Filippo Le Roux Super Heat Resistant Gloves

$29.90 $119.99

"FANTASTIC! Love this product so much. My husband used them for our Thanksgiving grilling and fell in love. He just picked up the turkey breast and steaks to flip them!!! They go in the dishwasher (on the top rack) and were clean. I am going to get an indoor and outdoor pair. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!" - Kathleen K., CA

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  • Our Silicon Gloves have been rigorously tested to safely withstand intense heats of up to 425˚C.
  • Grab your cast iron griddle, crock pots, stone pots, roasting pans, hot covers and oven racks with no fear of getting burned.
  • These are the best and most versatile gloves on the market, providing you with superior gripping confidence and waterproof qualities while offering a high level of heat resistance.
  • Our gloves are made from pure 100% food grade silicone making them safe to use with food so you can use this worry-free.
  • Just run these silicone gloves under warm soapy water or put them straight into the dishwasher.


  • Dimensions: 10.63x6.69inch
  • Weight: 4.5oz

16 Reviews

Whitney S.

Verified purchase

LOVE THESE! I have very petite hands (like kids sized hands) and my hubby has giant hands, and these mitts fit us both! they are comfy and padded inside, grips very well, and I have not felt ANY HEAT while wearing them. They are nice and long to, going up the forearm to help protect you.


Steve E.

Verified purchase

These gloves are great when I am getting hot items off the BBQ. I mainly use it to remove my whole chickens and I love the fact that I can just run the gloves under water with a bit of soap and they are clean and ready to use again. 


Kathleen K.

Verified purchase

FANTASTIC! Love this product so much. My husband used them for our Thanksgiving grilling and fell in love. He just picked up the turkey breast and steaks to flip them!!! They go in the dishwasher (on the top rack) and were clean. I am going to get an indoor and outdoor pair. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!


Martin B.

Verified purchase

Very comfortable, functional, and effective with anything hot that needs to be handled. They will be so good for me when BBQ season starts. Lots of grip makes them safe and useful also to open jars. My wife was right, this was a good buy.


Susan C.

Verified purchase

These great gloves have replaced all my clumsy mitten pot holders. They let ZERO heat through, even if I carry a dish from a 400 degree oven all the way across the kitchen to the dining area. I was so interested to test whether these silicone gloves were really as fire resistant as claimed, that I held a match to the cuff for several seconds. Not even a smudge, let alone melting or heating up! I can't wait to use them during the barbecue season. Honestly, I'll bet I could nudge a live coal with them and not get burned. Love the bright color and the ease of hanging them near the oven. I'm going to recommend these to my friends.


Kristina S.

Verified purchase

Reach right into your blazing firepit. Turn on the stove and put your hand on the burner. Put hot charcoal exactly where you want it. These things are amazing! People will be floored as you grab something impossibly hot like it's nothing. This glove feels like you've got a super power! I can't recommend them enough.


Jack P.

Verified purchase

 I spent many hours on research and should say these Heat Resistant Gloves are best for cooking, baking and grilling. The five fingers in each mitt is very practical in ensuring flexibility, comfort, and safety in cooking. These Gloves are heat resistant, come in beautiful orange color and are dishwasher safe.


Michael H.

Verified purchase

If you like cooking just like I do - you definitely need these gloves! I use them with hot pots, oven trays, hot products and my hand does not feels burn. It fits hand perfectly and feels very comfortable. I really like it a lot!


Sarah M.

Verified purchase

Why I didn't buy these earlier! I don't need any more looking for towels to keep something hot. It is big pleasure to use these Heat Resistant Gloves. These gloves are good for hot pan or other hot stuff.


Anna N.

Verified purchase

I'm so happy to finally have a quality pair of grill gloves. The silicon is very flexible and the lining makes it totally heat proof. They fit comfortably both on my petite-woman hands and on my large husband's hands. Definitely recommend!


Paul R.

Verified purchase

Couldn’t be more happier with these! I use them for the grill and also for the stove. Fits perfectly and really doesn’t heat up at all! Such an amazing price and great for a Father’s Day Gift!


Nikki S.

Verified purchase

Well, not only they are great for managing hot pots, casseroles and dishes, but we used them to open a stubborn jar which even my husband considered hard. The gloves gave additional grip power and leverage and it was so easy. They are also comfortable to wear and I am excited to see what else these bad boys can do around the house. I would recommend them to anyone and they are great as a gift too.


John B.

Verified purchase

I can't believe that I haven't these gloves before. They really protect my hands from high temperature. Love it!


Katrina S.

Verified purchase

I needed gloves to protect my hands from steam when I use my Instant Pot. These were a great price, so I decided to try them. They protect my hands from getting burnt and the grip of the silicone is helpful to prevent slipping.


Debra K.

Verified purchase

Well made. I can't feel ant heat in these beauties. Recommend them!


James R.

Verified purchase

Well let me just say these gloves were a AWESOME BUY! This weekend I smoked 4 briskets and a pork butt! There was a LOT of rotating of these meats all day long and opening and closing of smoker lids! When I smoke my meats I make my own rub from scratch. The use of chili powder is the main ingredient that will stain some gloves up lol. I have bought and used a couple different brands in the past. Most work fine but these take the cake! I was able to move my meats, open lids and add wood to fire box all day without ANY issues or my hands getting warm!! They are a must have around YOUR house/business. One great thing about them is your able to use all your fingers (instead of other BBQ/oven mitts) and they go up about mid-forearm!!! The design is really cool too, all the little flames make it a very Manly Glove . This would be awesome to gift of xmas to just about anyone (especially the dudes)!!! The end of my 17 hour day of smoking these meats I was so happy to see they came clean!!! All I had to use was warm water and dawn dish soap and they looked like new again with No stains!!! Go ahead get you some know you want them!!!!