of my gearshift. My car looks new again! Highly recommend!" - William J., VA

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  • The Innovative All-purpose Cleaning Gel will make short work of cleaning the interior of your car, including those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies
  • The soft gum material attracts and holds dust, dirt, grit, and other debris with powerful, efficient stickiness
  • Despite its powerful stickiness, the Innovative All-purpose Cleaning Gel leaves no residue behind in its wake
  • Slides into all sorts of nooks and crannies in your car, around buttons and more, offering more cleaning power than the usual cleaning rags. Also easy to mold with your hand for a sure grip
  • Use and use again for a clean car interior until the cleaning compound transforms into a darker color


  • Weight: 160 g (5.64 oz)

12 Reviews

Henry B.

Verified purchase

I purchased this to use to get dirt out of cup holders, door pockets, and everywhere else in the car that collects crumbs dust and dirt. I always find it hard to actually get all these little spots clean in my car, so I'm looking forward to using this to keep it tidy.


Lucy A.

Verified purchase

This product surprised me, it actually works great. I used it to clean the small spots in my car. I have put my makeup on in my car before and I have powder everywhere that I wasn't able to get clean with wipes, and this goo got in the cracks that my wipe couldn't reach. Very interesting! packaging was nice and came delivered on time.


James C.

Verified purchase

I definitely needed something like this to clean my laptop keyboard or office keyboard since lot of dust or the food particles goes into there while snacking. This is very handy to clean the keyboard so that the keys won’t get stuck or looks dirty. It doesn’t stick or leave any marks to your keyboard and cleans very well by removing all the dust particles. Love it!


Scarlett M.

Verified purchase

My keyboard hasn’t been cleaned since I bought it, and it must have accumulated lots of dust and debris. And that is the reason I bought this cleaner. It is inside of the jar and can reshape itself after use. As long as I have it in my desk, I will always have clean keyboards. I will get more for my car.


Adam L.

Verified purchase

No more trying to get out the things that fall in between the keyboard spaces with cloths or paper towels. It always leaves something when you do it that way. This is easy and actually fun. I just put the product on the keyboard, push down and roll it around. Also great for cars, cleaned my car vents, those semi-flat buttons on dash that get full of dust. I could find many many uses.


Gianna T.

Verified purchase

This gum elastic cleaner is what you need to clean small in small creases in your car where it is very difficult to use a hand vacuum cleaner. Just use this putty dust cleaner and it takes away all the dust and little particles of food. Very happy with the purchase and definitely suggest it.


Brody N.

Verified purchase

I have to spent most of my time on my computer, so eventually I eat on my desk which leads a lot of spills of dirt, crumbs and dust on my keyboad. And no matter how hard I tried to clean it, there is always a room for very fine junks and germs. This cleaner reduced my effort to get done with my keyboad cleaning. Very effective, easy to use and surprisingly it can pull all the dirt you can hardly view. I highly recommend it.


Rachel L.

Verified purchase

I got three of these. And as I suspected, they work great for cleaning my car dashboard and my electronics. But I gave the third one to the kids to play and I am going to probably need to get a couple more because they can't stop playing with it and don't like sharing.


Naomi K.

Verified purchase

I love this product. It cleaned my computer keyboard so well. I've used compressed air before and it really just moved the crud away to one end. This got rid of it. I really find it easy to use and reuse. I plan to use it in my car in those hard to reach spots and hope it does well on it too. Very glad to purchase this.


Jaden B.

Verified purchase

Love this stuff! Purchased to clean my kids’ laptops. It worked great- not sticky and no smell. I also cleaned my regular keyboard. So many other uses- next stop will be the car where all the food crumbs build up. Definitely will purchase more. Love that you can throw the whole container in your bag and just have it on hand.


Michelle R.

Verified purchase

Grubby TV remotes? Sticky keyboards? Dirty car dashboard? Well I found this 'jelly' does an excellent job. Simply squish the jelly into the keyboard etc,- these are great- used on my new car dash and leather seats very gingerly - well


Steven T.

Verified purchase

This is a very effective product. You just press down and roll across your keyboard.This stuff really works! You just smoosh it onto the keyboard, or whatever, and pull it off. Boom! Done! It lifts off all the dorito dust and tiny bits of smeg that accumulate in the tiny nooks of a keyboard.